Three overly demanding brides face unexpected consequences.

Dealing with Bridezilla can turn what should be a joyous event into a nightmare for those involved. These three stories offer a glimpse into the tumultuous world of brides whose behavior crossed the line into bridezilla territory, only to later face consequences.

In the first story, bridezilla’s unreasonable demands and cruel behavior towards the OP and others eventually lead to her being kicked out of the wedding festivities. Despite her attempts to control every aspect, including the OP’s hair color, karma intervened because the bride’s own actions caused her to be ostracized.

Weddings can be stressful, but for those who have to deal with an ugly bride, they can be even more harrowing.

These are three interesting stories about brides who were terrible bridezillas and then got their fair share of karma.

It’s important to make a bride feel special on her wedding day and make sure she’s happy no matter what, but managing a bridezilla can be challenging. These three redditors shared some of their horrifying brothel stories along with the karma that ended up coming back to haunt them.

It’s important to make a bride feel special on her wedding day and make sure she’s happy no matter what, but managing a bridezilla can be challenging. These three redditors talked about their scary experiences with Bridezilla and the karma that eventually catches up with Brides.

1. “A Nice Bit of Karma”

A woman (24) decided to dye her hair emerald green just a month before her sister-in-law was due to get married. The Redditor understood that the bride would be irritated because she hadn’t discovered her new hair color yet, but she had good reasons.

OP had only been dating her fiance for two weeks when she first met the bride. That day OP announced her engagement, but the bride decided to steal the show. She mentioned that she too was going to get engaged and asked the OP to be a bridesmaid. It was weird for the OP because it was their first time meeting.

The bride-to-be was nasty and cruel to some of the guests during the wedding planning process.

First, the original poster stated that the OP was raised Catholic and the bride was Mormon.

But the woman was pressuring her to convert, saying things like her church was superior and that she had visited the temple. Second, one of the other soon-to-be sisters-in-law was the target of the bride’s body shaming.

Which color suits me the best? The first photo is my natural color.
byu/icydoe inHairDye

She thought it would be a great way to inspire her sister to achieve her goal, so she advised her to “slim down a bit” and get her a medium-sized dress. The sister was moved to tears by the comments, but the OP revealed that the bride is an XL.

The OP stated that she works full time and will require her to show up to the bridal shower at least two weeks in advance. Nevertheless, the day before the planned event, she received an invitation to the wedding ceremony.

The bride was informed by a Redditor that she would not be able to attend; however, she texted OP’s two sisters and expressed her confusion as to why OP was excluding herself. Fortunately, family members understood the Redditor’s perspective.

In another case, the bride disparaged OP’s relationship with her partner. She said they lived together and courted for two years, but the bride insisted they were living in sin and held the OP responsible for tearing away her partner’s faith.

OP’s partner had deep feelings about the topic of faith due to his difficult upbringing. The bride continued to make comments even as the OP tried to raise her voice and advised her to be more careful with her words.

But the bride didn’t see OP’s new hair color until the following weekend. The groom-to-be looked at her angrily.

The bride tried not to lose her temper when she saw her and asked if the OP would keep her hair for her wedding straight away. “Of course!!” replied the bride. Honey, I did it just for you.”

The bride’s anger was evident in her body language during dinner. She even left dinner early with her husband-to-be, and as soon as she got home she called her other sister-in-law to tell her how much she despised OP’s hair and that she needed to find a way to keep her out of the wedding ceremony.

She had no idea that her sister-in-law was complicit in this plan. “You’re a little crazy about your hair,” the nurse said to the bride, making her even more angry. The whole situation gave the OP and sister a hearty laugh, but the Redditor patiently waited to be asked to leave the wedding.

2. “Medium Amount of Unintentional Karma*”

A husband described how his wife handled her bridezilla acquaintance. He explained that the groom’s serious injury forced the postponement of the wedding despite his wife being asked to be a bridesmaid.

The groom was a fireman who saved the baby by falling through the floor.

While the firefighter suffered broken ribs and legs, the baby escaped the incident unharmed.

Breathing would have been too painful for him, so an induced coma had to be used.

During the wedding delay, the Redditor’s wife became pregnant with their first child. The bride started organizing her bachelorette party when she was almost ready to give birth. Even though OP’s wife had already informed her that she felt uneasy about traveling to Vegas a few days before the birth, she still wanted it to be held there.

The bride never sent the couple a congratulatory card, even though the baby arrived early. Rather, she was excited about the baby’s arrival because it meant the new mom could join her partying in Vegas.

However, her mother informed her that she could not attend her bachelorette party and that she did not feel comfortable leaving her newborn child on a trip to Vegas. Although the bride referred to her as a “party pooper”, the wife maintained her position.

Meanwhile, the bride began spreading false information about the wife, claiming that she was trying to convince the other bridesmaids to cancel their trip in order to hold the celebration closer to her. However, the mother denied it to the group, saying that she had recently given birth and did not want to go.

Several bridesmaids learned in the days leading up to their trip to Vegas that the bride was calling them back-scratching cheap talk. That’s why six bridesmaids arrived at the Redditor’s door with baby gifts and diapers the night they were supposed to leave.

While two of the bridesmaids were coworkers and didn’t know the Redditor, the other four were friends of both the bride and the new mother. Only the bride, her sister, and cousin traveled to Vegas; OP and his wife were not invited to the wedding.

Eventually, they became close with both co-workers. After her husband, a firefighter suffered another injury, she decided to leave him.

Fortunately, the fireman rediscovers love and becomes the proud father of twin girls and boys.

3. Friendship of 25 years.

After four months of dating, one lady revealed that her boyfriend of over 25 years had proposed to his partner. The Redditor gave the couple the benefit of the doubt despite the doubts many expressed about the engagement.

Additionally, OP got engaged a few months before the wedding. She felt weird that her friend didn’t even ask to attend her wedding. However, it does not end there. When OP’s fiancee found out that his grandmother was close to death and that he was closer to her than his mother, she got upset.

To spend the rest of her days with her, he suggested that he and the Redditor travel to England. This also happened during the bride’s bachelorette party. However, when OP was preparing to travel to England, the party and her wedding date were still pending.

Yet she would have been in England on the days when both events occurred. When the OP called the bride to find out what was going on, she pouted and accused her of ruining the wedding. The bride hung up on the Redditor despite her apology and promise to make amends after the wedding.

Although OP felt it would be best to give her some space to calm down, she heard from her closest friends that OP never received a handwritten note inviting her to the wedding, even though everyone else did.

The bride arranged for a bachelorette party in their town so that her other friends would have no reason not to come. However, the strange aspect was that the bride remained silent towards those friends the whole evening.

Everything about the wedding process was weird for OP, but she eventually came to the realization that she’s glad she doesn’t have a boyfriend like that anymore. Although the loss of a 25-year friendship was painful, she believed it was a good thing. “Best aspect? Everyone despised her wedding: terrible DJ, terrible food, and extreme mess. I never want to hurt anyone, but now I’m laughing so hard. Okay, ugh!” She composed.

Weddings are supposed to be joyful events, but dealing with Bridezilla can turn them into nightmares. These three stories highlight the challenges faced by individuals dealing with overly demanding brides and the potential twist of karma that comes their way.

In the first story, the Redditor recounts how Bridezilla reacted negatively to her decision to dye her hair emerald green right before her wedding. Despite the bride’s manipulative behavior and attempts to exclude her, the Redditor finds amusement in the bride’s overreaction to her hair color, signaling a dose of karma for the bride’s past actions.

The second story delves into the consequences faced by a bride who mistreated her bridesmaids, especially one who was unable to attend the bachelorette party due to childbirth. The bride’s actions led to her losing the support of her bridesmaids and ultimately throwing a wedding that many didn’t like, highlighting the consequences of being a bridezilla.

Finally, a friendship of more than 25 years is tested when a bridezilla prioritizes her own wedding over her boyfriend’s major life events. Despite feeling hurt by the bride’s actions, the Redditor eventually finds relief in not having such a toxic boyfriend anymore and finds solace in the messy outcome of the bride’s wedding.

In conclusion, these stories serve as cautionary tales about the pitfalls of the bride and the unexpected ways karma can backfire. They also emphasize the importance of kindness, understanding, and prioritizing relationships over superficial wedding details.

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