My mother took away the $125,000 inheritance my grandfather left me when he died.

The story of an eighteen-year-old girl who is embroiled in a legal battle with her mother over a substantial sum of money sheds light on the complexities of family relationships and financial disputes. As she navigates the turbulent waters of asserting her rights to her parents, she faces the emotional toll of confronting someone who should be a source of support and guidance. The situation is further aggravated by the mother’s refusal to recognize the daughter’s claims, leading to an escalation of tension and involvement in legal action. Amidst the turmoil, a young woman looks to online communities for comfort and advice, highlighting the power of collective wisdom and empathy in times of adversity.

An 18-year-old girl believed her mother owed her a large sum of money. Her mother refused to give her back when she asked. The child discovered that her mother owed her a comparable amount after receiving a sum of 125,000 from her grandfather. Things did not go well when she approached her mother for the money she needed for her ideal school. She was forced to sue her mother in court. 

The youngster claimed that as she grew older, her connection with her parents became more difficult. Her mother’s behavior worsened when she received money from her grandfather. She said, “Trying to move money to my college savings became a problem because of my mother.” 

Her mother wanted her to pay back the money she had spent on her, but she needed the money for her ideal college. Her mother told her that the inheritance money was hers because of all she had done to beg for it. When OP told her mother the amount, she became upset. 

OP stated that her mother has stolen money from her room in the past, including breaking into her safe to get the money she won from sports. OP waited a while to talk to her mother about it because she felt helpless. She calculated the amount her mother owed her for that entire period. The way she achieved this was as follows: 

I decided to record every penny I earned when I was thirteen. I did the math and found that my mother had already stolen about 125,000 from me. She now owes me $250,000, including the inheritance money. After the OP gathered the evidence, she went to her mother’s room to discuss the arrears. Her mother was confused at first, but when the OP revealed the amount, she flew into a rage. She elaborated, “She was screaming that the money was hers because she was spending more on my medical bills.” 

The girl wondered why she wasn’t doing this with her siblings while keeping her cool. As the eldest child, her mother claimed that the OP was obliged to pay her costs. Knowing how her mom would react, OP saved everything on her computer before talking to her. She recalled, “When she took my notebook and papers to destroy them, I only included the cost of the notebook, folder, and papers in the total.” 

The OP emailed her mother the next day threatening to sue if she didn’t pay. She threatened to sue for the money she stole. She might have been too harsh, she thought as she read her email. She asked others on Reddit if she made the right decision in the post. 

Kris82868 assured the OP that she was right. “It is the parent’s responsibility to take care of a 4-year-old’s medical needs,” Kris82868 said. She might have been too harsh, she thought as she read her email. She asked others on Reddit if she made the right decision in the post. 

Kris82868 assured the OP that she was right. “It is a parent’s responsibility to take care of a 4-year-old’s medical needs,” 

Kris82868 said. The OP said she was raised to believe that children should return to their parents as they get older. She believed she would never be able to pay them back because of her constant problems. If she was in the OP’s position, another Reddit user suggested opening another account in her name to save her money in addition to her mother’s. 

Additionally, SunnyBunnyHopHop suggested, “Get a lawyer to review everything and talk about what you can do.” 

OP said in her last post that her father is helping her get her money back. She set up a new bank account that was not linked to her mother. 

She said her mother accepted that her other siblings did not come from her father. She revealed that her mother cheated, had five children from an affair, and is currently dealing with a lawsuit, potential criminal charges, and a divorce. OP wanted her dad to get full custody and thanked everyone for their suggestions. 

She acknowledged that discussing her problem with Reddit users was incredibly rewarding. 

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In conclusion, the story of an eighteen-year-old girl who fought to get back the money owed to her by her mother highlights the complexities of family relationships and financial responsibility. Despite her mother’s opposition and anger, the young woman stood her ground and took legal action to secure what was rightfully hers. Through her determination and the support of others, she was able to take steps to regain her financial independence and protect her future. This narrative serves as a reminder of the importance of standing up for yourself and seeking justice even in difficult family situations.

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