Plus-sized model responds to trolls criticizing her bikini photos – ‘turn away’

A major influencer, Abby Bible has sparked a major conversation online with her honest and bold approach to body positivity. At 25 years old and 6ft 1, Abby wears a size 22 and uses her platform to challenge societal norms and advocate for a broader definition of beauty. Her posts, which often feature her in stylish, revealing clothing, aim to inspire self-love and confidence among her followers. However, her choice of clothing and public persona has not been without controversy, drawing both admiration and criticism from various corners of the internet.

Abby recently faced a new wave of backlash after she posted photos in a bikini, which led to an influx of negative comments targeting her body size and choice of clothing. Despite the harsh comments, Abby was undeterred and responded to her critics with messages that emphasized the beauty of plus-size bodies and the right of every individual to feel confident and attractive in their own skin. Her stance on being “unapologetically fat” challenges the often toxic culture of body shaming and promotes a message of acceptance and self-respect.

Plus size influencer hits back at trolls asking her to cover her size 22 body.


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Despite the vicious attacks, the influencer has dismissed critics, saying plus-size bodies are “hot” and “look good in bikinis”.

 While some netizens praise her beauty and confidence, others argue that it is not her choice of clothing that is causing the negativity, but rather the crippling health effects of being overweight. Keep reading to learn more about Abby Bible and her battle with online trolls!

In a world that often emphasizes unrealistic beauty standards, influencers like Abby Bible play a vital role in promoting self-love and body positivity.



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Despite the occasional negativity, the 25-year-old’s determination to maintain a positive attitude and celebrate her love of fashion sends a powerful message to her followers.

The 6-foot-1 woman and size 22 influencer often explains on her Instagram that she refuses to conform to society’s “toxic” expectations.

“As a teenager, I accepted that I would never be seen as ‘feminine’ because the media tells us we have to be small, elegant, cute, and delicate. Over the years, it was ingrained in me that being feminine meant being desirable and worthy of a good life,” writes a woman from New York. “I slowly freed myself from these toxic thoughts…”

When she appeared on Dr. Phil to talk about body positivity, Bible explained that she has struggled with weight since childhood. “I was like 200 pounds when I was 14…I had this personal trainer who wasn’t very nice. They would tell me if I wanted friends I needed to lose weight that no one would ever love.” me if I’m fat.”



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At one point, the Bible says she lost 100 pounds and weighs about 235 pounds, saying it “didn’t solve any of her problems” and she was still unhappy “that she had the body everyone wanted.”

 Now the woman, who is in a loving relationship, is on a mission to remind others that plus-size bodies are “hot” and “look good in bikinis.”

‘Do not look’

In a recent TikTok video that has hit the eyes of more than 82,000 netizens, Bible is seen wearing a red string bikini, matching a troll saying, “Fat guys shouldn’t wear string bikinis.”

“If you don’t like it, look away,” she captions the clip, where she playfully looks into the camera and mouths, “I don’t care.” Some fans have been overwhelmingly supportive, expressing their gratitude for the inspirational woman. “I bought my first [bikini] because of you. Seriously,” writes one. Another shared: “You look amazing, I wish I had confidence too.”



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Tucked in among the messages of support are online trolls, many of whom suggest she lacks self-esteem. “Well, you shouldn’t care, that’s disrespectful to yourself,” writes one of them. The other asks, “Where’s your self-respect?”

And another offers advice: “I’m a big [woman] and I’m saying just because they make it in our size doesn’t mean [you] have to wear it. Have some respect for yourself.”

Paralyzing complications

And while the “unapologetic fashionista” continues to wow her followers with her fabulous fashion, she continues to be the target of “bigger haters” trolls.

 But it could go deeper than people simply shaming a beautiful woman whose weight makes her vulnerable to a number of health problems.

“All I see is a lot of strain on her heart and joints etc, but again, it’s her choice!” writes one Facebook user. “However, when other health complications arise such as diabetes etc, it just puts more pressure on our crippling [national healthcare]!”

 Another netizen shared, “I don’t have a problem with body positivity as long as it doesn’t promote body composition with very serious health risks as the new normal.”

“I’m a big believer in embracing inner beauty and that everyone has the right to dress however they want, but…she’s targeting all sorts of health issues from diabetes, heart failure, and joint problems.” The comment continued: “I hope she is still comfortable in her own skin when confined to a wheelchair or bed. It’s so sad that she can’t see the damage she is doing to her health.”

The Bible, which did not deal with the health problems of its followers, reminds the public: “Just because you are thin does not mean that you are better than me.

She adds, “I’m an unapologetic fat girl. …You can take it or leave it because I’ll always be happy with myself.”

Happiness is ultimately what matters, and if the Bible feels like she’s found it, then we hope her health allows her to continue to be happy.

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Abby Bible’s story illuminates the often harsh reality of navigating body image and self-esteem in the public eye, especially as a major influencer. Despite the barrage of criticism and unsolicited advice about her health and lifestyle, Bible remains steadfast in her mission to promote body positivity and self-acceptance. Her experience underscores a larger societal conversation about the balance between celebrating the diversity of body shapes and sizes while addressing health issues without stigmatizing individuals.

The Bible’s response to its critics, emphasizing happiness and self-love, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of respecting personal choices and the need for empathy in discussions about body image. As she continues to challenge societal norms and inspire others, the dialogue around body positivity and health continues to evolve. Ultimately, Abby Bible’s journey is a testament to the resilience needed to live authentically in a world that often judges individuals by appearance, and raises important questions about how society perceives and treats people of all body types.

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