Tycoon’s Child Throws Spouse and Child Out into the Cold, Loses His Legacy the Following Day

Alice remained external to her ex’s house, actually staggering from the shock of being thrown out by the man she had once thought she’d use whatever is left of her existence with. She never envisioned that her fantasy union with Lucas, an extremely rich person, would end in such treachery and duplicity.

As she remained there, grasping her child’s hand firmly, she couldn’t resist the opportunity to feel an ache of sharpness at how Lucas had controlled her for his own narrow-minded gains. Such an extremely long time of marriage, that large number of commitments of affection and dedication, had been just an exterior to him.

However, right when Alice figured things couldn’t deteriorate, she got a surprising summons from Lucas’ folks, who had consistently dealt with her like their own little girl. They encouraged her to get back to the house to attempt to rescue what was left of her marriage.

Hesitantly, Alice concurred, daring to dream that perhaps, quite possibly, there was as yet an opportunity for herself and Lucas to figure out things. Be that as it may, as she moved toward the manor, her heart sank at seeing her ex’s terrified articulation and the presence of a baffling more unusual remaining behind him.

Before Alice actually might handle what was occurring, the outsider ventured forward, his attractive highlights mellowed with concern.

“Alice, I can’t really accept that I’ve tracked down you!” he shouted, his voice loaded up with direness. “This man does not merit your time. How about we get outta here!”

Disarray washed over Alice as she gazed at the more abnormal, her brain dashing to figure out the circumstance.
“Pause, hold up… who are you?” she requested, her voice touched with doubt. “I don’t have any acquaintance with you.”

The more unusual’s demeanor relaxed as he made a stride nearer to Alice, a glint of acknowledgment flashing in his eyes.
“Simply listen to me, Alice,” he argued, his voice delicate yet unshakable. “We’ve really met previously. You simply don’t recollect.”

As the more odd’s words lingered palpably, Alice felt a shudder run down her spine. Who was this man, and what did he mean by talking about they had met previously? As she scanned his face for replies, she was unable to shake the inclination that her life was going to veer off in a strange direction, one that would lead her down a way she would never have thought.

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