Paris Jackson, the sole daughter of the late Michael Jackson, embraces her African-American heritage with pride and identifies as black.

The only child of the late, great musician Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson has opened up about her African-American heritage, her pride in it, and the backlash she faced.

Paris, now 25, was born in 1998 to Debbie Rowe and hitmaker Billie Jean. There have been rumors over the years that Jackson’s three children – Paris and her two brothers, Bigi, 22, and Prince, 27 – do not have him as their biological father. This was because many people, especially Paris, who has bleached blonde hair, light eyes, and white skin, failed to spot the similarities between the late singer and the children. She is now a successful musician and carries on her father’s legacy.

She has already graced the catwalk for renowned brands such as Chanel. The Sunflowers are the band that Paris plays with. “I mean, I’m Jackson,” she said in 2020. “Everybody in my family makes music.” “Does it make sense that I’m a musician, but like Jackson who plays folk indie?”

Paris holds the prince in high esteem and is close to her brothers. “She’s everything to me, you know?” She discussed her relationship with her older brother with People in 2020. “I always looked up to him and I always wanted his approval and everything, and I wanted to be more like him.”

Equally devoted and supportive of his younger sister. My father is basically her. He described Paris as similar to her father “in all her strengths and practically all her weaknesses”, except for her age and gender. “She is extremely passionate.

During his lifetime, the appearance of the King of Pop changed drastically. Many accused him of bleaching his skin, which was much darker in his youth. However, in a 1993 interview with Oprah, he insisted that he never did anything to his skin and that the reason it turned white was because he had vitiligo. I am proud of my race. At the time, Jackson told Winfrey, “I’m proud of who I am.”

Paris told Rolling Stone that she “considers herself black” and that “[Michael] would look me in the eye and point a finger at me and say, ‘You’re black.'” Paris made these admissions back in 2017. Be proud of their origins.”

“Most strangers call me white. I look like I was born in Finland or something because I’m fair-skinned and I recently dyed my hair blonde,” she said. “And I’d say, ‘Well, that’s my dad. ; what makes him lie to me?'” So I just believe what he says. [Because] he’s never lied to me as far as I know.”

Paris Jackson’s openness about her identity and pride in her African-American ancestry is a powerful testament to the complexities of racial identity and family heritage. Despite backlash and skepticism over her appearance, Paris remains steadfast in her recognition of her roots and connection to her legendary father, Michael Jackson. Her journey to embrace her racial identity serves as an important reminder of the diverse and multifaceted nature of individual experiences, and her determination to honor her heritage resonates with many who face similar challenges. As she continues to forge her own path in the music industry and beyond, Paris’ authenticity and resilience shine brightly, inspiring others to embrace their true selves and proudly celebrate their cultural backgrounds.

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