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The story of Margaret, Steve, and his domineering mother Alice brings to light the deep-seated problems that can arise from family interference and unrealistic expectations in marriage. As a new mother and wife, Margaret finds herself in the overwhelming situation of having to deal with constant demands and harsh criticism from her husband and his mother during a period that should be devoted to healing and bonding with her newborn. The narrative illustrates the mounting pressures and emotional turmoil that can build up in such toxic environments, pushing individuals to their breaking point.

Steve’s pattern of rejecting and mocking his wife’s efforts, coupled with Alice’s relentless criticism, shows a dysfunctional family dynamic where emotional abuse becomes the norm. The situation escalates when Margaret, tired of being constantly belittled and overworked, reaches out to Steve’s ex-wives and reveals a pattern of similar behavior that ended his previous marriage. This revelation serves as a turning point for Margaret, empowering her with the support and collective experience of other women who have faced the same adversity.

A thrice-divorced man mocked his fourth wife when she was pregnant. However, he found himself in a predicament when she went to see his ex-wives and returned home demanding that she fix him.

Steve’s mother Alice complained as usual, “Go tell your wife… you always see her cuddling the baby and she hasn’t cooked anything.” Margaret and Steve were married a year ago.

After the third divorce, he entered into a fourth marriage. Margaret also struggled with the responsibility of caring for a child, as this was her first marriage and experience as a mother.

“Even the robots will do more work than you!” During the first week of maternity leave, Steve made fun of her. “Don’t just stand there… who’s going to shine my shoes?”

Margaret worked as a business consultant. She took maternity leave to take care of their child. However, Alice and Steve saw this maternity leave as a fantastic opportunity to allocate more work to the young mother.

“Margaret? You didn’t manage to press my suit? Didn’t I tell you to finish it?” Steve yelled from their bedroom. “Come here and do it quick!”

“You lazy bum! If you can’t take care of my child, you shouldn’t have married him.”

Steve was oblivious to Margaret breastfeeding her baby. His main goal was to complete his task. Alice then added her two cents.

“Your wife! She feels like a princess! She is the most pitiful person I have ever seen.”

Margaret, poor thing, did all the work she could, even putting her baby in the nursery. She rushed to her room when she heard her baby sob moments later.

However, Alice stood in her way by displaying a shopping bag. “We’re out of vegetables and milk. Visit the store now to avoid the crowds.”

Margaret turned to face the woman, hoping she would realize the baby was crying and it was time to feed it. “I think Cody is hungry…I don’t think I’ll be able to go to the store right now,” she said.

Alice was upset by her answer. But the old woman understood how to deal with her. “I assumed you could lose all the extra pounds you gained after giving birth just by walking to the store every day… Just look how fat you are, my god.

Margaret was unfazed by Alice’s taunts. Steve then joined in, making her hurt a lot more.

“Yes, Mother! It seems to be a houseplant that does nothing at all. Notice how ugly and fat it has grown.”

Margaret was so sad, but she couldn’t cry. She ran to her child because she didn’t want him to insult her any more.

She smiled and said, “Sorry, I have to go feed him.”

Steve and Alice’s crimes grew worse over time, much to her dismay. Alice once organized a tea party and invited all her friends. “But Mom, do you think he can cook all this?” Alice was interrogated by Steve.

“Oh, don’t be alarmed! Your wife is a skilled cook who can handle the dishes afterward. Go and catch her before the visitor arrives,” said Alice.

That day Margaret felt a slight headache.

She didn’t get enough sleep because baby Cody kept her up most of the night.

“Hey, stop sleeping during the day and help mommy in the kitchen!” Steve yelled.

Margaret informed him that she wasn’t feeling well, but he didn’t care. Alice then stepped in to fulfill her role.

“What’s going on? I told you, didn’t I?”

You were married to a lazy person who also has a lazy child.”

Margaret went crazy at that moment.

“I took maternity leave to take care of my unborn child and allow my body to recover!

It’s not for cleaning the house.

Alice and Steve were taken aback when they saw Margaret’s red face. She was obviously upset. Steve followed Alice as she closed the door and repeated, “Mom…Mom, wait….

Then the guests appeared. Alice was asked about Margaret by one of her friends during the party. “He doesn’t seem to be here.” Where is he going?

Margaret could hear the women laughing and gossiping irrationally. Then she heard nothing about her from her mother-in-law.

“Oh, you mean the sloths of my house? God knows what drew my son to her—she just eats and sleeps, does nothing.”

Margaret wailed in her chamber and the women laughed.

“I was a great mother and wife… No slacker!” Alice continued, loud enough for Margaret to hear.

After a few days, Margaret felt no difference. She was forced to do all the housework and her mother-in-law and husband often quarreled with her.

Suddenly one day Steve brought her and their baby for a walk in the park.

Margaret wanted to rest, so she went for it.

Steve started acting weird as they walked down the sidewalk. He went in random directions, pretending to be on the phone and dodging three women approaching from the other side with their children. But they knew who he was.

“Look, there’s a mama’s boy! Besides, who is he? One of them was making fun of it.”

“This must be his fourth husband. Who else do you think?” Another person said.

Margaret didn’t understand. She had no idea who the ladies were. One of them then gave her a business card and asked her to call him if she needed help. “Don’t forget to call if you need us, okay?!”

Steve was embarrassed. He revealed to Margaret that the children he had with each of the three women were his ex-girlfriends. Margaret called one of the exes later that night. She wanted to know why Steve kept getting divorced.

The ex-wife claimed: “He and his mother think maternity leave is for housework.” “I was his second wife and I divorced him when his evil mother mocked me in front of her guests saying I was a lazy ass.

Margaret eventually met Steve’s three ex-wives and discovered that they had started a small group to talk about family matters. She was soon advised to separate from Steve and stand up for herself.

Margaret reluctantly accepted, but assured the woman that she would give him another chance. “If he still won’t stand by my side and remain a mama’s boy, I’ll send him the papers!” she added.

Little did Steve and Alice know that Margaret had met his ex-girlfriends and that she intended to divorce him if he failed her one more time. Alice yelled at Margaret for forgetting to make dinner that night.

“You lazy bum! If you can’t take care of my son, you shouldn’t have married him!” She became enraged.

Margaret watched Steve, waiting for his reaction. “Yes, Mother! You are right—I should not have married this lazy, slothful man.”

Margaret went crazy at that moment. “Oh no!

You may never refer to me like that again! You MAMA’S BOY, be ready to sign our divorce papers!”

Alice and Steve were stunned by Margaret’s answer. They believed that he would never laugh at them. The couple filed for divorce shortly after, and Margaret and her son moved into a new apartment.

There she established closer relationships with Steve’s former girlfriends. The women became close and often watched Steve to see if he had remarried.

But after divorcing Margaret, Steve was unable to find a decent girl. Although in vain, he longed for a family life. In the end, all he could do was watch his children grow up from afar.

Even when he realized what he had done wrong, it was too late and the damage was too great!

What lessons can we learn from this story?

• Critical opinions can sometimes destroy relationships. During the fight, Alice informed Margaret that if she didn’t know how to take care of her child, she shouldn’t have married him. She often made fun of Margaret, calling her lazy. Such persistent teasing eventually led Margaret to file for divorce from her husband.

• Overprotection can ruin your child’s life. Alice only had her son’s best interests in mind. She often found fault with her daughter-in-law, even when there was nothing wrong with it.

Her method ended up ruining her son’s life.

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Margaret and Steve’s story is a poignant reminder of the profound effects that family dynamics and outside criticism can have on personal relationships and personal well-being. In Margaret’s case, her struggle to cope with undue pressure and constant belittling by her husband and mother-in-law led to an awakening, led by a newfound solidarity with others who had experienced similar mistreatment.

This story highlights several important lessons. First, it emphasizes the importance of respect and support in marriage, especially at key times such as maternity leave and new parenthood, which should be a time of bonding and mutual care rather than conflict and criticism. Second, it shows the destructive power of toxic family interference in the marriage bond, showing how it can not only undermine a spouse’s self-esteem and happiness but can also lead to the breakdown of the relationship itself.

Additionally, Margaret’s experience reveals the value of community and shared experiences in overcoming personal adversity. By connecting with Steve’s ex-wives, she found a support network that allowed her to stand up for herself and make difficult decisions about her future and the well-being of her child.

Ultimately, the story serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of allowing abusive and dismissive behavior to go unchecked in a relationship. It also celebrates the resilience and determination of individuals like Margaret who, despite the challenges, chose to seek a healthier environment for themselves and their children. The final separation from Steve was not just a personal victory for Margaret; it was a testament to her strength in regaining her dignity and happiness. This story encourages us to think about the importance of mutual respect, support, and the courage to make difficult decisions in pursuit of a better life.

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