“My Sister Insists I Become Her Surrogate Despite Knowing It Could Put My Life at Risk”

From the very beginning, the woman’s life seemed to be marked by a sense of exclusion within her own family. This outsider feeling only intensified over the years as she faced mistreatment, neglect, and even bullying from her parents and older sister. Despite these problems, she found solace in the support of her grandparents and later in her relationship with her husband, Greg. Their marriage and the birth of their child were moments of joy amidst the family discord and disapproval she was experiencing.

As her story unfolds, it becomes clear that her family dynamic is deeply rooted in prioritizing and disregarding her well-being. Her sister’s sudden request to be a surrogate, knowing the risks it posed to her health, was not only surprising but deeply hurtful given their history of strained relationships. Her parents’ coercion and guilt-tripping further exacerbated her anxiety and highlighted the toxic dynamics in the family.

From birth, a woman was considered an outsider in the family. She was shocked to learn that they had asked her for help and even expected her to put her own life in danger.

On Reddit, a 31-year-old woman revealed that her family mistreated her from the day she was born. Her 33-year-old older sister Mary has always been a family favorite and is affectionately referred to by their parents as “the golden apple”. She, on the other hand, “was an accident,” according to the original poster (OP), who added that she was born early with a heart problem.

“Growing up, I was in and out of the hospital and had countless surgeries.

And if that wasn’t enough, OP’s grandparents always helped out when there was a shortage, but her parents kept telling her she was wasting their money.

When it came to her relationship with her sister, OP revealed that Mary bullied her sister mercilessly and never hid her hatred for her, while their parents did nothing to stop it. After high school, she avoided it by asking their grandparents to pay for her college expenses in another state.

For the OP, meeting her now-husband Greg was the “best decision” because he treated her better. The couple married after graduation, and although the bride’s parents refused to pay because they had already incurred significant expenses for her sister’s wedding the year before, the bride’s grandparents paid for the wedding expenses.

According to the OP, her parents rejected her marriage and she and her husband decided to live in the city where they graduated. After that, she hardly spoke to anyone in the family except her grandparents.

After the couple had a child together, the OP revealed that the pregnancy was high-risk. The woman and son were lucky to survive, despite doctors’ advice to terminate the pregnancy due to a potentially fatal outcome. However, the disease caused her heart to strain and nearly killed her. OP posted:

“The doctors strongly urged me not to have any more children and we agreed.

When her grandfather’s health began to deteriorate about a month ago, the OP, her husband, and their child returned to their hometown.
She wanted to be close to him. Her mother and sister started treating her “nicely” after they moved there.

“My mother asked me how I was doing and expressed her pride in me, which she never does. My sister followed suit and joined in.” “I felt there was a problem,” OP said.

Two weeks later, OP received an invitation to a family dinner at her parents’ house. As they sat at the table, her sister informed her that she had a surprise for her. The OP opened the card Mary pulled out, hoping it was an apology letter.
She remembered:

“But no, to my surprise it was a letter saying my sister found out she was infertile and congratulating me on being her surrogate.

The OP said she couldn’t serve as Mary’s representative after she was “floored.” Mary began to cry as she tried to explain what her pregnancy had done to her heart.
OP’s parents yelled at her and accused her of being cocky for not wanting to support her sibling. When she told them that doctors had advised her to stop having children, they replied: “You are taking a risk for the family.”

“I could hardly believe it. I grabbed my husband and jumped. I can’t help but feel terrible now,” the user wrote. She put her health at risk and asked people on Reddit if she was a bad person for not wanting to be her sister’s surrogate.

Redditors responded by saying that he was right that he didn’t want to put his personal health at risk. They said she should move out for her sanity along with her husband and child because it was obvious they were taking advantage of her. Another person commented that the OP shouldn’t feel guilty for ending up with those who believe her life is unimportant.

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The conclusion of this emotional and challenging narrative reflects the deep-seated family dynamics and personal struggles the protagonist faces. Despite enduring mistreatment and being labeled an outsider in her own family, the woman found comfort and support in her husband and grandparents. However, her sister’s demand that she become a surrogate, knowing the risks it posed to her health, further strained their already fragile relationship.

The protagonist’s decision to prioritize her health and well-being over her sister’s expectations is a testament to her strength and self-preservation. The Reddit community’s support and validation of its choice reinforces the importance of setting boundaries and standing up for yourself, especially in situations where personal safety is at stake.

Ultimately, this story serves as a reminder of the complexity of family relationships and the importance of prioritizing one’s own health and happiness, even in the face of family pressure and expectations.

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