Newborn Baby Cries Nonstop Despite Parents’ Effort, Until They Finally Inspect His Crib

The predicament Walter and Abby face underscores the challenges that can arise when caring for a newborn. Logan’s persistent crying despite their best efforts left them feeling helpless and frustrated, prompting them to seek medical attention. Despite assurances from the doctor that this could be a normal phase, the couple remained deeply concerned about their child’s health.

As they tried to comfort Logan in his nursery, Walter’s instinct to examine the crib mattress proved to be a pivotal moment. The shocking discovery of a rock embedded in it left both Walter and Abby confused and wondering how it got there. Their confusion only deepened when Walter’s mother showed up, inadvertently revealing her role in the whole affair.

Walter knew their baby Logan hadn’t slept all night when he walked in and saw his wife Abby in the kitchen in a distraught state. The baby’s continuous, seemingly senseless crying alarmed these parents. They continued to reassure him that he was fed, that his diapers were changed, and that he was in pain, but they were unable to figure out what was wrong or why their baby wouldn’t sleep.

They even brought him to a doctor who said it might just be a phase that a few kids go through after finding nothing out of the ordinary. Walter and Abby were informed of this.

Walter turned to his wife, “Oh honey.” “How long has she been crying like this?”

“I’ve tried everything, Walter!” Abby started sobbing. “We bathed him, burped him, fed hi,m and changed him! I even took his temperature! Now I don’t know what to do.”

She’s crying all the time!”

Walter assured his wife, “Come on, we’ll figure it out together,” as they walked into Logan’s room.

Walter said, “Hi, mate,” as he walked into the nursery. Sounds like you and your mom had a rough day, don’t you think? See if Daddy can help make things better.”

When he held the baby in his arms, he calmed down a bit, but once the baby was in his crib, the crying started again and was much louder.

Walter thought to examine the mattress. Maybe it wasn’t comfortable enough even though it was new. Logan’s sleep was interrupted by anything that could be related to his bed, but it could also be too hard or not firm enough.

Walter was shocked to find a rock inside the mattress upon closer inspection.

“For God’s sake, Abby, why would you put a rock that big in Logan’s mattress?” he asked her, looking surprised.

Abby was equally impressed. It was a stone she had never seen before. Most importantly, she was confused as to how it got into her child’s mattress.

Walter’s mother appeared in the doorway while the two were talking—and even pointing fingers at each other. She said, “Walter, why did you take that stone out? I bought i,t especially for my grandson,” looking at the stone in his hands.

Walter and Abby were even more taken aback when they heard these words. They asked Walter’s mother a lot of questions.

The reason behind her actions was revealed when she said, “Well, I thought it would capture his dreams and put him to sleep.”

Abby fought hard not to lose her temper as she couldn’t believe what her mother-in-law had just said. “How can you put something in a baby’s crib and then forget about it?” He asks Abby. “Why have I spent so many restless nights?

The old woman started to explain, but Abby cut her off before she could say anything more. “That stone may have meaning to you,” Abby stated, “but to u,s all it did was poke our baby and ruin our sleep.”

Walter turned to stare at Logan as the two women argued. The baby finally fell asleep in its cradle after a few months.

Although she was not supposed to do anything without their consent, Abby’s MIL apologized for her behavior and Abby and Walter accepted her apology.

The ordeal taught Walter and Abby a vital lesson about the importance of communication and boundaries, especially when it comes to their child’s well-being. Their experiences underscored the need to closely monitor their baby’s environment for potential problems and the need for open dialogue with family members about any interventions. The resolution brought peace back to their home and allowed Logan to finally get the rest he needed. The situation ultimately strengthened their family bonds and fostered a deeper understanding and respect for each other’s perspectives and roles in Logan’s upbringing. With the mysterious stone removed and a sense of unity restored, Walter, Abby and their child could look forward to more peaceful and harmonious nights.

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