Wealthy Individual Shames Handicapped Server Who Later Imparts a Valuable Insight – Featured Story

Before diving into the details of Alex and Eric’s story, it’s important to set the stage. Alex, a college student accustomed to a life of privilege thanks to his father’s generosity, finds himself in a situation where his behavior towards cafe employee Eric reflects his entitled attitude. This sets off a chain of events that leads to a transformational journey for both Alex and Eric.

The narrative opens with Alex’s dismissive and rude behavior towards Eric, highlighting his lack of respect and empathy. Despite struggling academically, Alex expects his father to reward him with a luxury car to reinforce his entitled mindset. However, his father Bill decides to teach him a valuable lesson in humility and respect by making him work for the car instead of just gifting it.

When Alex reluctantly starts working at the cafe under Eric’s supervision, she initially struggles with the responsibilities and interactions with the customers. However, thanks to his experiences, Alex begins to see the world from a different perspective. He learns about Eric’s challenges, including his hearing impairment and the pressure of working multiple jobs to support his family.

Eric’s character serves as a catalyst for Alex’s personal growth. Despite adversity, Eric remains dedicated and hardworking, earning Alex’s admiration and respect. Their evolving relationship demonstrates the power of empathy, understanding, and true connection in promoting positive change and mutual support.

College student Alex is used to living off his father’s bounty, but after he is rude to a cafe employee, his father forces him to pay for his new car. But can Alex meet the challenge?

Alex was in a cafe, sitting at a table, talking on the phone. The waiter, Eric, a studious young man in his early twenties, approached him, looking scared.

He asked, “What can I get you, sir?” “Sir?” Alex smirked and avoided looking at the waitress. “Do I look elderly? Double espresso, please.” “Sorry, was that a double or a single?” Eric asked. “What, are you deaf?” Alex said in a rude manner. “I spoke twice. No sugar, black.”

Alex continued to scroll through his phone. Although Alex failed his final math test, his father still promised to buy him a luxury car if he did well in school. Returning a few minutes later, the waiter said, “Here you go, enjoy.” “What is it?” Alex asked, looking at the waitress. “I said black; why is there milk in it?”

Eric’s expression darkened. “I’m so sorry.”
“If I were your boss, I would terminate you. Eric’s expression turned red. He shouted, “Right now,” and quickly left. Bill, a dignified man, joined Alex at his table moments later. “Hello son,” he smiled. Alex said, “Hi, Dad,” and put the phone down. “I’m just waiting for my coffee. The waiter is a complete idiot.”

Alex’s dad frowned. That’s not very polite, Alex. I’m disappointed in you. Even when others make mistakes, you still have to learn to treat them with more respect.” At that moment, Eric returned with Alex’s new coffee. “Okay, sir. “Black double espresso, on the house.” Alex commented with a raised eyebrow, “It took you long enough.” Eric looked up at Bill. He asked, “What can I get you, sir?”

Bill said, “Flat white please.”
Alex leaned closer to Bill and did so.
“Sorry, I didn’t catch that, sir,” he replied.
Bill yelled, “Flat white,” even louder as he turned to Alex.

before, giving Alex a direct look. With an “Understood, thank you, sir,” Alex turned to leave. Bill began, “You know that waiter is doing his best.” It is most likely an overworked one. You should be more compassionate. Alex, everyone deserves respect. I’m speechless unless it’s something you don’t understand.” Alex boldly suggested, “Save me the lecture and get me a new car.”

Bill raised an eyebrow. “You’re headed for trouble, son. Ignoring his father’s advice, Alex showed him an article about the rising value of high-end vehicles. He gave a reason for investing in the BMW M1.

“Alex, it’s a $500,000 car. A brand-new car usually costs $50,000. Bill replied, ‘I’m not going to buy you ten times that car.’But you have to invest in it! It can go up by 25%,” pleaded Alex. “Alex, give it up. Simply put, forget it. I’m completely rethinking the car in light of your attitude. How are your grades?” Bill asked.

Alex admitted that he had trouble with math. “But I went through the stats. “That’s not enough. You have to excel to prosper. Besides, don’t think you can just walk into my business. You’re going to have to work for it,” Bill said.

“But you always give me what I want,” Alex countered. Bill said, “Not this time,” choosing not to put up with Alex’s rude behavior. Alex stared in confusion. “What do you think?” Bill continued, “I mean you’ll learn your lesson.” But Alex replied, “I don’t want a job.” “I don’t work anymore. I’m going to college. You’re rich too.”

“I’m wealthy,” his father declared. “However, I had to work hard for my money. You must understand the importance of persistence.

I’ll find you a position.”

Alex looked at his father in shock.

“What’s the position?” “Will I work for you as an intern?” he asked.

Eric hurried over as Bill waved at him.

“What can I get you for lunch, gentlemen?” Eric asked. After a cursory look at the menu, Bill and Alex placed their orders.

Bill said, “Oh, please, ask your manager to come over.”

“Yes,” Eric replied, looking worried. “Sorry about the coffee earlier, sir; my fault.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” replied Bill, “that’s quite another matter.”

Reggie, the manager of the cafe, approached and asked what they wanted. Bill asked about potential staff shortages and the manager verified it. Then the burly businessman dropped the bombshell.

“My kid and I were just talking here and he actually needs a job. He can start right away if you want,” Bill replied.

Reggie looked at Alex and asked if he had any previous experience. The spoiled college student didn’t, but the boss decided to hire him after some consideration. Bill had warned Reggie in advance that his child could not leave until he did something very destructive.

“What? Is it too much? How much time do I have to spend here working?” What about Alex?

“All summer break. After you try it out, we can discuss cars. And no, not a BMW, just a regular everyday vehicle that gets you from point A to point B.”

The next day, Alex arrived at the cafe for work, feeling anxious and restless. Even though he didn’t want to be there, he was forced to go. He got the first table with a pair from the manager. Pen and notepad ready, he said, “What can I get you?”

“Let’s start with a macchiato and a latte,” said the woman. “Almond milk in both, please.

“Well, we just have coffee,” Alex said hesitantly. “You know, espresso?”

The pair looked confused and gave an explanation. Alex said it was his first day and apologized. After taking the orders to the counter, he wrote them down. He stood in front of the espresso machine with a clumsy gait.

“How does this thing work?” Alex was taken aback when steam suddenly started coming out of the knob.

Eric was watching him a few meters away, smiling to himself. Alex looked silly with the gadget.

Alex turned in a panic to see Eric watching him. He looked back quickly, pretending to understand what he was doing. Finally, Eric approached him. He asked, “What’s the order?”

When Alex gave him the order, Eric grinned and began to prepare things. For a newbie, he demonstrated all the functions and button presses.

Alex nodded, thanked him for the instructions, and asked about making the latte.

Eric said nothing but asked if he should fulfill the request on his behalf. Alex nodded excitedly.

The knowledgeable server nodded and finished the drinks. Alex took them off when he was ready. Within seconds he was gone, hurrying back to the cafe. “I forgot it was supposed to be almond milk,” he replied.

In an attempt to take control, Eric ordered Alex to also take orders from all of his tables. Alex thanked him at the end of the morning rush. As they began to talk about their past, Eric began to wonder why the college student was employed there now.

Alex justified and apologized for his rudeness the day before. He found out a lot about the seasoned waiter during the break. However, he also noticed that Eric often asked him to repeat certain points.

“Hey man are you deaf or what?” Alex asked without hesitation. Eric didn’t say anything, but his expression was sad. “Eric, can’t you hear me?” Alex said as he stepped closer, convinced he couldn’t hear.

“Can you keep a secret?” Eric asked immediately. “I’m losing my hearing.”

Eric commented that he only started noticing this a few months ago, which startled Alex. When Alex asked for ways he could help, the seasoned server came up with one. Eric tended the coffee machine while Alex took orders and wrote them down. Their division of labor was unusual.

Alex was surprised to hear that Eric had to report to his second job at the restaurant after his shift. He admired his new friend for that, but Eric claimed it was draining him. His hearing continued to deteriorate. In addition, he was afraid that he would lose his job as a result of the mistakes.

Eric stated that he could easily be replaced, but Alex countered that it would be against the law.

Fortunately, he worked with doctors to purchase expensive hearing aids. As a result, he had to work two jobs.

They talked for some time. Alex found out more about Eric’s family and where he lived. Moreover, this experience was a source of income for his household.

After their chat, Eric happily accepted Alex’s offer to pay for an Uber to his restaurant.

“Hey Eric, I have an idea,” Alex yelled as soon as they arrived and Eric got out.

I will update you soon.” He then took an Uber home.

*** For several months after that, Alex and Eric remained co-workers at Cate. When Eric didn’t hear something, Alex helped him fill it in. He and Eric approached the table and invited the visitors to repeat their orders.

They continued to talk because the college student always paid for an Uber to take Eric to his second job. Alex once stated that he wanted to assist by assisting. However, the surgery came to a whopping $60,000, although the aids only cost about $5,000.

“Well, that’s a lot of money,” Alex whistled. “But I think we can figure it out.

Eric was unsure and asked, “How?”

Alex described his plan, including his father’s job and the investments he would make to raise the necessary funds for the operation.

Alex was adamant, but Eric didn’t want to bother anyone. He was motivated by his new companion.

A few nights later, Alex ran into his father at a bar. The elderly man asked about the state of affairs. Bill laughed when Alex mentioned that he only had one month to pick up the car. They then discussed Eric and the merits of investing his money.

Although Eric had accumulated nearly $10,000 in savings, Bill was worried. There were considerable risks associated with the investments. But Alex had more in store. His father then grinned and commented, “It might work.” Come on, let’s do it.”


It wasn’t long before Alex’s last day working as a cafe server arrived, and his father stopped by to celebrate his son’s success. Alex grinned as Bill showed his pride. The older man recommended that Eric come celebrate with them.

Bill nodded at Alex and thanked him for helping his child as much as he could and then they were finally able to share their idea.

Alex began, “So Erik, we looked at the numbers.” “A new car usually costs around $48,000. I decided to offer you that money. Not that I need a car right now. And I’m aware of how important it is for you to hear well again.” “

Eric’s jaw dropped. But Alex explained that the money was insufficient and they would have to invest.

He hoped that the proceeds would be sufficient for a month.

The seasoned waiter started to cry and say, “Thank you,” but Bill cut him off, reminding him that he was the reason his kid felt so motivated. Afterward, Eric and Alex went back to work.

Bill watched as they hugged behind the bar and went to work. He had the fullest chest imaginable.

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At the end of Alex and Eric’s story, we see a transformation of both characters driven by empathy, understanding, and personal growth. Originally a privileged and rude college student, Alex learns the value of respect and compassion through his interactions with Eric, a hard-working cafeteria worker who faces challenges in his life.

Alex’s journey from entitlement to humility is evident as he not only apologizes for his past behavior but also takes proactive steps to help Eric. His willingness to listen, learn, and take responsibility for his actions reflects a significant maturation of his character.

On the other hand, Eric’s story highlights resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Despite his hearing impairment and the challenges it brings to his work and personal life, Eric remains committed to supporting his family and finding solutions to improve his situation.

The bond that forms between Alex and Eric, transcending their original roles of server and customer, shows the power of human connection and understanding. Through their cooperation and mutual support, they achieve not only personal growth but also pave the way for a brighter future, symbolized by Alex’s gesture to help finance Eric’s hearing aids.

Ultimately, the story illustrates the transformative impact of empathy, kindness, and genuine human connections. It reminds us that meaningful change often begins with acknowledging our own mistakes, extending compassion to others, and working together to overcome challenges and create positive outcomes.

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