Tom Journey’s Little girl, 17, Is Called Father’s ‘Carbon copy’ after Her New York City Walk around Slick Outfit

In a new walk around New York City with her mom, the 17-year-old girl of Tom Voyage charmed public consideration, starting discussions about her striking likeness to her renowned dad.

Wearing a trendy outfit that easily mixed contemporary style with nostalgic ’90s flows, Suri Voyage, 17, was promptly named her father, Tom Journey’s, twofold by fans and spectators. Remarks overflowed online entertainment, with one fan noticing, “I see only father in front of her.” One more repeated the feeling, saying she’s “Tom’s carbon copy,” and unquestionably her “father’s girl.”

One analyst found it entertaining that Suri was one of the most well known superstar kids yet was currently carrying on with a “typical solid life.” The analyst commented on the fact that it was so intriguing to watch Suri develop into the delightful young lady she is today.

For Katie Holmes, safeguarding her little girl’s protection while sustaining her persona has been central. “I’m extremely thankful to be a parent, to be her parent. She’s an unbelievable individual,” she shared. Katie additionally commented that she could see ’90s style returning through her little girl and wished she had taken her mom’s recommendation to save some dress things from her childhood.

The creative gifts of Tom’s little girl have not slipped through the cracks. Her vocal interpretation of “Blue Moon” graced the initial credits of the film “Alone Together,” coordinated by her mom, displaying her amazing melodic ability.

Also, she contributed her singing to “Uncommon Items,” one more demonstration of her thriving imaginative gifts. “I want to believe that she generally accomplishes something on my movies. I generally ask her,” her mom referenced.

As recently provided details regarding December 20, 2023:

One of the little girls of Hollywood star Tom Voyage, 61, was as of late found in a rich outfit during a trip. The smart 17-year-old wore a stylish coat, level shoes, dark sheer leggings, and a designed scarf around her neck.

The excursion was to commend her renowned mother’s 45th birthday celebration in New York City. At the point when fans saw Voyage’s teen girl, many wondered about the striking likeness between the dad and little girl.

Devotees of the “Top Weapon” star filled the remark part of the online entertainment pictures showing Suri out praising with her mother, Katie Holmes, calling attention to the amount she seems to be her father. In such manner, one fan expressed, “She’s Tom’s twin.” Another ally remarked, “She’s her dad’s clone… ”

General society isn’t the main accomplice of individuals who think Suri looks like her dad, as when she was first conceived, her hovering mother recently said her girl seemed to be Journey. Be that as it may, Voyage trusted Suri to seem to be her mother, Holmes.

Holmes and Voyage invited their little girl in April 2006 and from the moment Suri was conceived, her folks adored and spoiled her. Of Suri, Holmes communicated, “She’s a brilliant young lady. She’s the supernatural occurrence of our life.”


Journey has one more little girl whom he embraced with his ex Nicole Kidman, and the previous couple have a taken on child, as well. Bella and Connor are presently developed and live right external London and Miami, separately.

Connor and Bella have likewise been incredible more seasoned kin to their more youthful sister Suri, whom they hovered over as kids when she was only a child, as indicated by Holmes and Voyage.

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