In 1999, everybody was stunned when Billy Sway Thornton and Angelina Jolie got hitched startlingly. Individuals were astounded because Billy Sway was a lot more established than Angelina, and they were both currently in association with others.

One individual surprised was entertainer Laura Dern, who was locked in to Billy Sway at that point. Laura learned about the wedding simultaneously as every other person, which wrecked her arrangements for their relationship.

Billy Sway and Laura began dating in 1997, just after Laura parted ways with Jeff Goldblum and Billy Weave was getting separated from his fourth spouse. They were locked in and preparing to get hitched when Billy Bounce met Angelina on a film set in 1999.

Their quick romantic tale finished with an unexpected wedding in Las Vegas in May 2000, which shocked Laura. She said, “I passed on our home to deal with a film, and keeping in mind that I was away, my sweetheart got hitched, and I’ve at absolutely no point ever heard from him in the future.” This left her inclination exceptionally miserable and confounded on the grounds that she finally accepted reality.

In spite of the fact that Billy Weave never conceded doing anything wrong, he expressed sorry in a 2001 meeting, saying, “Some might say that you left our young lady and wedded another person. Yet, it made me blissful and another person cheerful. Please accept my apologies it caused torment.”

To make things considerably more odd, Laura and Angelina knew one another previously. Laura used to watch when they were kids.

Laura’s father, Bruce Dern, recalled when Laura watched Jolie when she was 2 and Laura was 8. This happened on the grounds that Bruce and his companion Jon Voight were dealing with a film together.

After Laura parted ways with Billy Bounce, her companion Melissa Etheridge helped her move out of their home. Melissa discussed how Angelina wasn’t treating Laura pleasantly when she was with Billy Sway. Melissa even needed to break into their home to get Laura’s stuff out in light of the fact that things were so terrible.

After all the show, Laura continued on and wedded Ben Harper. They have two children together. Billy Sway and Angelina got separated in 2002. Billy Weave chose to quit dating celebrities since he needed more protection. He got hitched again in 2014 to somebody who works with manikins, attempting to carry on with a calmer life.

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