I’m 51 and Developed Feelings for My Best Friend’s 33-Year-Old Son – My Personal Experience

Lesley’s life at age 51 was marked by the pervasive loneliness and longing for affection and companionship that she once hoped would define her later years. Her divorce affected her emotionally, she doubted her worth and ability to attract love again. Lesley’s daily existence was characterized by a monotonous routine devoid of excitement and happiness, overshadowed by the memory of her failed marriage and the constant reminder of her ex-husband’s new life with another woman.

On an ordinary day, in the most unexpected places, Lesley’s world turned on its axis. While working at a coffee shop and trying to escape the confines of her lonely life through work, she encountered an expression of love that both saddened and inspired her. It was here that she witnessed a young couple openly displaying the kind of affection and intimacy she longed for, rekindling the spark of longing for companionship.

I never thought I would fall in love at 51. Little did I know that the man I was sleeping and dating was actually the 33-year-old son of my best friend. Was it all just the beginning of a tragic mistake?

Was it a Thursday date? On Friday? I’m not sure. I can not remember. Not that the number of days in a week matters in the life of a lonely fifty-one-year-old like me.

However, I do remember being in a coffee shop that day. I was using my laptop to write something, maybe a message, when two people walked in and sat down at the table across from me. They were a young couple in love, holding hands and giggling.

They sat so close together that the wind would have to stop for them to move aside to allow him to pass. I looked away. Their intimacy, their affection, and how much they were into each other was something I couldn’t stand.

Hi, my name is Lesley and this is my story. The story of a lonely 51-year-old woman who slept with her best friend’s son fell in love against her will, and couldn’t resist the man who returned her smile after all these years.

I was alone. I have been for quite a few years. My life was devoid of affection after the divorce. Josh, my ex-husband, married a younger lady because I couldn’t have children but she could.

I don’t know why, but when I saw the couple in the cafe that day, I experienced intense sadness, regret, and a hint of jealousy. I got up and left.

Is this how Josh passes off his new bride? Did they meet like this behind my back? Within a category? Or worse, when I wasn’t home, were they sharing the bed behind my back?

That’s what my brain told me, no. Lesley, you just can’t trust a stranger!

I sobbed as I sat in the car. The same tears I shed when Josh told me he wanted a divorce because of my inability to bear him children. I felt lonely and depressed. I pulled out my phone and called Jennifer, my closest friend.

“Oh my God, Les! Tell me it’s not about Josh, please!” She sobbed. “You need to move on from this guy, my love! Yes, he betrayed you. And you still cry for him?”

“I’m not crying for him, Jen,” ​​I stated firmly and continued to cry. “I feel so bad about myself. I just feel like such an inadequate woman.”

“So honey, find someone for yourself. You’ll find the world is full of pointless lovers like your ex if you go out and meet men.”

Yes, I’m sorry, but I don’t think a man can fix things in your life.”

“So what do I do now? Perish alone? Just look what I’ve become. I just work and lie in bed and drink wine when I’m depressed and alone. I never thought my life would be this miserable. ” .”

“So honey, what did you expect?

Hey Les, would you mind hanging out with us? I could make you a meal.”

“NO!” I screamed into the phone. “I’m fine without everyone! Nobody! Did you hear me?

Just let me go alone.”

“I’m 51 and women my age raise grandchildren, they don’t fall in love, Jen!”

Is this my expectation from her? When I see people around me doing well, does he understand how I feel? I thought.

As I watched everyone around me grinning and having fun, I felt trapped and suffocated.

All I’ve done since the divorce was cry. I was scared but I wanted to feel loved.

Did I have the strength to bear another heartbreak?

A few days later I missed the bus because I always leave work late. My phone died so I couldn’t contact Uber so I decided to wait for another one.

“Can I help you with something?” I looked up from my book when I heard a soft voice and saw a man with the window down in his car.

“I?” | he asked.

he grinned. “Looks like no one else is here!

Can I drop you off somewhere?”

That’s what my brain told me, no. Lesley, you just can’t trust a stranger!

“No, I’m fine,” I replied. “The bus is waiting for me. Regards.”

“It’s cold and dark outside… The bus doesn’t leave in 20 minutes. Are you sure you want to be late?”

I don’t understand why I didn’t reject him.

“Can I see your ID?” I asked. “I can’t just trust a stranger.

“Here you go,” he said, holding it out.

“This is Tyson.

I’m going to take a picture and forward it to my friends. It is acceptable? I asked. I acted like I took a picture and emailed it to my friends. I didn’t want to wait alone in the freezing night.

My heart felt like it was breaking through my chest.

As I got comfortable in his car he asked, “So where are you headed?”

He nodded when I told him the address.

Well, that’s pretty close! Fantastic! Please tell me your beautiful name.”

“Lesley,” I remarked, smiling a little. “Nice to meet you Tyson and thanks for the ride.

“Don’t worry! Just by the way,” he remarked. “You have a beautiful name… and if I may, you are beautiful.

I grinned. It’s been a long time since I smiled at someone like that.

Did my face turn red?

I managed to say, “Well, thanks,”

“You… you’re pretty handsome too!”

He laughed, “Oh, you don’t have to be so nice!” “You saw better, I know it. See you!”

My heart felt like it was breaking through my chest. what was going on

“That’s nice of you, Tyson,” I replied.


He said, “I think we’re here,” as he stopped. “Your home.”

“Oh!” | The flush rose. Yes indeed. I almost forgot to instruct you to park the car. Greetings, _ “

He said, “Are you free tomorrow?” when I was ready to exit the vehicle.


He replied with a nice smile, “I’d like to take you out for coffee if you don’t mind. I hope that’s acceptable.”

Without saying anything, I fell down. “Would 7 pm be a good time?” I asked as I turned around.

It all started with a coffee date, and before I knew it, I was in love. Although Tyson, who is 33, is 18 years older than me, there’s no age limit to love, right?

He held me and I felt so special. A week after we first met, we shared my bed and he always came running to me when I needed him. I felt alive when I met him. Even though I was afraid of falling in love, everything felt so unique. I was unable to resist him. I was helpless against the beautiful feeling of love.

One day, I decided to inform Jenifer about Tyson and my relationship, with the goal of dispelling her notion that the world was not flooded with “disgusting lovers” as she claimed. But when I arrived at her residence, I was in for a surprise.

I watched the man as I entered her living room. He was stunning. His name was Tyson and he had a beautiful smile and golden hair.

Jennifer continued, “This is my son, Tyson, Les.” “Lesley is my best friend; Tyler, meet her. Tyson spent the last month in Canada before coming home.”

We acted like we didn’t know each other and then Tyson begged me to be honest with Jen about our connection.

I’m terrified. Confused. troubled.

How do I have to proceed? Do I have to admit to Jen that I’m seeing her son? Will this jeopardize our friendship or is it the right thing to do?

What happens if I tell Jen about this and she convinces Tyson to break up with me? In such a scenario, would I lose both my new love and my boyfriend?

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Lesley’s story unfolds as a poignant reminder of the unexpected ways love can blossom, regardless of age or circumstances. It challenges societal norms and expectations about age and relationships and highlights the complexity and unpredictability of human emotions. As Lesley navigates her newfound feelings for Tyson, she faces not only the excitement of a rejuvenating romance but also the moral and ethical dilemmas caused by their significant age difference and close family ties.

The revelation that Tyson is the son of her best friend Jennifer adds another layer of complexity to Lesley’s situation. It puts her in the precarious position of having to balance her personal happiness with potential disagreements with her lifelong friend. This scenario is a testament to the intricate webs of relationships and the delicate nature of friendship and love.

As Lesley considers her next steps, her story serves as an exploration of the power of love to unexpectedly change lives. It also emphasizes the importance of honesty and communication in maintaining the integrity of the relationships that are important to us. Whether or not Lesley chooses to reveal her relationship with Tyson to Jennifer, the need for transparency and respect for all parties involved remains paramount.

Ultimately, Lesley’s journey is a reflection of the courage it takes to follow one’s heart while respecting the bonds of friendship. It is a challenge to consider the consequences of our decisions and to consider not only what we want, but also the impact of our actions on the people we care about. Regardless of the outcome, Lesley’s story is a reminder that love at any age requires both bravery and caution.

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