15 Kids Who Can Spook Even the Boldest Individuals

Children often say funny and sometimes confusing things that amuse not only their families but also everyone who hears their antics. These innocent and often humorous remarks can become fodder for funny anecdotes and stand-up routines for parents. However, amidst the hilarious moments, there are instances where kids say things that are scary or disturbing, turning ordinary conversations into spine-tingling stories.

Now I’ve Seen Everything, a platform known for uncovering interesting stories, has collected some comments from parents that border on creepy and could easily fit into a campfire story. These anecdotes provide insight into the curious and imaginative mind of a child, where reality blends with imagination in unexpected ways.

Little ones often say silly things that amuse not only their older siblings and parents but also anyone who hears stories about them.

Perhaps every parent could use their children’s catchphrases to create a full-fledged stand-up routine.

However, sometimes they will say something strange or downright disturbing.

Here, now that I’ve seen it all, we’ve uncovered some parents’ notes that could lead to some truly spooky campfire stories.

A month ago, I promised my 5-year-old son that we would go to the movies. He replied, “That’s great, Mom, I want to see that movie about the sinking ship.” When he asked him, “Titanic?” he immediately said, “That’s the one, Mom, the one we saw at the cinema once.” Actually, when I was ten, my mom and I went to the movies to see Titanic, but I never told him about it and my son never saw it.

My niece kept telling her parents about the “man in her room” drawing she drew. He had one gray eye and the other colored.

When asked why she was grey, she replied, “Because she sees the storm coming.”

Every time Grandpa came home from work, he would whistle a tune. Even though my child didn’t know about him, she started humming the same tune he was whistling without ever having heard it before when she turned around!

My son has an imaginary friend. When he was five years old, he told me that his “friend” told him he was going to live in Vitoria. After four years, my husband moved to Vitória for work.

My child was four years old when we went to his godfather’s for a sleepover.

He told me his dad had a blanket like that when he was a kid; it was just a little different when we went to sleep. “Honey, do you remember a blanket like that?” I asked my husband as I carried the blanket into his room. And he replied, “Yes, I had one like that when I was a kid, but mine was green!”

I talked to my kid about growing potatoes when he was little. He remarked, “I used to do that when I was old,” after I explained to them how you pack the soil around them as they grow.

Although she was more than nine years younger than her sister, my second daughter told me from the moment she could speak that I was her mother and that she would be the firstborn “in the birth line.” And that she was born first because her sister ran significantly faster.

At two years and ten months old, my daughter insists that we go see her grandfather Rafael. Although he doesn’t actually have a grandfather of that name, he always talks about him as if he were real and that we should see him.

At two years and ten months old, my daughter insists that we go see her grandfather Rafael. Although he doesn’t actually have a grandfather of that name, he always talks about him as if he were real and that we should see him.

My son mentioned that he has a sister and siblings.

I replied, “No, son, you only have one sister.” And he answered, “Mom, my brother is grown up and lives far away.” He is six years old.”

My son would have been five years old when his cousin got married. We were choosing music for entering the church.

When an orchestrated song suddenly began to play, my young child exclaimed, “It’s Elvis! Bring it on!” Specs: Never heard Elvis perform with it. He said, “Of course I do!” in response to our question, “Do you know Elvis?”

Funny, this caught me by surprise. He is eight years old. I expressed to him my gratitude for his presence in my life and my affection for him. “I did not choose this life,” he declared.

I had no control over how it started. But I can decide how it ends.”

During my third pregnancy, my three-year-old daughter announced, “Mommy, the baby is coming today.” To which I said, “No, not today.” The baby was born that evening. It’s amazing to think that when she told me, there wasn’t even the slightest pain or symptom.

I remember playing the “airplane” game with my daughter while feeding her with a spoon. She was about 3 years old at the time. At that point, she turned to me and said that she and her daughter were also playing the “small plane” game. When I asked when it happened, she replied, “Mom, it was a long time ago, you weren’t even born yet,” to my amazement.

At the age of four, my son put his hand on my stomach and said, “Mommy, there’s a baby.” “Of course not, where did you get that idea?” I told him scared. But I took a pregnancy test just to be sure. The results were positive.

My six-year-old son claimed he didn’t remember what it was like in my stomach, but he wanted to go back because he liked it there.

My first daughter was three years old when I asked her, “What’s in mommy’s belly: a little brother or a little sister?” I was expecting it. She replied in the most natural way possible, “That’s my sister Patricia.” And we gave her that name.

“The black circles appear when the lights are off. They descend this way (raises hands above the bed), hang there for a while, then suddenly enter (slaps hands on chest).” Then with tears that were barely held back, “I hate it.”

Have your children ever told you any paranormal stories? Have your kids ever told you any scary stories? Feel free to tell us about your experience.

Children often say the most horrible things, delighting not only their parents and older siblings, but anyone who hears their anecdotes. These innocent remarks often become material for humorous family stories or even stand-up comedy for parents. However, in between the fun stories, there are times when the children say something strange or even scary, turning ordinary conversations into a spooky campfire tale.

Parents’ stories of their children’s disturbing remarks reveal a glimpse into the mysterious and imaginative world of young minds. From predicting events before they happen to recalling details from past lives or creating imaginary friends with strange knowledge, these anecdotes can send chills down anyone’s spine.

Despite the sometimes terrifying nature of these stories, they also reflect the innocence and wonder of childhood. Children’s imaginations can create fantastical worlds and stories that blur the lines between reality and imagination, often leaving adults both amused and amazed by their insights.

Ultimately, these anecdotes remind us of the magic and mystery of childhood, where the lines between what’s real and what you imagine can often blur wonderfully, adding a touch of enchantment to everyday conversations and experiences.

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