‘Happy Days’ Actor Anson Williams Ties the Knot at 73 Following Cancer Battle – Co-star from the Series Serves as Best Man

Anson Williams, known for his portrayal of Warren “Potsie” Weber on the iconic TV series “Happy Days,” recently shared some heartwarming news. At the age of 73, he announced his recent marriage, marking a significant milestone in his life. His teammate and close friend, whom he fondly calls his “brother,” stood by his side as best man, adding to the sentimental value of the occasion.

Despite his fame, Williams leads a modest life in a small farming village, devoted to his family. His journey has been marked by both professional successes and personal challenges, including a courageous battle with cancer. However, amid life’s trials, Williams proved resilient and found love and happiness in the company of his new bride, Sharon MaHarry.

Anson Williams, 73-year-old Warren “Potsie” Weber of “Happy Days,” revealed that he recently tied the knot.

Anson Williams as Warren "Potsie" Weber in "Happy Days" | Source: Getty Images

His co-star and friend, whom he affectionately refers to as “brother”, acted as his best man at the wedding.

He lives in a small farming village with his family and has dedicated his life to them after overcoming cancer.

The American comedy “Happy Days” made Anson Williams famous for the role of Warren “Potsie” Weber, a somewhat naive but kind-hearted singer who has delighted viewers for 11 seasons.

Williams’ career was greatly influenced by the legendary performance, which also led to three Golden Globe nominations for Best Series, Miniseries or Television Movie and Best Supporting Actor. However, the actor has been in the headlines lately for quite a different reason.

Williams, 73, and Sharon MaHarry tied the knot on Saturday, May 6, 2023 and are now a happily married couple.

The actor achieved a major life milestone with a beautiful and magical wedding ceremony held in his own backyard.

Not only did Williams have a difficult romantic life, but he also had a terrifying battle with his health.

The TV personality looked sharp in a black suit, light blue dress shirt and gray patterned tie. He completed his ensemble with black glasses and a boutonniere attached to the lapel of his jacket.

Sharon MaHarry's daughter walks her mom down the aisle on her wedding day | Source: instagram.com/sharonmaharry

Williams’ bride, on the other hand, looked gorgeous in a floor-length lace gown with a boat neck and voluminous skirt. She wore a beautiful floral arrangement and her short blonde hair was loose, with some of it pushed back from her face.

In front of their closest friends, the newlyweds beamed with happiness as they confessed their love to each other. Williams, a former unsuccessful candidate for mayor of Ojai, married MaHarry in a private home in the beach town of Los Angeles.

The groom’s large, lush green yard, complete with huge flower pots and planters, served as the venue for the couple’s wedding ceremony. To add to the uniqueness and create a captivating effect, bright lights were strung from the trees.

Friends and family stared in amazement as MaHarry’s daughter walked her down the aisle to marry the love of her life. A love song played in the background as the bride and groom vowed to be together for the rest of their lives.

According to his Facebook page, Williams and MaHarry got engaged on April 3. All the while he had a bright, warm smile on his face that accurately described his pleasure. Don Most, who starred with Williams on the TV series and as Ralph Malph on “Happy Days,” was Williams’ best man.

The two men have had a remarkable friendship since they were on the show. Most is considered a close friend and “brother” by Williams. The cute bond between the two lasted throughout.

Actor Anson Williams and wife Jackie Gerken attend The National Conference of Christians and Jews Gala Honoring Robert Wright on October 16, 1989 at Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, California. | Source: Getty Images

Many fans noticed Most’s presence when Williams posted pictures of his wedding day on social media, with many offering support and heartfelt notes for him and the newlyweds.

“Great! I adore your best man and what a gorgeous bride you are! He’s still got it,” said the user. “Anson, you two look fantastic. It’s been a long time since I last saw you smile like that. God bless you both,” said another netizen.

With his stunning wife in front of him, the beaming groom captioned the photo on Facebook with the words “A magical moment in time.”

It is reported that Williams realized she was the one for him when he first met his better half during the winter. Even after going through a terrible medical exam and losing his marriage of 30 years, he still believes that “it’s never too late to be okay!”

MaHarry has been a successful real estate agent for a long time. She has also worked in writing and advertising. She graduated from Salem, Virginia’s Roanoke College with a degree in English.

She was previously creative director and senior vice president of Young and Rubicam Advertising Agency in New York. Additionally, she is the author of “Crazy Mama: A Memoir of Love and Madness.” Lindsay, her only child, is a journalist from Los Angeles.

In Ojai, California, a small community he moved to in 2011 to live a peaceful and balanced existence, Williams married MaHarry. The former “Melrose Place” cast member spoke about why he decided to move out of Los Angeles at the time and how he wanted his children to grow up in a community that was safe.

Back then, he didn’t visit Ojai very often – only on weekends – but he immediately fell in love with the vibe of the town and the people.

Williams and his family began visiting the location more frequently over time and eventually made the move permanent.

Not only did Williams fall in love with Ojai’s caring community and safe environment, but the city also provided him with a peaceful escape from his personal problems. He further said:

“I owe a lot to Ojai for that, my health, my sanity and my ability to move forward.

Williams was married twice before marrying Lorrie Mahaffey in 1978 and ending the marriage in 1986.

His second marriage to Jackie Gerkens ended in divorce, although they spent more than thirty years together and raised five children. After initially breaking up, they quickly changed their minds and decided to give their romance another shot.

The couple began their divorce journey in September 2019, but Williams was reportedly in court a month later to seek a divorce. But after nine months, things started to get weird and in 2020, the couple finally divorced.

Not only did Williams have a difficult romantic life, but he also had a terrifying battle with his health. In 2016, just before Christmas, he was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer.

He underwent two procedures and shortly thereafter spent three weeks in the hospital. In addition to winning the battle against a potentially fatal disease, he also gained new perspectives on life.

Williams claimed that after realizing his reason for being, he discovered a deeper affection and respect for his family, especially his children and grandchildren. He said:

“I always knew I loved them and they were important, but now it’s on a whole new level.”

Williams is a married man and now a loving grandfather of four grandchildren. We hope she never stops enjoying life and making precious memories!

Finally, Anson Williams, known for his iconic role as Warren “Potsie” Weber on “Happy Days,” recently celebrated a major milestone by tying the knot with Sharon MaHarry. Despite personal challenges, including a battle with cancer and the end of two previous marriages, Williams has found love and happiness again. Surrounded by friends and family, including his former teammate Don Most, who served as his best man, Williams exchanged vows with MaHarry in a beautiful ceremony held in their own backyard. This joyful event marks a new chapter in Williams’ life, filled with love, friendship and support from those close to him. As he continues his journey, we wish Anson Williams and Sharon MaHarry a lifetime of love, happiness and memories together.

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