Trolls Criticize Influencer for Her Unshaven Armpits, Her Clever Reply Shuts Them Down

Fenella Fox, a body-positive influencer, has become a notable figure on social media for her bold choice to embrace and flaunt her natural body hair, specifically her armpits. Despite harsh criticism and even backlash from some internet trolls, Fenella has turned negativity into a lucrative aspect of her digital presence, reportedly earning around $19,000 a month due to the increased visibility and interaction that often comes with controversy.

Her decision to stop shaving and wear hair proudly defies established beauty norms and aims to inspire other women to feel comfortable in their natural state. Fenella’s journey began with the simple but defiant act of posting photos showing the growth of her body hair, which quickly resonated with many who appreciated her honesty and the challenge she posed to traditional beauty standards.

As Fenella’s online influence grew, so did the polarity of opinion around her. While she received considerable support and admiration from many followers who celebrated her confidence and natural beauty, others reacted negatively. But the opposition did not deter her; it fueled her dedication to her body-positive message. Interestingly, when she posted a picture of herself shaving her armpits, it caused a wave of disappointment among her fans, indicating how strongly her identity as a hairy model has become a part of her public persona.

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Flaunting her hairy armpits, Fenella Fox applauds internet trolls who want to “puke” and thanks them for helping her earn roughly $19,000 a month in exposure and income.

Despite the hate that appears on her social media, some of her fans are fascinated by the influencer; one even threatened to unfollow her after she shaved.

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Englishwoman Fenella Fox, who shares photos of her hairy armpits on social networks, has raised about $500,000.

By flaunting her hairy underarms in positive photos and videos, the 30-year-old influencer challenges traditional notions of beauty and hopes to inspire other women to do the same.

“I stopped shaving, I stopped doing my hair and I stopped wearing make-up,” says the long-haired brunette.

“I decided to post an online announcement to make everyone aware of my growing body hair… Since many people could relate to her honesty, my lyrics gained instant popularity,” she says, adding that many women she was praised for embracing her natural hair.

furry obsession

The hairy model had a hard time becoming famous.

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“I wasn’t hot or attractive in the traditional definitions of the words. People aren’t as shocked by that these days. The hate is still there, but significantly less than it used to be. I want to say mostly positive things.”

And her online fan base seems to adore her.

One of your admirers says, “I love your pubic hair.” Someone else writes: “Fenella [this is a beautiful picture, I love your beautiful bikini, I love your natural hair and beauty, you are very beautiful dear.”

Some of her followers are so excited for her that when she shared a photo of herself shaving her armpits, it sparked an outpouring of messages from supporters begging her to keep the fur.

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One individual says, “No00000000, I loved your armpit hair.” Another says, “I don’t like shaving under my arms.” “Hairy is better than shaving.”

A third, disturbed by her perfectly shaven dimples, threatened to unfollow her, declaring: “As soon as it grows back, I’ll start following you again.”

Subject to “natural odor”

The “curvy and confident” woman said she decided to take it a step further and stopped using deodorant often after going natural.

I prefer a natural underarm scent, so I usually don’t use deodorant. I truly believe that our diet and lifestyle have a significant impact on how we naturally smell.” “I wish more people would embrace their natural smell instead of covering it up with artificial fragrances,” she continues. deodorants and fragrances don’t smell good.”

Fox admits she regularly gets abuse from trolls both online and offline, despite her career allowing her to live a lavish lifestyle that includes trips around the world and a beautiful home.

When she first started, she recalls, “It shocked and enraged people because there weren’t many women showing their natural hair on the Internet.” “After discussing it extensively online, I became known as a body-positive influencer. I felt particularly uncomfortable because I stood out at the time because I didn’t think a lot of people were doing what I was doing.”

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She received threats that entered the real world after being targeted by a stalker in 2018, and says her life has “never been the same.”

“The man was obsessed with the idea of ​​raping, torturing and murdering me,” she said, describing it as “horrific.”

Since then, she has reduced the amount of time she spends filming and publishing clips from twelve to just two hours each day. During that time, he earns more than $13,000 every month.

The woman continues, saying, “By choosing pictures where my balls are on display, I like to think that I’m gradually making body hair more socially acceptable.”

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Fenella Fox’s journey as a body-positive influencer illustrates a bold stance against conventional beauty standards and highlights the ongoing fight against online harassment. By embracing her natural body hair, Fenella not only challenges societal norms but also empowers others to feel comfortable in their own skin, regardless of external pressures to conform. Her story of turning criticism into a lucrative career underscores the potential of personal branding in raising visibility for both financial gain and social impact.

Despite considerable backlash and even threats to her safety, Fenella is determined to promote body positivity. Her experience underscores the importance of resilience and support when navigating the volatile world of social media influencers. As she continues to advocate for natural beauty and self-acceptance, Fenella’s influence extends beyond her followers and sparks broader conversations about beauty, body image, and the toxicity that can permeate digital spaces.

In conclusion, Fenella Fox’s response to her critics not only demonstrates her savvy as an influencer but also serves as a reminder of the transformative power of owning one’s identity. Her story supports a larger discourse on acceptance and diversity in beauty standards and challenges others to rethink their perceptions and embrace a more inclusive view of attractiveness.

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