Mom Conducts the Experiment by Leaving an Itemized Note for the Babysitter

Mom experiments by leaving the nanny a written note February 13, 2024 / Sara Vallone / Parenting
The mother became famous after posting a note she wrote to her son’s nanny on TikTok.

The letter was, as Katrina Ivan revealed on TikTok, a kind of sociological experiment. The science teacher went on to say that if there was more financial compensation, her son’s nanny would be more motivated to help her around the house. In addition to paying a nanny to watch her son, Katrina decided to include a to-do list in the note. The nanny would receive extra money for each service she completed.

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The value of each task in the task list has been listed. So $10 for organizing the toys and $15 for cleaning out the fridge

Katrina’s babysitter is informed at the start of the note that while she is “more than welcome to hang around and watch TV all night, these jobs are up for grabs if you want to make some extra cash.”

@kivankc Replying to @LISA B │✨ what i’m learning ✨ #greenscreen ♬ original sound – kivankc

“Just let me know if you decide to do any of this and the total amount I owe you in addition to the babysitting money,” the mother wrote at the end of the note. I appreciate you being here.

@kivankc Replying to @LISA B │✨ what i’m learning ✨ #greenscreen ♬ original sound – kivankc

In the caption of her photo, Katrina clarified that she works as a teacher and owns a small business that is now in high demand. Too much time was spent ignoring the little things. My sister’s decision to do this will always be my gratitude. If not, I will do it later as I originally intended.”

Other mothers were ready to voice their opinions in the comments section. Several people enthusiastically supported the experiment.

“I believe your nanny has fantastic potential here. I appreciate you giving them a chance,” the commenter said. “What a fantastic idea! Another person said: “There are times when it’s boring to just sit and watch TV; it makes time go faster and sometimes there are things I would do to help.”

However, some mothers felt that the cost of each job might be too low. “I think $10 is too little for some of these jobs given the amount of work and the size of the mess,” another person said. In response, Katrina said: “I will absolutely change the cost to make it fairer in the future.” I appreciate the advice.

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