Luke Bryan gave boots off his own feet to youthful artists in the wake of seeing openings from the vocalist’s perspective

Something unfathomable happened when 19-year-old Colby Quick made that big appearance on American Symbol.

Colby had never acted before an enormous group and had never had a voice example. He said that he had never at any point left his home province of Texas previously! By the by, the appointed authorities were amazed by his presentation of Freddy Bumper’s “Before the Following Tear Falls.”

Icon judge Luke Bryan felt an exceptional association with the hopeful youthful nation vocalist. “All things considered, I couldn’t say whether a youngster has at any point strolled in here and been more me at 19,” he said. Then, at that point, Bryan posed an uncommon inquiry subsequent to checking out at the worn out shoes on Colby’s feet. “What size shoe are you, Colby?” he inquired.

The group couldn’t accept it when Byran took the boots off his feet a disregarded them to the captivated youthful cattle rustler.

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