Handyman Takes Matters into His Own Hands to Evict Squatters

Flash Shelton, a handyman living in Northern California, finds himself in a precarious situation when squatters occupy his mother’s vacant house. Fueled by a mixture of anger and determination, Flash hatches a daring plan to reclaim the property by confronting the squatters head-on.

Flash took an unconventional approach, armed himself with weapons, and documented the entire confrontation on a video he shared on social media. Taking the opportunity when the squatters were absent, he entered the house and asserted his ownership. In his video, Flash expressed his belief that if squatters could illegally occupy the property, then he has the right to reclaim it in a similar manner.

Introducing Flash Shelton, a handyman from Northern California who is stuck in his mother’s empty house when squatters move in. Driven by rage and tenacity, the Flash hatches a plan to reclaim the land – by interfering with the inhabitants!

Flash took the bold and unorthodox step of arming himself with guns and recording the entire ordeal for a popular video he posted on social media. Flash took advantage of the squatters’ departure to run errands and broke into the house to take it over. In the video, he said, “If they could take the house, then I could take the house.”

Flash was very upset by the arrogance of the squatters, given that he was a paying member of the United Handyman Association.

Not only did they break into his mother’s house, but they also ignored their need to find their own place to live. The Flash decided to take matters into his own hands in an attempt to teach them a lesson.

into their own hands.

It’s evident that Flash has connected with many others going through similar experiences, as his video already has over three million views in just two months. He explained the rationale for his extreme measures in the caption of the video. “I’ve heard horror stories about how the legal system gives the squatter more rights than the homeowner,” he said. “So I decided to figure out a way to get them out in less than a day.

Flash warned that his method might not work for everyone.

He said he had an advantage over the squatters in resolving any disputes due to his unique training and permit to carry. He also emphasized the importance of being prepared for anything and anticipating the worst when dealing with such circumstances.

While the Flash’s strategy of squatting squatters may be controversial, it raises an interesting question: What do you think? Should people, when faced with such conditions, take matters into their own hands? Whether you agree or disagree, Flash Shelton’s story serves as a reminder that in certain cases, taking unusual measures can be critical to solving problems that the justice system is unable to adequately address.


In conclusion, Flash Shelton’s bold steps to reclaim his mother’s property from squatters have sparked wide discussion and debate. While some may consider his approach extreme or controversial, it highlights the challenges individuals face when dealing with squatters and the limitations of legal recourse in such situations. Flash’s story encourages reflection on the effectiveness of alternative methods of dispute resolution and protection of property rights. Ultimately, whether one agrees or disagrees with Flash’s tactics, his experience sheds light on the complex dynamics surrounding property rights and the need for creative solutions to navigate such scenarios.

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