Man Imposes Two Unconventional Terms for Publicly Committing to Relationship with Woman

Before we delve into the disturbing details of this woman’s online dating experience, it’s important to recognize the ubiquitous nature of such encounters. While many singles turn to date apps and websites in search of meaningful connections, unfortunately, cases of disappointment and mistreatment are not uncommon. This particular story serves as a poignant reminder of the potential dangers lurking behind the veil of virtual romance.

In today’s digital age, where swiping right and left has become the norm, the lines between genuine interest and superficial judgments can blur. The woman’s initial excitement and hope for a promising connection quickly turned to shock and dismay as she encountered the harsh reality of body shaming and emotional manipulation.

A woman went on a date that was full of intense flirting and butterflies. More dates appeared to be on the cards, but the next day the woman received the most surprising text message.

One woman shared her disturbing experience with online dating on the Bad Dates Of Melbourne Facebook page. The date began with anticipation and optimism for the future, but soon everything came crashing down.

The woman excitedly began her story by telling how she was looking forward to meeting her seemingly perfect partner. “I found a match in a boy who seemed perfect to me and met all my requirements.

I wanted to meet him,” added the woman.

Their meeting got off to a great start when his date kissed her and complimented her looks. The pair chatted all night and it looked like a perfect evening.

“After a few hours of flirting, he invited me back to his place for ‘coffee,'” she said.

Although the Facebook user was tempted to accept his offer, she ultimately decided not to. The man told her that he didn’t mind if she rejected him. Little did she know that her choice would be greeted with a lengthy text message filled with nasty comments.

The next day, a text message appeared on her phone screen that hit her so hard she couldn’t believe it. “Hello. I believe you are beautiful and I could imagine us together in the future.”

But I think I have to solve something to get there. Although you have a beautiful face, you are physically much bigger than any girl I would ever dare to date. The text said: “I would even go so far as to say I am obese.”

The report continued to belittle her with numerous sarcastic compliments. The man told her that although he had a wonderful personality, he would only think about going on another date for this reason. “But my dear, I expect immediate action on your part to redeem yourself,” he said. I promise you won’t see me in public until this is over! I recommend PT five to six times a week along with a strict diet.”

The man continued by choosing to decline his offer of coffee. He told her how sad he was that she rejected him and that he needed to get over his outdated ideas about s*xuality. “I would expect more from a woman who is single in her early 20s,” the man wrote.

He ended his text with a sincere request that she take his advice into consideration as it would help them create a potential future together. Although the woman was stunned, she realized that after receiving this news, she would never see him in public with her again.

She was still scared because after every date she hoped she wouldn’t wake up to a text full of critical comments, but she still had dates left. But the man’s offensive requests, which he thinly disguised as self-improvement advice, had everyone in the comments freaking out.

Facebook comments found it disturbing that the man believed it was reasonable to send such a message. “Consider you live your life believing that such actions are appropriate. I am truly amazed,” commented a surprised commenter. Another netizen said, “Who raised this man???”

“I was truly speechless. One other Facebook user exclaimed: ‘HOW DARE THAT?!'” While some users sympathized with the woman for having to read the horrific post that took numerous hits to her self-esteem, others expressed the hope that the man would never have no daughter.

But online users praised her for rejecting his advances for a second date.

Many thought she was saving herself from an emotionally abusive relationship with a man who would do anything to boost his ego.

In the realm of online dating, where initial encounters are often filled with anticipation and hope, the story the woman shared serves as a stark reminder of the potential for hurtful behavior and insensitive remarks. A shocking text message she received, disguised as feedback, revealed the ugly reality of body shaming and emotional manipulation.

The reaction from commenters on Facebook reflected widespread disbelief and condemnation of this man’s heinous actions. His attempt to dictate a woman’s appearance and behavior, coupled with his cruel remarks, was rightly met with outrage and disgust.

Despite the initial disappointment and hurt caused by the man’s words, the woman’s decision to refuse further interaction with him was applauded by many. By standing up for herself and refusing to tolerate such mistreatment, she demonstrated strength and self-respect.

Ultimately, this story serves as a reminder of the importance of setting boundaries, valuing yourself, and rejecting toxic behaviors, especially in dating and relationships. It is a testament to the resilience of individuals in the face of adversity and the power of community support in denouncing harmful attitudes and actions.

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