Two Dogs with Deformities Formed a Lifelong Friendship After Being Adopted 5 Years Apart by the Same Family

In a world where animals with disabilities often face neglect or rejection, Lies Wilhardt’s story stands out as a beacon of compassion and hope. Her determination to care for Picasso and the Newt, despite their facial deformities, demonstrates the power of love and acceptance in giving all creatures a full life regardless of their physical appearance.

Lies Wilhardt, the 53-year-old director and creator of Luvable Dog Rescue, lives with Picasso and Newt, two dogs with facial deformities, on a 55-acre property in Eugene, Oregon. After the tragic death of her brother Pablo Liesl adopted Picasso in 2017. In 2021, Newt moved into Liesel’s house. These two canines are pretty much best friends right now, according to their owner.

Picasso had a deformed nose from birth when he was five years old. His first name comes from the fact that he has wrymouth, a disorder that causes one side of his jaw to grow more than the other, giving him a twisted appearance similar to the paintings of Pablo Picasso. Although this disorder affects a wide variety of animals and rarely causes discomfort, it can make life difficult and make pets less likely to be adopted.

A one-year-old Newt suffered an accident in which his mother bit him, resulting in the loss of his upper jaw. “It was a miracle that Picasso survived as a baby because it would have been very difficult for him to even breastfeed his mother,” Liesl said. “Newt had a lot more challenges, surprisingly the bigger ones weren’t due to his lack of an upper jaw.

Despite the difficulties caused by their abnormalities, both of these priceless pets lead incredibly happy lives today. “Both the Picasso and the Newt adore people, so they are very social in public and seek attention and love to greet people.” Liels continued, “Most people immediately do a double take and then stare at the dogs for a while, trying to make sense of what they’re seeing.”

“They don’t feel any pain; they’ve adapted to their physical challenges and do almost anything they want.” “Due to Newt’s kind nature and love of playing and wrestling, Picasso immediately fell in love with him. As Newt grew, our friendship grew,” Liesl “I absolutely love Picasso and Newt with all my heart, they are both incredibly loving, happy, intelligent, and funny dogs. ” she said.

Sharing videos of her two deformed friends eating and playing together, going for walks, and picking berries, Lies Wilhardt was ready to give her admirers a glimpse into their friendship and everyday life. Picasso even has just over 400,000 followers on Instagram.

Lies Wilhardt’s story of compassion and devotion to her dogs, Picasso and Newt, serves as a heartwarming reminder of the resilience and joy that animals can bring to our lives regardless of their physical challenges. Despite the obstacles caused by the facial deformity, Picasso and Newt found love and happiness under Liesl’s care, forming a strong bond and bringing joy to those around them. Liesl’s commitment to giving these special dogs a loving home, as well as her drive to share their story with the world through social media, highlights the importance of acceptance, kindness, and empathy towards animals with special needs. Through her actions, Liesl inspires others to see beyond physical appearance and embrace the beauty and uniqueness of every living creature.

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