This Man Reports He’d Prefer to Be Single Perpetually Than Date Another Appalling Lady

A man from Methil, Fife has guaranteed he’s ‘not into monstrous ladies’, and won’t ‘make due with second best’ – regardless of whether that implies he’ll remain single for quite some time.

Mechanic Kevin, 42, calls his elevated requirements a ‘direction for living’ and guaranteed that there are bunches of men like him out there.

He’s searching for a lady with long hair – which he favors styled down as opposed to up – who is ‘appealing and b_usty’.

‘I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt yet I realize I can pull sensible ladies,’ he told The Sun.

‘It makes it harder to track down somebody assuming you’re just going for the top of the line appearance.’

On his TikTok account, Kevin, who generally posts about his canine – a Boerboel called Edge – has been single here and there for the beyond three years, yet has been in a drawn out relationship previously.

In 2022, the mechanic had dated somebody he met through the virtual entertainment stage, yet the flash was before long gone.

While Kevin concedes that the opposition for good looking ladies is overflowing, he says he’s not ready to ‘make due with second best’.

The canine fan made sense of that he can’t meet ladies through typical means, such as snatching a beverage at the bar or a bar, as he hasn’t intoxicated liquor for a really long time.

To make matters more convoluted, he is even less intrigued with the dating applications.

The force to be reckoned with claims that a ton of potential matches don’t answer, and ones that message him won’t be basically as gorgeous as he believes that them should be.

In spite of the battle, Kevin says he would rather not settle for the status quo.

The TikToker posts his substance on @boerboelblade2, where he has in excess of 25,000 adherents and has piled up exactly 269,500 preferences.

In one five-minute clasp – which has in excess of 10,900 perspectives – talking about his ‘icks’, Kevin conceded he could do without ladies who are ‘too vocal’ in the room and the people who ‘just answer’ to his messages, among different apprehensions.

One of these included ladies with appearances which aren’t acceptable with his principles.

Obviously, numerous analysts were not dazzled with Kevin’s rundown.

What about you? What is your take on Kevin?

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