“My Father, a Librarian, Profoundly Altered Our Lives Even in Death”

Jade’s account of how her family celebrated the tenth anniversary of her father’s death reveals the profound impact of a seemingly ordinary family custom. Growing up in a typical family with a librarian father and an almost retired English teacher mother, Jade loved the simple rituals that defined their family life, such as reading novels together and making bracelets with her father. These moments, though seemingly insignificant at the time, had deep meaning and sentimental value, reflecting her father’s love and care for his family.

As Jade reflects on her childhood memories and the unique bond she shared with her father, she realizes the significance of these seemingly mundane activities. Her father’s quiet expressions of love through shared interests and quality time together resonated deeply with her and shaped her understanding of family and love. Even as an adult, Jade fondly remembers the times she spent making bracelets with her father and enjoying his father’s jokes, emphasizing the lasting impact of these precious memories.

A direct family custom takes on far more meaning than any of them could have imagined when Jade and her family gather to mark the tenth anniversary of their father’s death.

My family is very typical, if you can say so. My dad was a librarian and my mom is an almost retired English teacher. Of course, we grew up reading novels over the dinner table.

I was raised by two brothers and currently live as an adult with my husband Ethan and our two girls. Ethan is a builder and I’m a nurse – pretty ordinary huh?

When we were little, my dad and I had a weekend ritual.

“Come on, Jade,” he said, holding the bead box. “It’s our time!”

And we gathered around the coffee table to make bracelets. The beads weren’t very cute and were either plastic or glass depending on what Dad bought, so I always felt like it was a weird little custom.

It just wasn’t my father’s love language, so he never expressed his love to us. He preferred to spend time with us and give us books that he knew we would enjoy.

Even though I’m thirty-six today, I can’t help but look back to when I was twelve and I loved making those weird bracelets. Now that my father died of multiple sclerosis, I think about it more.

Recently, my mom wanted to have a family dinner with all of us because it was the tenth anniversary of my dad’s passing.

“I need to have you all through the day, Jade,” she added. “It’s hard and having the grandchildren here will bring me joy.”

This defies the argument.

That day, my brothers and their families, as well as I, went to my mom’s backyard cookout.

Grilling because Dad’s favorite Sunday activity was to stand by the grill with tongs and enjoy the food.

My mom got the happiness she wanted from the kids as they ran around jumping in and out of the pool and eating popsicles.

The conversation eventually shifted to my father’s memories.

My older brother Travis continued by describing how our father taught him to ride a bike.

“He always let go too soon and I ended up with the scrapes on my knees and arms,” ​​Travis laughed.

“But what, I learned to do it!”

The middle child, Adam, talked about how his father gave him relationship advice.

“Oh man,” with a laugh. Even though it was ever so corny, the advice was excellent! It worked even though I didn’t think it would.”

Finally, this was my chance to contribute. Although I enjoyed spending time with my relatives and listening to their anecdotes about my father, I was heartbroken by his death.

“My favorite thing is definitely making bracelets,” I replied. “Dad jokes were the best!”

“What was stopping Sapphire from going to school? He was really great, but it was too busy.” I laughed. What did the jade diamond say in the second case? “I feel so jealous!”

In contrast, my mother paled while my brothers laughed over their drinks.

“Where are the bracelets?” Mom asked in a whisper.

“I’m not sure,” I said incoherently. “I think in the basement, with the Halloween costumes.

She excused herself to call without saying anything else.

“We have to find the bracelets now.

I went to the basement with my mother, even though it made no sense. After going through a few boxes, we finally discovered an old dusty bag behind an old couch.

“I think that’s it,” I mumbled.

Inside were ten bracelets with different stone designs. I remembered each of them, but not the large gem that rested in the middle of the sticky plastic balls.

It seemed extremely different.

Mom asked me to take her to the jewelry store the next day. Every single one of the huge jeweled bracelets was in her small jewelry box.

The jeweler stated, “These are worth thousands of dollars.” “Where did you get them?”

As it happens, my wonderful father, who is a librarian, bequeathed us some wealth in the form of bracelets with stones hidden inside.

Once we got to my mom’s place, she poured me tea and started telling me the real story.

“I remembered talking to your grandma yesterday when we talked about Dad and the bracelets; she asked if I passed the ‘gems’ on to you and your brothers. I didn’t know what she was talking about. But everything clicked when you discussed the dad jokes.”

My father discovered them in his early twenties while participating in an archaeological dig as a requirement for a course he was enrolled in, Grandma informed Mom.

“The course is to take whatever you find,” Mom

. “So your father took them as a safety net for this family.

In addition to our financial situation, this revelation changed our perception of our father. We invested in our futures and paid off our debts. A mum has written a proposal for a charity to help families trying to rebuild their lives after the loss of a loved one.

My mother demanded that my brothers and I take each gem.

“Hold it and turn it into something. Use it to honor your father,” she noted.

I set my stone on a ring that I wear every day. Especially with the sunlight reflecting off the diamond, I wanted my father right next to me.

I now realize that in these fleeting moments, my father filled with his love and care something I took for granted – bracelet making. My father was a straightforward man who devoted his life to passing on his vast knowledge and who loved to read. He was just a man who wanted to keep his family safe above all else.

Family customs are very important and I am actively looking for unique activities to engage in with my girls.

Are there any customs in your family?

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Little did they know that the funeral would reveal a terrible secret that their father had taken to his grave.

Commemorating the tenth anniversary of Jade’s father’s death turned into a profound journey of rediscovery and discovery for her family. What began as a simple family gathering to honor their father’s memory has evolved into a poignant reflection on precious memories and unexpected legacies.

Jade’s recollection of her father’s weekend bracelet-making ritual revealed a deeper connection between father and daughter, imbued with love and care despite its simplicity. This seemingly mundane custom takes on newfound meaning when they discover a treasure trove of valuable gems hidden in bracelets, a legacy left by Jade’s librarian father from his days on an archaeological dig.

The discovery of the hidden wealth not only changed their financial situation but also changed their perception of their father. It was a testament to his foresight and love for his family as he quietly protected these precious stones for their benefit. This revelation prompted Jade and her family to honor their father’s memory in meaningful ways, from investing in their future to giving to others through a charitable proposal.

The journey to find and rework the gems symbolized a transformation in their understanding of family traditions and heritage. She emphasized the inherent value of simple habits and the profound impact they can have on forming family bonds and memories. Jade’s decision to set her stone on the ring reflects her desire to carry her father’s love and wisdom with her every day, a tangible reminder of his presence and guidance.

In conclusion, Jade’s story illustrates the enduring power of family customs and the unexpected legacies they can leave behind. It serves as a reminder to value and honor the traditions passed down from generation to generation, as they often have deeper meanings and connections than first thought. On their journey of reinvention and transformation, Jade and her family re-appreciated the simple moments of connection and love that define family life.

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