My boyfriend’s son intentionally frightens our three-month-old daughter, compelling me to intervene.

The situation described by the OP is undeniably troubling and presents a complex moral dilemma. As a reader, it is important to consider various aspects before forming an opinion.

First, the OP’s concern for the well-being of her three-month-old daughter is completely understandable. Deliberately scaring an infant can have serious emotional consequences and should not be taken lightly. Jake’s behavior, despite being only twelve years old, is disturbing and needs to be addressed.

In a quiet suburban home, a loving mother grappled with a torturous conundrum while her boyfriend’s 12-year-old son persistently purposefully haunted their three-month-old daughter. The mother’s strange behavior, which continued despite sincere pleas and warnings, drove her to breaking point.

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An anonymous member shared her harrowing experience on the “AITAH” subreddit on January 11, 2024. She questioned the effect of being diagnosed with postpartum depression (PPD) on her behavior.

The original poster (OP) and her boyfriend were together for six years.

For the past two years, they have lived in OP together with their 12-year-old son, Jake. After more than a decade of owning her home, OP found herself in a troubling situation involving Jake’s actions toward their three-month-old child.

While Jake seemed to love his sister, there was a disturbing trend of him deliberately scaring the child. Jake was coming up to the kid yelling, “RA!” laughing out loud at her startled reactions. He would laugh and then pretend to be sorry and say he didn’t mean to scare her.

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Torn between her fears, the possible impact of PPD, and her need for a solution, OP turned to an online community for advice after experiencing this disturbing routine at least four times a day.

Jake continued to behave in an unnerving manner despite the OP’s repeated attempts to stop him, warning him about possible damage to the child’s hearing and emphasizing the lack of fun in his activities.

The tipping point was just three days earlier when OP confronted Jake and her partner out of sheer frustration. She gave a stern warning and threatened to cut them out of her life if they continued to purposely haunt her.

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The friend’s erratic behavior led to the decision to take such extreme measures. He did step in at times, but he also wrote off the OP’s concerns as overblown. He tried to defend Jake’s behavior by saying that children usually found pleasure in a child’s startle reflex.

OP clearly remembered the incident and said, “If he purposely scared my kid again, Jake and OP’s boyfriend would be evicted,” as she tried to make good on her threat. She felt a twinge of regret even after Jake returned to his room with a defeated look on his face.

The night before OP told her story, she briefly left the room, and her 3-month-old daughter was left rocking peacefully. Jake took advantage of her brief absence to have another disturbing encounter.

OP heard Jake frantically ask, “What are you doing?” in a child’s voice from afar. Her daughter’s scream was audible and the consequence was immediate. She heard her boyfriend come in and try to diffuse the situation, so she rushed back.

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About an hour later, something else unpleasant happened. The dreaded “RA” and her daughter’s cries echoed throughout the house when OP walked into the bathroom this time.

Driven by a mixture of exasperation and concern for her child’s well-being, it didn’t take long for her to issue a warning. She told Jake and her partner to pack up and leave immediately without waiting for an answer, her main priority now is to calm the upset toddler.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Jake tried to apologize, blaming his behavior on habit. However, the friend objected and minimized the importance of what happened. The OP adamantly demanded they leave after rejecting their reasoning. But her lover refused to leave and defiantly claimed his rightful place in the house.

When faced with this impasse, OP threatened to take her own life and have the authorities serve her with an eviction notice. Her boyfriend begged her to stay, that Jake was only twelve and couldn’t be perfect, but she refused. The next day she made a firm decision and filed for their eviction.

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While things were getting tense, OP was already trying to figure out why Jake scared her kid by asking him directly. “[He] finds it funny when babies cry,” OP recalled after their discussion.

But part of her still doubted whether she had made the right decision. “AITA for kicking my infant and his child out because his son was purposely scaring my child all the time?” OP asked.

Online users responded to the OP’s story with great sympathy and attention, making it an internet sensation. The majority is overwhelmingly in favor of her and many believe she made the right decision.

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“NTA. Really. He’s twelve. Old enough to be wise enough to avoid it. Old enough to follow instructions. Would it be nice for him if you woke him up every morning? No. One user said: “He’s 12 but acts like AH and sounds almost sadistic.”

“I totally agree that it’s not typical for a twelve-year-old to be a mother. Maybe at five or six, but definitely not at twelve. After she’s proven right once or twice, they pick it up. It’s disturbing that they claim Another individual said: “I wonder what other behavioral issues he has.”

“As a mother of a 4-year-old, this (behavior) would only be understandable if Jake was 2 or 3 years old,” said another netizen. “Let your partner fall asleep and then gently tap a few pots and pans to startle him awake. Try this about four times a night to see if it makes him reconsider. His child is twelve. He’s of legal age follow the law, this goes beyond a kid being a kid,” another commenter said.

Do you agree with the OP’s stance, or do you think she should have handled things differently? If you were in her place, how would you react to this situation?

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In a quiet suburban home, a devoted mother faced a painful dilemma when her boyfriend’s 12-year-old son persistently and purposely haunted their three-month-old daughter. Deeply disturbed by this behavior despite her grave warnings, the mother reached a breaking point and asked the online community for advice.

An anonymous mother struggling with postpartum depression (PPD) and facing a distressing situation turned to the “AITAH” subreddit on January 11, 2024, seeking insight into her predicament.

The mother and her boyfriend had been together for six years and had been living together with his 12-year-old son, Jake, for the past two years. However, Jake’s acts of deliberately scaring the child became a disturbing and recurring phenomenon, leading the mother to question the impact of her PPD diagnosis on her response.

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Despite Jake’s obvious affection for his sister, his deliberate actions to scare the child were disturbing. He approached her, shouting loudly and then laughing at her startled reactions and then pretending to be sorry. Despite the mother’s repeated attempts to intervene and warn Jake of possible harm to the child, this behavior persisted.

The situation escalated when the mother confronted Jake and her partner out of frustration, sternly warning that further deliberate intimidation would result in eviction. However, even after this warning, Jake’s disturbing behavior continued, prompting his mother to take decisive action.

After a particularly distressing incident where Jake scared the child in her absence, the mother strongly demanded that her partner and Jake leave immediately. Despite initial resistance from her partner, who downplayed the seriousness of Jake’s actions, the mother stood firm in her decision, prioritizing her child’s safety and well-being.

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Online response to the mother’s story has been largely supportive, with many agreeing that her actions were justified under the circumstances. Users have highlighted Jake’s age and ability to understand and follow directions, emphasizing that his behavior is beyond what is typical of a twelve-year-old.

In conclusion, although the mother’s decision may have been difficult, her priority was the safety and emotional well-being of her child. Her actions, although drastic, were a reflection of her commitment to protecting her child from intentional harm.

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