I Evicted My Pregnant Girlfriend, Abandoning Her in an Unfamiliar City, and I Believe I Was Justified

In a world where personal relationships can take unexpected turns, the complexities of trust, betrayal, and responsibility often intersect in life-changing ways. Social media platforms, especially Reddit, have become a modern forum where people from all walks of life share their most intimate problems and seek advice and comfort from strangers online. These platforms have opened new avenues for people to explore the multifaceted nature of personal dilemmas that are as old as time but are now openly discussed in the digital age.

A man found something connected to his pregnant fiancee after they moved to a new place across the country. The shocking confession forced him to fire her.

Redditor NicBabyThro took to the social media site to ask questions and get advice regarding specific circumstances. He revealed that he was offered a well-paid position in a location with a cheap cost of living.

He added that when he first found out that his partner was expecting, he was taken aback. However, he longed to have their child and paid little attention to the pregnancy.

The new location also had the advantage of a better environment for raising a child. He was surprised that his relationship would undergo a shift.

What affected the couple’s relationship?

In an effort to raise their child in a more favorable atmosphere, the couple moved to a new city. In addition, the man secured a well-paid job and assumed that he would lead a comfortable life there. But after a few days, he realized that his partner was aloof.

Although she had become even more alert, he suspected it might be due to her pregnancy hormones. He asked her what happened because he was wondering why she suddenly stopped talking to him.

He asked her the same question several times in frustration before she finally told him she didn’t want to answer. Rather than argue any further, he grabbed his luggage and hurried out as he was late for work that day. She sent him a message that very day.

After returning home, his girlfriend revealed something she had been holding onto for a while.

She needed to talk to him about something, so she asked if he could leave work early and come home.

After he worked all day, she explained, she didn’t want to talk to him.

The man agreed and asked his superior for early dismissal from the office. After receiving permission, he packed his bags and left for home. He decided to get them sandwiches on the way home.

After returning home, his girlfriend revealed something she had been hiding for some time. Her change of attitude was explained by her secret, which infuriated him and threatened their relationship.

What did the girlfriend admit to doing?

The man’s girlfriend informed me that she once had intercourse with a man she met while out with her co-workers.

She used the fact that he was so busy at work that week as an excuse for her behavior.

She revealed that she had become pregnant shortly after the incident, and the man was angered when she learned that she had had many intimate encounters with the same man that week. After hearing her confession, he was so incensed that he got up, threw her sandwich in the trash, and left the house.

He then went to his friends to help him relax. He wanted to know whose child his girlfriend was carrying, so he asked her to schedule a paternity test the next day.

She was against it at first but eventually gave in. The man decided to stay with the friend until the day of the meeting after they got one for the next week. After quietly dropping his partner off at home, he drove her to the hospital for a test where she sobbed and apologized to him.

After returning to his friend, he stayed there until they received the findings, which revealed that he was not the child’s father. In response, he asked his girlfriend to pack her things and leave the house before he returned from work and drove her home.

She broke down in tears and begged him to let her stay in the house because it was not safe for her to live on the streets and her due date was approaching. He drove into an empty field and informed his superior about what had happened after hearing her cry. He was just sitting in his car sobbing because his employer allowed him to take the day off. He lamented his suffering:

“I recently organized my life. Everything was in order and the baby was ready to go.”

He checked his phone after thinking about everything that had happened. He noticed several missed calls from his fiancee and her family, as well as several voicemails from his friend begging him to come home. He informed his friend on the phone that he would be back soon.

After arriving at his friend’s place, he posted on Reddit to ask what to do next.

What tips did Redditors offer him?

Redditor JagerJack urged him to be prepared to talk to a lawyer because his girlfriend could sue him for evicting her from her home. Redditor KalSkotos commented, “It doesn’t seem like she did it smart enough,” after seeing the previous post.

KalSkotos believed that his girlfriend would not consider filing a lawsuit against him.

Redditor Kuranei sympathized with the man and suggested he buy a one-way ticket so his fiancee could visit her parents. Other users also accepted this suggestion.

The man later edited his post to say he contacted a lawyer and told her family what happened. He bought a bus ticket for his girlfriend’s return trip to her parents.

Later that day, when he returned home, she opened the door, hugged him, and begged him to stay with her, but he refused to back down and gave her a bus ticket.

To get her to the station, he asked her to pack everything. She shed tears as she packed her things and sat in the car with him and his companion. As they drove to the station he heard her sobbing.

She tried her best to hide her tears from the others in the station waiting room. Without a job, she would be a “homeless single mother,” so she asked him what she would do.

He ended his post by saying, “I told her she should try to find her father, wished her the best, and left.” He promised to move on with his life and thanked Redditors for their support.

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The conclusion of this emotional and complex situation highlights the deep consequences of betrayal and the harsh reality of facing such challenges. The man in question, although he felt initially ready to accept fatherhood and a new life in a promising city, found himself facing a truth that shattered his expectations and confidence. The subsequent steps he took—asking for a paternity test, asking his girlfriend to leave, and finally helping her return to her family—reflected a tumultuous mix of legal, emotional, and moral considerations.

This story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of honesty and integrity in relationships and the deep scars they can leave when these principles are violated. It also highlights the societal and individual complexities surrounding issues of fatherhood, responsibility, and personal upheaval. While responses from the online community offered mixed advice, the man’s decision to seek legal advice and arrange for his ex-girlfriend’s safe return to her family underscores his efforts to find a solution that takes into account both the well-being of the unborn child and his need to maintain his own emotional well-being.

Ultimately, this story is a testament to the difficult decisions one must sometimes make to protect one’s own mental and emotional health, even when those decisions carry a heavy heart. It also opens up broader discussions about responsibility, the consequences of one’s actions, and the support systems necessary for individuals who find themselves in such desperate situations.

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