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A single mother since her college days, Lana has faced significant challenges balancing motherhood with her aspirations and romantic life. Her journey began with a crushing betrayal when her high school sweetheart Hans denied paternity and her own parents disowned her when they learned of her pregnancy. Determined and resilient, Lana decided to raise her son Simon alone, enduring hardships while completing her education and securing a stable job. However, her love life was marked by repeated disappointments, with potential partners walking away after learning of her role as a mother.

Then Lana met Glenn, a man with whom she felt a deep connection. Afraid of losing another chance at love, she decided to keep her son a secret, making her life even more complicated. Despite the joy of their blossoming relationship, the weight of her secret loomed large, especially as their relationship headed toward marriage.

I became a single mother in college.

Every man I’ve dated since then disappeared when they found out I had a son. But then I met Glenn and decided to keep my baby a secret until my baby showed up at our wedding and taught me a lesson.

“I’m pregnant, Hans. We’re going to be parents. Isn’t it wonderful?” | he revealed it to my friend Hans. He was my T.A. at the University of Richmond in Virginia. He was handsome and treated me like a princess.

I had already envisioned us getting married, so I wasn’t upset when I found out about my pregnancy. In fact, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to tell him.

“What? Are you crazy? No! That baby can’t be mine! You have to break it off!” he shouted at me.

“Hansi, darling! We can’t do that. He’s our child. We made him out of love!” I walled.

“No! I won’t be in his life. That’s your problem. Goodbye!” said Hans and left. He dropped out of university and never returned my calls. When I told my parents, they rejected me.

But I couldn’t get rid of my child. I already loved it. A few months later I gave birth to Simon. I lived with a kind roommate, Sara, who didn’t mind having a child around. But still, it was difficult to manage school and work while taking care of the child.

But I did it. I graduated, got a better job and Simon will start school soon. Everything went as well as I could have hoped for as a single mother. Well… except for my love life. Every man I’ve dated since Hans recoiled when I told them about my child.

One man named Terrence told me it was fine until I introduced him to Simon who wanted to be more serious. Then he charmed me. That’s when I decided I wouldn’t tell anyone about being a mother until I knew the relationship was solid.

Then I met Glenn. It was a dream. We could talk for hours and have a million things in common. But finding nannies was harder and keeping Simon a secret was so complicated.

Fortunately, my parents suddenly showed up at my door one day.

“Lana, I don’t know if you can forgive us, but I really want to make up for all our lost time. I want to meet my grandson and have a relationship with you again,” pleaded my mother Gigi.

“I’m sorry, my little girl. We thought having a baby would ruin your life, and you were so adamant about not having an abortion. Now I know it was the right choice for you. But would you let us be ?” in Simon’s life?” my father, Dylan, also pleaded.

I thought it was a sign from heaven. I introduced them to Simon who was excited to meet any family. I raised him all by myself for four years, but he immediately loved his grandparents.

Now I could focus on my relationship with Glenn.

We dated for months and started getting ser

ious when I asked him about kids. “I definitely want kids, Lana, don’t take it the wrong way. But I think we’re still too young for that. We need to get married and maybe travel the world for a few years,” he expressed.

I understood his point and decided not to tell him about Simon again. A few more months passed and he popped the question out of the blue. I immediately agreed, but I began to worry about Simon. Then my wedding day came and I still hadn’t told Glenn about Simon.

“Aren’t you going to tell him about your baby?” my mother asked me when I begged her to watch him that day.

“I’m sorry, Mom. You don’t know what it’s been like for me all these years.”

Every man will run away when he finds out I already have a son. I can’t tell Glenn the truth until we’re married,” I explained.

“Honey, he won’t like that either.

A relationship needs trust and honesty,” the mother reasoned.

“Please! I’m begging you!” | begged

She finally agreed.

The plan was for Dad to walk me down the aisle and then leave to take care of Simon so Mom could join me for the rest of the party. So both could attend the wedding.

I had intended to tell Glenn about my son when we got back from our honeymoon.

But I didn’t know my mother was never on board with my plan.

During the ceremony, my dad was walking me down the aisle and the priest was just beginning his speech when my mother secretly arrived with Simon and sat down. I only noticed them when Glenn and I kissed.

My son ran to me. “Mom!

Mom! Congratulations. You got married! I finally have a new father!” he exclaimed.

Glenn froze for a few seconds

Simon looked at him excitedly. “Mom? Is this your son, Lana? What’s going on?” he muttered through clenched teeth so as not to cause a scene in front of the guests.

“Let’s go outside and I’ll explain in private,” | uttered. We left the church, took pictures, friends threw rice at us, and all that jazz. But when we got into the car, Glenn started asking me questions.

“Let’s go outside and I’ll explain in private,” | uttered. We left the church, took pictures, friends threw rice at us, and all that jazz. But when we got into the car, Glenn started asking me questions.

“Now tell me the truth,” Glenn demanded. So I explained everything about my past and how difficult it was to date as a single mother.

“I know you might not understand me right now, but I love you, Glenn. I couldn’t risk losing you. I wanted to tell you when we got back from our honeymoon. My mom was supposed to watch him, but she brought him.” instead,” I revealed.

“I can’t believe it, Lana. You kept your five-year-old son from me for almost a year. How can we trust each other then?” Glenn growled.

“Please do not be mad at me.”

Try to put yourself in my shoes. I was so scared,” he cried.

“I understand why you did it and why you were afraid. I’m upset because children are a gift and I can’t believe you didn’t trust me enough to tell me about him,” Glenn explained.

I didn’t know what else to say, but we arrived at the reception and Glenn went straight to Simon. He talked to him and told him he was his new dad. I was in tears then. When the party was over, my parents took Simon to their house and we went to our hotel.

“I’m still mad Lana. But Simon is fantastic and we promised to love each other no matter what. I’m in it for the long haul. But you can NEVER lie to me again,” Glenn pointed out.

I cried again and ran into his arms.

“Thank you! Thank you! I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you and Simon.”

I love you so much!” I yelled into his arms. Glenn laughed and our little argument ended instantly.

We had a lovely honeymoon and returned home. Glenn and Simon bonded almost immediately. A few months later I found out I was pregnant and we had a baby girl, Julianne. Then Glenn officially adopted Simon and was the best father in the world.

I finally chose the perfect man.

What can we learn from this story?

• The right person is out there. After many failed attempts, Lana finally found a great man.

If you haven’t found your match yet, don’t despair.

• Do not keep secrets from your partner. Lana’s lie could have destroyed their relationship, but Glenn loved her enough to forgive her. This is quite rare.

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In a narrative that veers from mystery to revelation, this story underscores the importance of honesty and communication in relationships. Lana’s initial decision to keep her son Simon a secret from Glenn was driven by past hurts and fear of rejection. However, the unexpected appearance of Simon at their wedding forces Lana to face the consequences of her secret. Glenn’s response, marked by initial shock and disappointment, gradually transformed into understanding and acceptance, demonstrating his deep commitment and love. This story not only highlights the challenges of blending families but also celebrates the potential for new beginnings when trust is restored. Along the way, Lana and Glenn learn that accepting the truth with an open heart can create stronger bonds than they ever imagined. Their story serves as a poignant reminder that while honesty can be challenging, it is always the foundation of a resilient and loving relationship.

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