Sluggish Spouse !!! (Interesting STORY)

Spouse: honey can you please help me cleaning the nursery.

Spouse: do I seem to be a nursery worker?

Spouse: Ooh sorry honey, alright then fix the restroom entryway.

Spouse: do I seem to be a woodworker?… ..

Then spouse leaves, subsequent to returning from were he went, he found the nursery cleaned and the entryway fixed.

Spouse: I realized my better half will do this without anyone else… .!

Spouse: no its not me.

Spouse: who then, at that point!

Spouse: our neighbor

Spouse: you paid him how much?

Spouse: No, he just gave me two choices, bread or sex… .

Spouse: I trust u gave him bread Wife: do I look like a bakery!!!!

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