My Wife’s Ex Reentered Her and the Kids’ Lives, So I Set Up a Secret Camera in Our Home

In a story that unfolds like a dramatic script, a man discovers the disturbing reality of his wife’s renewed relationship with her ex-husband through a hidden camera. Shared on an online forum, this story delves into the complexities of blended families, trust, and betrayal, leaving readers both empathetic and engaged.

The man, a fifty-two-year-old man who had previously lost his first wife, found love again and remarried. His new relationship not only brought him a partner but also expanded his family and welcomed two stepsons into his life. The family dynamic seemed harmonious at first, with his daughters treating his new stepmother like an older sister, and the man forming a close bond with his stepsons. His life seemed to be on a peaceful trajectory, filled with new beginnings and family bonds.

While he was at work, the man’s phone alerted him that someone had put a camera in his living room. When he tapped it, he was startled to see what was going on in his house behind his back.

The 52-year-old man lost his first wife ten years ago and is now married for the second time. His new bride was warmly welcomed by his daughters, who looked up to her as an older sister. However, his wife also gave birth to two boys from her first marriage. The man treated the boys as his own and got along well with them. But when he saw the hidden camera film, everything changed.

After reading whataboutthekids’ in-depth “Relationship Advice” forum post he wrote on May 5, 2019, other Redditors were taken aback. Before diving straight into the main story, the man gives readers some background information. He recalled running into his second wife of 38 years in different parts of the city. Although they never spoke, they often exchanged glances.

While standing in the waiting room one day after taking the car to the service center, the man noticed her enter. They talked for a long time and even went out for coffee together that day. After they asked her if she would be interested in going to lunch, to which she said yes, they exchanged phone numbers.

He decided to marry her after two years of courtship.

He was at work when a notification popped up on his phone three days later.

The man’s children welcomed their new stepmother, who was more like an older sister when she and her sons came to his house.

The fact that the adult was now at home watching his girls while he was at work pleased even the original poster.

Although OP’s wife often volunteered at school lunch, she intended to spend some time at home. Her sons were still in school, but her stepdaughters had graduated from college. OP decided to adopt his stepson because he was close to them and his wife’s ex never contacted or paid child support.

After he left them, his wife’s ex-husband never contacted her, she informed him.

However, her ex unexpectedly reappeared one day and insisted on seeing his children. The OP couldn’t stop him from coming to the house because he was legally their father. However, he limited visits to weekends.

In order to adopt the boy, the OP ordered his wife to beg her ex-husband to give up his rights during this period. She agreed to discuss it with him. Over the next month, the OP observed that things in the household began to change. He saw strange things like empty beer cans and missing gum, but when he asked his wife about it, she denied it.

A few days later, his 14-year-old stepson asked him if he loved his mother. The young child said he thought they were in love when he watched them cuddle.

The young man then asked if his mother and father still loved OP.

He had no idea why the OP asked such a strange question, but he responded by saying that his mother might still mean well to him. The youngster went on to say that he often saw his mother holding his father close. He revealed that he found him at home after returning from school.

While OP was driving to see his kids over the weekend, he talked to his wife’s ex. The ex-partner said he was there mainly to be with his wife. “He says they [are] not technically divorced [because] he never signed [those papers, so she is his wife,” the OP said.

OP asked him, startled if his wife even raised child support. He revealed that he gave her the sum of $15,000 and that she never asked him to give up his rights. The OP was interested.

He placed a small hidden camera in his living room facing the front door because he wanted to see what was going on between them. He was at work when a notification popped up on his phone three days later. His attention was caught by live camera footage of his wife opening the front door for her ex.

When the OP noticed them approaching, the man sat down on the couch and the OP’s wife left before returning later dressed differently. He assumed he was going to school for lunch.

The next thing he saw was unbelievable. He witnessed a man grab his wife and beg her to help him. He saw them hug once more, but this time it was more intense.

A few minutes later the woman left and her ex was asleep on the couch. A few hours later, the OP noticed that his wife and her ex were on their way to the bedroom when he received another notification.

He made a quick decision to return home and arrest them. He burst into the bedroom because they didn’t know he had entered the house. When he caught them, his wife’s ex left the house.

His wife clarified that in the meantime it was an isolated incident. She expressed regret, but the OP wasn’t ready to hear it. When he showed her the video footage from the camera, she was completely taken aback and amazed.

The OP then instructed her to get ready to leave his place by packing.

Moreover, he asked her father to call and come for her and the children. His father-in-law refused to accept that his daughter was unfaithful because he did not like him.

In order to send the video to his father-in-law, the OP cut it to a scene where his wife had s*x with her ex. “If I was wrong, I told him to watch and call me back. I never got an answer,” he said.

How do redditors feel?

Because he was concerned about his relationship with his stepsons, the OP shared his story on Reddit. He asked other Redditors questions about how they dealt with similar circumstances and kept their relationship with their stepchildren intact.

byu/whataboutthekids from discussion
byu/whataboutthekids from discussion

Redditor Superherostitch suggested allowing children to express their thoughts during the divorce process.

“Sounds like the kids are connected too, so don’t lose hope that you’ll still be a big part of their lives,” the user commented.

byu/whataboutthekids from discussion
byu/whataboutthekids from discussion

Redditor Mobiak said, “I have a feeling your wife has been hiding him longer than you think.” The user advised the original poster not to give his wife any child support money as she might use it to help her ex rather than the children.

And if his wife was still begging him for forgiveness, Redditor OP asked.

byu/whataboutthekids from discussion
byu/whataboutthekids from discussion

The OP replied that he was preoccupied with his daughter’s graduation and didn’t speak to her after that day. He intended to contact his lawyer and then talk to her.

When they read the OP’s story, most Redditors freaked out and felt sorry for him. They offered their advice, hoping it might help the man make a decision.

How do you feel about this story?

Why do you think the OP’s wife concealed the fact that her ex-husband never signed their divorce decree? If you were in the OP’s position, how would you handle things? To read about another mother of three who set up hidden cameras to expose her husband’s infidelity with a nanny, click this link.

This disturbing story points to deep betrayals that can disrupt family harmony and challenge the trust on which relationships are built. It illustrates the complexity and emotional turmoil that arise when personal boundaries and marital commitments are crossed. For the man involved, discovering his wife’s cheating through surveillance technology was a shocking revelation that not only shattered his confidence but also forced him to reevaluate his relationship with his stepsons and the future of the family dynamic.

The story also serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of transparency and honesty in relationships. The wife’s inability to reveal the true state of her relationship with her ex-husband led to a cascade of misunderstandings and ultimately a dramatic confrontation. The consequences of her actions extended beyond the immediate family to include extended relatives and the children involved.

As readers reflect on this narrative, it raises questions about how similar situations might be handled, the ethical implications of using surveillance in the home, and the steps one can take to protect personal integrity and family stability when faced with fraud.

Ultimately, this story is a cautionary tale about the unexpected discoveries that can occur when trust is compromised and the painful decisions that follow. It’s a stark reminder that actions have consequences, and sometimes those consequences irrevocably change the course of several lives. In such situations, seeking legal advice and counsel can provide guidance and support in navigating the challenging waters of family betrayal and relationship breakdown.

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