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When Alex leaves for work without remembering to take his phone with him, his wife Amanda inadvertently listens to a voicemail from an unknown young man who addresses Alex as “dad”. Although she quickly discovers that Alex’s deception goes much deeper than that, she still believes that he is cheating on her.

Amanda will do anything to make sure Alex is held accountable.

“Alex, you forgot something!” As her husband headed for the main entrance, Amanda called him. “Oh my god. Regards, sweetie. How would I manage without you?” He kissed her cheek and took out her wallet. “Sorry for the rushed morning, but I’ll try to finish earlier so we can spend some quality time together later…” After saying goodbye to Alex, Amanda ran a few errands and took a nap on the couch. Amanda heard Alex’s ringtone from somewhere nearby as she was watching TV. Amanda discovered Alex’s phone when she looked under the couch cushion.

No number is displayed on the caller ID. The call went to voicemail just as Amanda was about to answer it. A young boy’s voice came from the device: “Hey, Dad! Even though I’m sure you’re already on your way, I just wanted to let you know I’m waiting! Please come as soon as possible.”
“This?” Amanda repeated the word and felt a chill run down her spine.

Amanda didn’t know the passcode to unlock Alex’s phone, so she couldn’t return the call from the unknown number. She began to suspect that Alex had cheated on her and her heart sank. To try to calm her thoughts and emotions, she called Jerry, Alex’s assistant.

“Hello, Jerry,” she addressed him. “My name is Amanda. Has Mr. Gibbs turned up yet?
Jerry replied, “I think there’s been a misunderstanding here, Mrs. Gibbs.”
“Mr. Gibbs is not here today.
I cover for him in meetings.”

Although Amanda’s heart sank, she remained calm. When the call ended, she covered her face with her hands. Amanda respected Alex. Although Alex’s absence from work and the boy calling her made her question his sincerity, she still wanted to trust him.

Amanda was startled when she heard the tires of the car on the gravel in front of the house. Alex burst through the front door and asked her if she had seen his phone.

Amanda felt her blood boil. She wanted to confront him then and there, but she knew that if he was really cheating on her, he would quickly lie and become suspicious. Rather, she got up from the couch, smiled at him, and covered his phone.

“I’ll check the bedroom!” Amanda said.

She hastily retreated to their bedroom and appeared to have discovered the phone there when she reappeared moments later. After expressing her gratitude, Alex hurried out again. Amanda walked him to his car and slipped her GPS fitness tracker into the pocket by the door.

After waving goodbye, Amanda hesitated for a moment before following Alex.

At first, Alex took his usual route to work. Amanda felt terrible for asking him, but then he suddenly turned away. After twenty minutes, Alex pulled into a small lot in a town fifteen miles from where they lived.

Amanda stopped the car. She watched as Alex opened the trunk, took out the gift package and walked inside. Alex’s eyes widened in horror when she returned with the little boy.

Alex marched to the residence next door, unlocked the door, and let the boy inside. Amanda crept up to them and looked out the living room windows. Her stomach clenched when she saw Alex scooping the young man up in his arms and planting a kiss on his cheek.

Alex, what’s going on? Who is that young man?” Amanda stormed in to face her husband and shouted.

“Dad, who is it?” Alex looked at her in disbelief as the young man asked.

Amanda glanced at them.

“Alex, why is that boy calling you dad? You shouldn’t lie because I witnessed it all!”

After sending Caleb into another room, Alex turned to look at Amanda.

“He’s my son, Amanda,” Alex acknowledged.

“I was scared, but I should have told you sooner. My second family is mine. While his mother was at work, Caleb was hanging out with the neighbor.”

After a moment she said, “Wow,” trying not to choke back tears. “So this is the crucial meeting you were talking about? Alex, how long has it been like this? The boy looked older so…”

“Four years,” he finally admitted. “I am sorry.

I never meant to hurt you. I am aware of my wrongdoing; you can file for divorce. I will give you everything, even half of the property. We still manage to get along well.”

“You really thought it through, huh?” Amanda hissed. “Our marriage dates back many years! How could you treat us like this? I respect you.”

Alex shook his head. “No, Amanda, you don’t. Our relationship has devolved into something more than reliance. I would fix it if I could, but for now I can only give you a way out of this disaster. Without me, you are free to move on with your life.

“Oh my God, Alex!” She smirked, and refused.

“Maybe we should divorce so you can start a new family and live happily ever after?

No woman is able to accept her husband’s adultery and move on without incident! You won’t get this!”

After driving home in tears, Amanda took a bottle of wine and went to her bedroom. Dylan, Amanda’s teenage son, sat next to her and asked what was wrong as she wondered how to get her husband back.

Saying, “Your dad cheated on me,” she drank alcohol.

“I’m sorry, Mom. Dylan said, ‘I should have told you about this sooner.’

Amanda almost swallowed her drink.

“You already told me? Dylan, what are you trying to hide from me?”

“Dad…he told me about his second family,” he admitted.

“I had a hard time believing it. We were afraid you wouldn’t take it well, so I asked him to tell you the truth.”

“You should have told me, Dylan!” Unable to accept that her son understands everything, Amanda throws herself into the mind. “Instead you kept me in the dark and now I feel so betrayed!”

“Mom, I’ve been watching over you! I’ll always be there for you because I adore you. Mom, I’ll make sure you’re happy. Trust me.” His hand touched hers, but Amanda pushed it away.

Dylan, what gave you the impression that covering up an unpleasant fact for your father would protect me? Now my whole life is ruined. You are both traitors! I want you out of here. Leave now!”

Dylan suddenly left the house, leaving Amanda alone. She didn’t chase him.

All that mattered was for Alex to crawl back to Amanda. Before long, a thought struck her.

Amanda drove to work with Alex. After talking past his assistant, she began looking through certain papers. Finally she turned and looked at the safe next to the fake Pico tree in the corner. It was password locked, but she was kneeling before him.

Amanda tried several passwords unsuccessfully. Her eyes fell on the picture frame on Alex’s desk. The vault unlocked when she tried to enter Dylan’s date of birth! After getting proof that Alex was evading taxes, she left.

She called Alex and said, “I want to meet you,” while hiding the papers. “I went through the safe in your office, so if you don’t agree, you’re going to jail!”

Amanda was right when she predicted that Alex would be haunted by what she revealed to him. He arrived in less than half an hour.

He roared into the house and asked, “What are you up to, Amanda?”

She threw a copy of the papers in front of him. “If you don’t leave your second family and come back to me, I’ll take it to the cops!”

“Jesus!” he exclaimed, looking through the documents.

“This is unbelievable…Amanda, we could never have paid for Dylan’s surgery if I hadn’t done it. And now you’re using it against me?”

“The police won’t care why you did it.

Get ready to rot in jail or leave your second family!” She put him in danger.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this…”

Alex sighed desperately and shook his head.


Dylan stood by the door. Amanda noticed her son’s pale face and recognized the horror of what she had done, but he pulled away from her.

“Mom, stay away from me. What you just said amazes me! I’m still here today because of the surgery I had, thanks to dad. I don’t want to know you anymore!” Dylan turned and ran out of the house.

“You are happy?” Alex scowled at her. “Amanda, do whatever the hell you want. I’m not going to jail for the ‘crime’ of saving my son’s life! I’m never coming back to you.” He left with an angry Alex.

Amanda sobbed all night. Now her son hated her and Alex was solely to blame.

He destroyed their family and cheated on them. He was not entitled to a quiet life. Over time, Amanda came up with a cunning plan.

Amanda went to the casino where she worked as a dealer the next day and asked to see Mr. Rodriguez, her old supervisor. A few minutes later she walked into his office.

“Amanda, my dear! Greetings!

Greetings!” Mr. Rodriguez rose to shake her hand. “I never thought you’d come back here. Is everything okay? Sit down. Please sit down.”

like this too, but… I’d like you to contact some of your… people on my behalf,” she stated succinctly. “I want to hire an assassin.

Mr. Rodriguez became serious. “But to whom? You’re an old pro, darling. I’ll gather information from you and get my guys to work on it.”

Amanda placed Alex’s picture on the surface.

“This is Alex, my husband.

Create the appearance of an accident.

It’s up to you: car accident, fire, suicide. Finances will not be a problem. You can be sure of that.”

Mr. Rodriguez looked first at Amanda, then at the picture. “Sweetheart, I know someone who is just right for the job. My friend will get back to you.”

A few days later, Amanda was contacted by a hit man and told to meet him at the park. Amanda showed up as scheduled and sat down on the bench the killer had pointed out. After about fifteen minutes, a man in black sat down next to her.

He said, “Did you bring the money?”

“Of course. This.” Amanda gave him a trash bag that had $20,000 in it.

“Pretend it was an accident! No matter how cruelly he died, please make sure I’m not suspected by the police! Above all, he shouldn’t be alive!”

The man stood up and shook his head. “I pity you.

Amanda wasn’t sure what she was saying until another man materialized next to her. She was completely taken aback when he showed her his police badge and handcuffed her.

“YOU ARE CHARGED with conspiracy to commit the murder of your husband, Alex, Mrs. Gibbs.

Terrified, Amanda turned to face the assassin in confusion. But when she ran into Dylan and Alex at the police cruiser, everything became obvious.

“Are you serious, Amanda? You hired an assassin for your senseless revenge?”

Just consider the consequences if the casino owner decided not to call the police.” Alex shook his head in confusion. “Do you believe that now… that you don’t love me?

Amanda stared at Dylan, his eyes filled with sadness. She urged the police officer sitting next to her to close the car door while she lowered her head and did not meet his eyes.

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Amanda’s life spirals out of control after she discovers a voicemail from a young boy calling her husband Alex: “Daddy.” Consumed by jealousy and betrayal, Amanda’s actions lead her down a dark path of deception and revenge. When her son Dylan confessed that he knew about Alex’s secret family, Amanda felt completely betrayed by both her husband and child. Determined to bring Alex to justice, she crossed moral and legal lines and ultimately planned his murder.

However, Amanda’s plan backfired when Alex and Dylan along with the police uncovered her plot. Her arrest was not only a legal downfall, but also a personal one as she realized the full extent of her actions and the damage she had caused to her relationships. Her intention to force Alex to choose between her and his other family not only failed, but also revealed the depth of her own despair and loss.

The whole ordeal served as a grim reminder of how uncontrolled emotions and rash decisions can destroy lives and relationships. Amanda’s journey from suspicion to murder plot highlighted the importance of communication and trust in any relationship. If she had confronted Alex openly and calmly sought the truth, the outcome could have been different.

As Amanda faced the consequences of her actions, Alex and Dylan were left to rebuild their lives. Now they were burdened with the memory of a wife and mother who had let jealousy and anger overshadow her love and reason. The story underscores the need for understanding, patience and a willingness to face problems head on rather than let them fester and lead to irreversible consequences.

For readers, Amanda’s tragic story serves as a cautionary tale about the destructive power of mistrust and revenge. It highlights the crucial need for transparency and open communication in relationships to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to such disastrous results. And it reminds us that even in the face of betrayal, resorting to extreme measures can only lead to more heartbreak and loss.

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