My Ex Sabotaged My Workday, but I Ingeniously Got Back at Him That Same Day – Today’s Story

Miranda, a hard-working young Mexican woman, faces difficulties when her ex-partner tries to make her feel inferior at work. Miranda feels compelled to act despite her fear of losing her career because of the suffering her ex has caused her. She discovers a method to hold him accountable for his behavior, even if it could cost her her job.

Due to the public nature of her breakup with her ex, Miranda was in despair. As she tried to establish a new life in her new nation, she was aware that she had to continue working to support herself. But he had a feeling that her problems would never go away. She had to explain the situation to her supervisor Michael in the restaurant kitchen after she was late for work yet again.

“I’m so sorry Michael for being late once again. A lot has happened. My boyfriend and I broke up and everyone knows,” Miranda mumbled.

“Miranda, I don’t care what’s going on in your life as long as it doesn’t interfere with your work. That’s my concern. You need to arrive on time and ready for work. This is the last warning you have,” Michael said seriously.

Miranda promised herself that she would, but when she saw Colin, her ex-boyfriend, and Leslie at a restaurant table, things became more complicated. Michael declined her request not to serve them, stressing the need to maintain a professional demeanor.

“Miranda, we all have to deal with difficult situations.” Michael continued, not even looking at her, “I need you to do your job, not run away. We have few people.”

Miranda was forced to serve Colin and Leslie despite their rudeness and cruel insults about her parentage.

“Look who’s manning the tables here, Miranda. Individuals with your background seem to gravitate to the service sector, don’t they?” Colin said bitterly.

Trying to hide her discomfort, Miranda forced a smile and asked if they were ready to order.

At that moment, Colin deliberately dropped his fork and asked Miranda to pick it up.

Leslie clapped and laughed out loud when Miranda did. “Look at Miranda! She’s adept at collecting items!”

Miranda felt even worse because she was now the center of everyone’s attention. She returned the fork to Colin, her hand barely steady. Colin said, “Thanks,” but it was obvious he didn’t mean it.

“You’re such a team player.

Trying to calm them down, Miranda brought out their order—a Mexican stew—quickly, hoping they’d stop being rude. However, Colin claimed the stew lacked seasoning and splattered his food. Miranda’s clothes were covered in mud.

“It’s okay,” she mumbled as she cleaned up, trying not to look angry. But Leslie continued to laugh and attract the attention of the others. Miranda’s attempts to gain power and confidence were completely destroyed by the amount of attention she received.

The tears that were beginning to well up in her eyes were too much for her to hold back. She was so angry that she cried and had to go to the kitchen and hide in a corner.

A voice caught her attention and she began to cry uncontrollably. It said, “Take it here.”

Looking up, Miranda saw that Chef Robert was carrying a tea towel. She knew he was a good man who looked out for all his co-workers. As she took the towel, something about his presence made her cry even more.

“Look, Miranda, you underestimate your strength. I don’t want to pry into your personal affairs. Your spirit is far greater than the obstacles you have to overcome.”

Miranda confided in Chef Robert with disdain, realizing she needed someone to talk to. And he listened politely as she recounted her early days with Colin and the moment that ruined everything for her. Colin really wanted to go to the party with her on that occasion, but she was busy with homework.

Leslie, Miranda, and Colin were roommates in college.

She informed him, “Colin, I really should be studying.” “My grades don’t look too good.

But Colin shook his head, not taking no for an answer. “Mary, hurry up. You really work hard and are intelligent. A night off won’t hurt.”

Could you please accompany me?”

Miranda found herself unable to move. Even though she knew she should be studying, she preferred the idea of ​​dating Colin. “I’ll think about it. She finally told him, ‘I’ll tell you tonight.’

Miranda returned to her room feeling excited and a little anxious after they kissed and Colin assured her that the night would be pleasant. As soon as she walked in, her roommate Leslie stopped her.

Miranda, what’s going on? You look really happy. “And where do those flowers come from?” she asked. If only Miranda knew that the girl was really a wolf in sheep’s clothing…

“This is Colin. I like him a lot and he was incredibly sweet. I’m scared of exams but he invited me to the party.”

“You have to enjoy life too, Miranda.

You shouldn’t miss rehearsals!” said Leslie. “Come on, it’s time to have fun!”

“Les, I really need to study.

Miranda, you are a wise cookie. One night away will not have a negative impact on your future.

Colin, have fun at the party. Trust me, then go ahead!”

Miranda, assured that a single evening would not interfere with her studies, decided to accept Colin’s invitation and called him. “Colin, I’ll be there. Because you see the meaning of this evening, so do I,” she remarked.

However, Miranda felt a little uncomfortable as she entered the boisterous bar where the party was being held that night. Noticing this, Colin gave her a drink and said, “Please take this. It will make you feel better.”

Miranda couldn’t refuse. She felt so liberated and was enjoying the music and dancing as the booze took hold of her, making her forget all her troubles.

Miranda woke up the next morning in an unfamiliar place with her clothes scattered on the floor. She was afraid she might wake up in her underwear, surrounded by other girls and boys who were similarly scantily clad and dozing off.

A chill ran down her spine as she remembered bits and pieces of the night she had spent with Colin. Fearing for her reputation, she hastily decided to call a taxi to return to her student residence.

Everyone in the dorm was staring at her and muttering behind her back. Miranda didn’t know why.

She desperately wanted to talk to Leslie because she felt depressed and alone, but Leslie wasn’t there. Leslie and Colin did not return her calls. She was subsequently called by the dean of the college, who expressed his displeasure over several embarrassing pictures and videos and threatened to expel her.

After being saddened, Miranda set out to find Colin. However, he was with Leslie when she found him and they were both laughing maniacally.

“Look who’s here,” Colin said in a mockingly sarcastic tone. “Miranda, she came running to me? Did you think I could solve your little problem?”

Leslie’s smile was equally mocking. Miranda, did you really believe Colin was interested in you? It was all a gamble,” she revealed. “For two weeks. All he needed to do to make you lick that fool was that.

And now you’re here, almost begging him for help.”

Listening to them make fun of her made Miranda feel incredibly sad and isolated. She was aware that she had been tricked and that she had lost a lot, but she also felt a glimmer of will to overcome it.

After revealing the events that led to her employment as a waiter at this establishment, Miranda decided to exact revenge on Colin and Leslie. “Robert, please help me. Just once, please, make their food really spicy,” she asked.

Robert hesitated, worried about the restaurant’s reputation, but Miranda insisted. She said, “I really need it.”

“Please do it for once?”

Although Robert didn’t want to, he couldn’t help but feel that Leslie and Colin should get a taste of their own medicine for once. “Okay, Miranda. Let’s keep a low profile though,” he advised.

While making the hot sauce, Miranda didn’t think about revealing the consequences of her plan. All she wanted was to get even. “Use it,” she urged, handing Robert a napkin soaked in sauce.

Leslie made fun of her once more when Colin and Leslie had their meal. Is it hot or spicy? “Is this the Mexican stew you were talking about as PICY?” she smirked.

As Colin cleaned his mouth with a napkin, the strong spice hit him. His breathing became shallow and urgent, and his skin turned a deep crimson as if the spice itself had slapped him.

Leslie patted Colin on the back and told him to try to breathe.

But when the diners in the restaurant started to stare and laugh at her, Leslie’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment. She understood that she had been cruel to Leslie, and now that they were in trouble with Colin, the others were laughing at her.

She exploded, unable to take the humiliation, “This cannot be tolerated! We are done!” and hurried away.

Miranda silently took in the sight with a faint smile on her lips. She remembered how they tricked her into believing they would have a blissful marriage. Fate apparently had other plans.

Michael calmly intervened after Colin, clearly in agony, angrily declared that Miranda should be fired for “messing with his food”. After tasting the dish, he saw no problems. “Sir, the food is delicious. “It’s okay,” he said, pointing to a napkin stained with spicy food, but carefully hiding it.

Miranda has also been a member of our team for some time. Adopting Miranda’s stance, he commented, “She wouldn’t intentionally spoil dinner. Miranda silently thanked her boss for his help, exchanging a knowing look at that.”

Colin searched the room for an ally but saw none. The other patrons stood and watched as Leslie was gone.

Michael then offered Colin some heartfelt advice. You know, Colin, sometimes it’s not the food that turns us on, it’s the way we treat other people. Maybe you’re thinking about it, right?”

Colin was stunned and Miranda breathed a sigh of relief. She learned how empathy and understanding bring people together and discovered a smart and powerful method to advocate for herself.

It showed her that friends are there for you even in difficult circumstances when Michael decided to defend her and teach Colin the value of modesty and respect.

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Miranda’s story is one of resilience, courage, and the importance of standing up for yourself, even in the face of adversity. Despite her fears and the risk to her career, she found a way to hold her ex accountable for his behavior and showed that even in the most difficult situations, we can find strength within ourselves.

Her journey from despair to empowerment was marked by the support of those who believed in her, such as Chef Robert and her boss Michael. They played a key role in helping her regain her dignity and self-confidence. Miranda’s ability to turn a painful experience into a moment of personal triumph underscores the power of community and solidarity.

The story serves as a reminder that true strength lies not only in enduring hardship but in finding ways to overcome it and grow. By taking a stand, Miranda not only dealt with the injustice she faced but also showed that standing up for yourself can lead to unexpected allies and support. Her story encourages us to face challenges ahead knowing that we are stronger than we might believe.

Miranda’s transformation and the support she received from colleagues illustrate the importance of empathy and solidarity in and outside the workplace. It’s a testament to the idea that kindness and understanding can help us navigate even the most difficult situations.

This story also reinforces the idea that every challenge we face can be an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. Miranda’s journey from victim to victor serves as an inspiration to all who have felt marginalized or mistreated, showing that with determination and the right support, we can overcome adversity and reclaim our power.

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Let these stories remind us that no matter how difficult our circumstances are, we have the power to change our story and find hope and strength in the most unexpected places.

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