John Cena Goes — Almost — N*k*d While Introducing at 2024 Oscars After Streaker Production

Jhon Cena focused on the piece while introducing an honor — almost bare — at the 2024 Oscars.
Prior to introducing the prize for best ensemble plan on Sunday, Walk 10, have Jimmy Kimmel enrolled Cena for a drama that didn’t go precisely as expected.

This evening is the 50th commemoration of what used to be the most insane crossroads in Oscars history. At the 46th Foundation Grants in 1974 David Niven was presenting Elizabeth Taylor when a bare man — a streaker — stumbled into the stage,” Kimmel, 56, reviewed. “Could you at any point envision on the off chance that a bare man stumbled into the stage today? I said, might you at any point envision in the event that a bare man stumbled into the stage today? Couldn’t so be insane?”

The cameras panned to Cena, 46, who was taking cover behind the set plan. After Kimmel inquired as to why Cena didn’t “stumble into the stage,” Cena said he “altered his perspective” on their streaker bit. simply don’t have a right outlook on it. It’s a rich occasion. You ought to feel disgrace right now for recommending such a boring thought,” Cena joked. “The male body isn’t a joke.”

Kimmel scrutinized Cena’s dread because of his wrestling past. “I don’t wrestle stripped, I wrestle in jorts,” Cena noted, to which Kimmel kidded, “Jorts are more regrettable than exposed. Please! You’re truly not going? Fine, simply give out the honor then, god. No doubt about it.”

Cena continued to stroll to the platform almost exposed while covering his confidential region with an envelope. “Ensembles — they are so significant. Perhaps the main thing there is,” he said as the group chuckled. “I can’t open the envelope. Could anyone at any point help me?”

While cuts from the designated films played on screen, Kimmel assisted Cena with concealing. After Unfortunate Things won, fans took to online entertainment to commend Cena’s support in the sketch. A third observer referred to Cena’s piece as “the best” in Oscars history.

Cena has gained notoriety for being in great shape because of his WWE past. He made his presentation in 2002 yet consequently changed from wrestling into acting throughout the long term. Cena praised his 20-year WWE commemoration in June 2022 by returning for an episode of Monday Night Crude.

“Achievement isn’t characterized by what you have done, yet what you go to the people who come straightaway,” he composed through X at that point. “In the event that trustworthiness is the center of any relationship, support should be the manner by which we show it. Much thanks to you for the thoughtful words, I’m consistently in your corner.”

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