Observing My Sister-in-Law’s Pregnancy Progress, I Noticed Discrepancies and Decided to Investigate

Lily is excited at the prospect of their children growing up together when she learns that Amanda, her sister-in-law, is also expecting. That is until he notices Amanda’s flat stomach, at which point everything changes. My family was shocked after my brother Seth had an incredibly intense affair with Amanda.

One day he announced to me that three months after they had met, he had proposed to her. She seemed to fit into our lives quickly and we all welcomed her into our family. I found out I was pregnant not long after their wedding and was thrilled to hear the news because Amanda had also revealed her pregnancy.

My husband Jordan said, “Maybe that’s why they got married so quickly.”

“Maybe,” I said. “However, I adore the idea of ​​the children growing up together. They will be brothers.” Weeks turned into months and Amanda and I grew closer as my belly grew and my eagerness grew. She seemed to have put on a little weight elsewhere and I was envious of her round pregnancy belly.

Despite her back pain, nausea, and swollen ankles, she looked as beautiful as ever. “It’s just not fair,” I told my husband as I savored the Danish he brought me. With a playful question: “What’s not fair?”

Amanda looks like a movie star. You know, always flawless, with the cutest belly bun. Jordan just smiled at me. However, I began to doubt her. We all went out for sushi because Seth and Jordan wanted to. Since sushi was a big no-no for pregnant women, I ordered chow mein. However, Amanda seemed to ignore this rule and helped herself to some of Seth’s.

My mother replied, “Maybe she’s not that strict about her diet,” when I called her to tell her what happened. I declined because I believed it was not my job to voice any concerns. But then things changed.

As I walked down the hall to my doctor, eager to get checked out and feel my unborn baby’s heartbeat, I noticed Amanda talking to her doctor, her stomach remarkably flat.

Amanda and the doctor headed to his office and I followed. Her signature giggle let me know it was definitely Amanda.

After canceling the meeting, I went to my brother’s workplace. I had a hard time controlling my emotions as I carefully explained Amanda’s pregnancy.

However, Seth’s confusion matched mine. I held on to everything I said, “Lily, are you sure it was Amanda?” was his question. I nodded. What I saw was familiar. He muttered, “That doesn’t make any sense,” with a tone of skepticism in his voice.

I was so tired that when I drank the water from the bottle, my baby threw up a storm. “Legacy,” came out of Seth’s mouth. “It has to be that. Seth could only conclude that our father had inherited something. Our father made it clear in his will that each child would receive financial support until they were twenty-one. “But you don’t know if Amanda is pregnant or not?” I asked him and it was hard to believe.

He shook his head and commented, “You think so, don’t you?” “After about three months, Amanda said she needed another place to sleep and moved into the guest room. And that she couldn’t stand being held anymore.” “And you believed her?” I asked. “You have to get to the bottom of it.

That’s exactly what Seth set out to do.

Seth stopped by later that day and sat down with me and Jordan.

He said, “Pour me a drink, please.”

He was in complete shock.

Amanda acted like she was pregnant the whole time. But the best news was that her sister was expecting a baby but she didn’t want to keep it because she wanted to go study abroad.

Amanda hatched a plan with her sister: Amanda would pretend to be pregnant in order to adopt her sister’s child.

The doctor was privy to the information and handled all the administration for them.

Seth swallowed his whiskey and continued, “I don’t know what to do.”

Do you believe she is doing this to make money? Or do you believe she was really going to take good care of Laura’s baby?” Jordan asked.

With a shake of the head, Seth

“I’m not sure,” he remarked. “I can’t blame her for wanting to take care of the baby – it was either that or Laura was going to put the baby up for adoption.”

Seth didn’t know how to face Amanda, so he spent the night with us.

I couldn’t help but feel justified in being jealous of Amanda because she had a fake pregnancy bump and looked flawless. 

In the end, Amanda was pardoned by Seth. He expressed his inability to understand her lack of honesty, adding that he would also agree to adopt the child if she told the truth.

All our children, biological and adopted, have inherited the same.

Jordan and I believe that Seth made the right decision in helping to find the baby a loving home. However, I believe Amanda betrayed his trust, so I’m not sure how they can fix that.

For now, I will give in to my urge and finish the nursery for the baby. He’ll be here in a few weeks and then we’ll have to wait and see how the rest of Seth and Amanda’s relationship plays out.

With any luck, the baby will make up for Amanda’s lies and help them heal.

Betrayal, deception, and ultimately forgiveness – Lily’s rollercoaster ride through her sister-in-law Amanda’s deception leaves her struggling with a range of emotions. What begins as excitement at the prospect of their children growing up together turns to suspicion and mistrust when Lily notices irregularities in Amanda’s pregnancy. Seth’s discovery of Amanda’s elaborate plan to adopt her sister’s child through twists and turns sheds light on the depth of her deception. While Seth ultimately chooses forgiveness, the trust between him and Amanda is broken. As Lily prepares for the arrival of her own child, she ponders the complexities of family dynamics and the delicate balance between forgiveness and responsibility. The future of Seth and Amanda’s relationship remains uncertain, but Lily clings to hope that the arrival of a new baby will bring healing and rebuilding to their broken family.

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