Upon Discovering a Peculiar Note in My Husband’s Planner, I Tracked His Movements into the Forest

Before delving into this harrowing tale of betrayal and resilience, it’s essential to acknowledge the emotional rollercoaster that the protagonist endured. Discovering infidelity in a marriage is undoubtedly one of the most devastating experiences a person can face. The shock, disbelief, and profound sense of betrayal can shake the very core of one’s being.

Curtis, my spouse, was preying on something else, but I had assumed he was a bird enthusiast. I tracked him into the woods after coming over a dubious planner entry, and lo and behold, I caught him red-handed and discovered a truth more twisted than any birding secrecy.

The most vulnerable person in your life is always the one who can harm you, especially when you don’t anticipate it. Looking back, you see all the warning indications that something in your relationship might not be quite right. However, unless you are prepared for it, you just never know while it’s happening.

I had been with my husband, Curtis, for a long time—12 years, to be exact. We met in our 20s and had an instant connection; we were those love-at-first-sight sorts you read about in literature. When we fast-forward to these precious twin girls when they were ten years old, life was rather pleasant.

Curtis is the office manager, and I teach. For now, we’re both engrossed in our unique pastimes. My hobby was knitting; yes, I’m that person who makes everything out of yarn, including tiny dolls for girls and scarves. Curtis? He had this odd pastime of watching birds. But he was all about birds of prey, or so I believed. Not just any birds, either.

I once proposed that we attend a falconry demonstration or competition together, but Curtis wasn’t into the idea. When I asked to accompany him on his birdwatching excursions, he shut it down as well.

“It poses too much risk. He said, “I want you safe,” and I accepted because he sounded kind. However, I happened upon his planner one day. Now, this planner was used to record his bird observations, not for your typical routine stuff. Perhaps it was a bad idea, but I peered inside.

A single entry read, “34-28-34.” “Red and black. A ten.”

I thought, “Wait, what?” Was that a birdwatcher’s shorthand of some sort? However, I searched for those numbers on Google and found nothing.

What on earth might that be? It was then that I came upon something else regarding dimensions when searching online.

I made up my mind then to follow him the next time he went. So there I was, following him into the woods on an unplanned Sunday. My heart was racing as I considered the potentially harmful wildlife.

I kept my mouth shut and followed him despite the fact that the actual threat came from all the insects that were trying to devour me.

And then—whoa! When I spotted him, he was kissing another woman; there were no birds in sight.

My stomach fell out. I was not enjoying the plot twist, even though it felt like I was watching a movie and it was my reality. She was a coworker, and I recognized her from a picture of a work party on his Facebook. Her name escaped me, though.

Before they saw me and decided what to do, I returned home. Perhaps I was foolish, but I didn’t want to make Curtis feel good about leaving him to enjoy his new “bird.” I was vacillating between sadness and rage, trying to decide what to do.

A few days later, I peeked at his planner once more and saw an entry that wasn’t the same as the previous one.

“36-24-36,” it stated. blonde. An eight…” This time, heartache prevailed. It struck me like a ton of bricks. My spouse was not simply infidelity; he was deception on an entirely new plane.

I trailed behind him to the upcoming meeting, this time wearing bug repellent, and lo and behold, another woman. As I made my way back home, I asked myself a lot. What was the number of people present?

Do I need to exact revenge? How? What could cause him more pain?

I finally came to the conclusion that fighting Curtis wasn’t worth destroying myself. I made a phone call to a lawyer as soon as I arrived home since I had enough evidence for a successful divorce.

We got right into the process right away, but I said nothing. For the sake of my girls, I was pretending as though nothing was wrong.

However, the next weekend, my soon-to-be ex-husband had the gall to set up a brand-new rendezvous with a third woman. Behind his back, I made all the preparations and arranged for my girls to live with my parents. For some reason, he missed it.

When I followed him again that Sunday, I was prepared. I left as soon as he began flirting with this stranger. I never thought I would be this furious, but it eventually came out. “How could you?” I questioned and charged him with everything.

I must say that even the weird woman was taken aback by what I said. Curtis attempted to justify himself, but after I had finished venting my anger, I smacked the divorce documents firmly into his chest.

I said, “Good luck in court,” and turned to leave.

From then on, everything went my way. Along with most of our money and the majority of our girls’ custody, I inherited the house. Though it was a difficult time in my life, I’m pleased I found out about his infidelity before spending any more time with someone who could so completely betray me.

How would you answer if you were me?

Here’s another story for you: I was rushing home fearing the worst when my child called me in a panic saying he heard his mother crying and unknown voices laughing in our house. However, I was not prepared for what was happening in my bedroom.


Discovering infidelity in a marriage can be a devastating experience that shakes the foundations of trust and security. In the case of the protagonist, uncovering her husband’s deception through unexpected means leads her down a path of heartbreak, anger, and ultimately empowerment. Despite the betrayal, she has shown remarkable resilience and determination to protect herself and her daughters.

Her decision to gather evidence quietly and seek legal counsel before confronting her husband showed her strategic thinking and poise in the face of emotional turmoil. By taking decisive action and starting divorce proceedings, she regained control of her life and refused to tolerate dishonesty and disrespect.

The protagonist’s strength and determination are a testament to the power of self-preservation and the importance of standing up for one’s own well-being. While the road to recovery can be challenging, her ability to prioritize her own happiness and safety is commendable.

In response to the protagonist’s situation, each individual may react differently based on their own values, beliefs, and circumstances. Some may choose to confront their partner immediately, while others may choose to take a more calculated approach like the protagonist did. Ultimately, the most important thing is to prioritize self-care and make decisions that are in line with your own emotional and psychological needs.

As for another story about hearing disturbing noises in the main character’s house, it leaves us feeling foreboding and wondering what might be going on in the bedroom. It serves as a reminder that sometimes the most chilling encounters can happen within the confines of our own homes, where we least expect them.

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