Perplexing Discoveries: Items That Confounded Individuals Upon Discovery

It’s always interesting to encounter mysterious objects that defy immediate explanation. When individuals encounter such puzzling items, they often turn to the Internet and social media platforms to seek answers based on the collective knowledge of online communities. These eight unique finds highlight the curiosity and ingenuity of people eager to uncover the mysteries behind unknown artifacts.

One notable discovery involved a Play-Doh device that initially confused users due to its unusual design. However, further investigation and more photographs revealed its true purpose as a tool for creating intricate designs with colored dough.

People sometimes come across strange objects that leave them confused and unsure of what they are. When the people who found the eight items decided they needed the public’s help identifying them, the items hit the Internet.

Social media users sometimes share pictures of objects that other people have never seen before. Some of these artifacts beg the question, “What are they and what is their purpose?” We’ve picked eight such items that got people thinking below.

8. It’s not quite what you think

User X posted an image of what appeared to be a plastic object with an interesting design on the platform in 2016. Platform users soon identified the cylindrical object with a hole in it after it initially looked unusual and reminded them of other photos.

Solution: User X shared more photos of the item, which showed it to be a Play-Doh device that allows you to combine and squeeze colored dough like a syringe to create interesting combinations.

7. Is it something like underwear?

An item Reddit user Merciman found in their father's room, shared on February 25, 2019 | Source: Reddit/Merciman

Reddit user Merciman posted a picture of a strange-looking object that resembled underwear next to a pair of jeans on the platform’s “What’s That Thing” forum in 2019. The poster described the black object, which contained metal coils, as follows:

“Found in my dad’s room, I really hope it’s not s*x.” ?

A post uploaded on Feb 25th, 2019 by Reddit user Merciman was discovered in their father’s room

Answer: Merciman subsequently discovered that the object, also called yak tracks, was used to keep shoes firmly attached when walking on ice.

6. The miracle of six cents

A 6 cm long object found by dampenedhorizon in their kitchen drawer, shared on November 22, 2023 | Source: Reddit/dampenedhorizon

In November 2023, a six-centimeter-long metal object found in a kitchen drawer was captured in three separate photos posted by Reddit user dampenedhorizon. Although the pointy part that goes towards the end is spring-loaded, the user said that “the controlled metal part at the end swings freely, not by the spring.”

The metal object is part of the jar opener, which is also referred to as the Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Opener on Amazon.

5. A very small spoon?

In September 2023, Danny_myrillo posted on the same subreddit an image of a gold metal rod with a small blade that was no longer than a finger. The poster acknowledged that they thought it resembled a small spoon.

Reddit user Danny_myrillo shared an image of what appeared to be a very tiny spoon on September 23, 2023 | Source: Reddit/Danny_myrillo

A: A user identified the small stick with a dipper as an old-fashioned toothpick and earwax spoon. Another shared a link to the item on eBay and described it as an antique brass ear cleaner.

4. A strange urinal

User Jingjangiones discovered a strange-looking urinal in a Brauhaus toilet in Cologne, Germany in 2019. The ad questioned the purpose of the urinal’s silver panel at the top, which had handles on either side.

Reddit user jingjangjones found a strange panel in a urinal in Cologne, Germany, on March 2, 2019 | Source: Reddit/ jingjangjones

The answer is that the urinal that the poster mistakenly believed to be a urinal is actually called Papst, which is German for Pope and a pun derived from “Stuhl Petri” which is the seat or see of the Catholic Church. The purpose of the bowl is to facilitate vomiting, not urination. One person delightfully referred to it as “special”, while another described it as a puke repository!

3. I look you in the face

An image of what appeared to be a pair of teeth on a cast that was made to resemble a face and a leather case next to it was posted on Reddit by another user. They were discovered at an estate sale. When the poster first saw it, they assumed it was made of baby teeth, but they were wrong.

Reddit user Streetguide found a strange item in an estate sale on May 13, 2019 | Source: Reddit/Streetguide

The dentist clarified that the object consisted of dentures rather than actual human teeth. They were probably created by a bored lab technician, dentist, or student who made a funny face out of it. They were embedded in acrylic, which is used to make dentures.

2. Delivered by post

This two-wheeled black steel contraption with a pointed end happened to arrive in the mail from Jamaica, New York. Fortunately, a few members of the subreddit were quite aware of what it was.

A Reddit user found this strange object in the mail and shared it on July 10, 2020 | Source: Reddit

Answer: According to someone in the know, it’s a weed killer. Another user posted a link to a comparable Zoro item and said the item wasn’t worth it because the metal hook would scratch the bricks, making it feel like someone was rubbing their fingernails on a chalkboard.

1. Wood Are you aware of this?

Another object is a wooden object with a pointed, carved front and a rounded end.

Just by looking at it, one would never guess what it could be, but the solution was straightforward and benign.

The answer is that the wooden object was found to be a citrus reamer. Someone joked that they would put it on the counter and watch how long it took for it to become embarrassing when friends came over because of its unique shape!

A picture of a wooden citrus juicer | Source: Vecteezy

It’s fascinating how everyday objects can sometimes confuse us until we delve deeper into their purpose. The stories of these eight mysterious objects show the power of collective knowledge and the wonders of online communities coming together to solve intriguing mysteries. From a Play-Doh device that was mistaken for something else to a strange urinal with a surprising function, each discovery reveals a unique aspect of human curiosity and problem-solving. These stories remind us that sometimes even the most unexpected objects can hide simple but fascinating secrets waiting to be discovered by curious minds.

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