Unaware of My Condition, I Conceived While Sleepwalking – Highlight of the Day

Leslie and Tom’s 23rd wedding anniversary was a night filled with love, laughter, and shared memories, a testament to their enduring bond. As they toasted their years together, Leslie’s thoughts turned momentarily to the one thing missing from their otherwise perfect lives: children. It was a subject that weighed heavily on her heart, despite Tom’s assurances of their happiness as a couple.

However, their evening takes an unexpected turn when Leslie suffers a bout of sickness the next morning, prompting Tom to worry and a trip to the doctor. Little did they know that this visit would bring a revelation that would change their lives forever.

After years of not being able to get pregnant with her husband, Leslie wakes up feeling sick and finds herself pregnant. However, the mysterious stranger claims to be the child’s father. Leslie forgets everything until one day she wakes up outside in a gorgeous dress. The man’s claims may be true; she was sleepwalking.

In a fancy restaurant, Leslie and Tom were enjoying their 23rd wedding anniversary at a small table in the corner. “To us,” he toasted, raising his glass to 23 years of love, laughter, and all the moments in between. My biggest life decision was marrying you.”

Leslie smiled and planted a kiss on his lips. “To us,” she said. They enjoyed a lovely dinner, laughed about old memories, and spent some quiet time talking about their past.

But when Leslie brought up the sensitive subject, their atmosphere changed. “I am the happiest woman with you,” she said, “but I regret not having children.”

Tom held her hand and steered the conversation away from the delicate subject, telling her that they had a great life together. When he pitched another thing, their evening took a different turn. Please tell me. Have you been catching nightmares? I heard you move.”

Not possible. I spend the whole night sleeping. Maybe you just imagined it,” she replied confused.

They shook their heads and continued their lighter conversation later in the evening.

The next morning, however, we were in for a little surprise. Suddenly sick to her stomach, Leslie jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom to throw up her food.

Tom hastily materialized at the bathroom door. Worried, he said, “Are you sure everything is okay?”

She smiled weakly at her frightened husband. It’s alright. I believe it’s just food poisoning. She told him, “If things don’t get better, I’ll see a doctor,” but Tom insisted on her health and offered to go with her.

Tom left with a worried look on his face and a kiss on Leslie’s forehead, telling her she didn’t have to lose her job because of it. As she prepared for a doctor’s appointment, she moved more slowly than normal and felt terrible while waiting for a taxi.

Leslie was warmly greeted by the doctor, who immediately asked her about her symptoms and her last menstrual cycle. Reminded of her delay, she dismissed him as they had known for years that Tom was infertile.

However, the doctor pushed for testing given Leslie’s symptoms and delayed period. Almost immediately during the scan, the doctor nodded. “Just as I assumed. You are pregnant,” she declared.

Leslie burst into tears of sheer excitement at a future she hadn’t imagined in years as the doctor continued to explain things to her and the image on the screen flashed.

Leslie felt happy tears welling up as she held the ultrasound images and prescription. “I have to tell Tom now,” she decided and decided to go to his place of employment.

Leslie arrived, skipping the front desk with an appreciative nod, and was soon at Tom’s office door, opening it to find him deeply focused on his work. He raised his head in fright. “Leslie, why are you in this place? You should be sleeping.”

She said, “I feel much better,” but paused to find the perfect words to announce the news. It’s not food poisoning. I’ve had a baby!”

Her husband stepped back, blinked a few times, and then said something.

“What? But how? I didn’t think I could.” His doubts were replaced by happiness as he rushed to hug his wife. “You’re my miracle,” he exclaimed, completely delighted.


When Leslie got home, she thought about the nice dinner she was going to make for Tom. However, she was suddenly interrupted when she noticed a man sitting on the furniture on her front porch. “We’ve spent a few nights together and I want a relationship with you,” he blurted as he stood at her arrival.

“Sorry?” Leslie babbled. “I do not even know you!”

“My name is Colin. You know me, of course!” He insisted, his eyes fixed on the ultrasound images Leslie was still holding. “Are you expecting a baby? Is it my own?”

This is my first meeting with you.

How on earth is this your child?” Her tone hardened as she spoke. “You must go away!”

Leslie’s world is turned upside down as she grapples with the shocking revelation of Colin, a stranger who claims to be intimately involved in her life. Confusion clouded her mind as she tried to comprehend the situation unfolding before her. Was it possible that she was living a secret life while sleeping and was completely unaware of her actions?

Despite her initial disbelief, Leslie couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that there might be some truth to Colin’s claims. The thought of her own pregnancy, along with mysterious encounters she couldn’t remember, left her feeling uneasy and vulnerable.

As she contemplated her next steps, Leslie found comfort in the unwavering support of her husband, Tom, who stood by her side at every turn. Together, they faced the uncertainties and challenges that lay ahead of them, drawing strength from their love and devotion to each other.

Ultimately, Leslie’s journey was a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit and the power of love to overcome even the most complicated of circumstances. Although her journey may have been full of unexpected twists and turns, Leslie emerges stronger and more determined to embrace whatever the future holds, knowing that she was never alone in facing life’s mysteries.

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