After Witnessing Our Newborn, My Husband Discarded My Belongings Outside – Later, He Underwent a DNA Test

After noticing the newborn’s skin tone, the woman’s husband thought she was cheating on him, so instead of being a joyous event, becoming a mother was a nightmare. She pleaded with him to recognize her innocence, but he ignored her and instead proceeded to test the child’s DNA.

Going by the moniker SweetBabyZ2020 on Reddit, the 24-year-old mother shared her story and asked others to confirm she made the right decision when her husband Jim suspected her of cheating after discovering their newborn daughter was black-skinned.

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Jim, 26, reported that his wife cheated on him on social media after the baby was born. He publicly accused her without providing any evidence, and she insisted he was mistaken. Little did he know that he would soon regret making a big deal out of nothing.

While friends and family berated the wife, her mother was by her side. “Jim refused to pick me up from the hospital, threw my things on the lawn, and changed the locks so I had to stay with my parents,” she said.

What happened after the man refused to talk to his wife?

Jim cleaned out the baby’s room, returned some of the baby’s possessions, and gave away others, besides refusing to speak to his wife. When the woman found out that her husband had destroyed the place they had so lovingly set up, she was offended.

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After the baby was born, Jim discovered the answer a few weeks later. Little did he know that the results of the paternity test would shock him when he agreed to take it to find out if he was the father of the child. The woman narrated:

“No one could believe the results and it was done again.”

Jim and the baby were found to have a 100% DNA match. The man began to feel bad for publicly accusing his wife in front of his friends and relatives. Even though it was late, he immediately apologized.

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The woman claimed that although her husband “begged for forgiveness”, she could not let go. She begged him to give her some time to think, but she wasn’t willing to give Jim another chance. She was afraid he might do the same again after witnessing his worst.

What was Redditors’ reaction to the story and did the woman forgive her husband?

In an attempt to win back his wife’s trust, Jim remodeled the nursery in hopes that she would bring the baby home. Her sister advised them to attend couples counseling in the meantime to work on their relationship.

After sharing her story on Reddit, the woman decided she no longer wanted to live with her husband. Most of the people there claimed that it was not his fault, that she did not want to forgive him. A person on Reddit said:

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“Get away from him and never look back. Get a court order on custody. It won’t turn out well.”

Other users advised the woman to divorce her husband. Not long after sharing her story on Reddit, the woman updated her post to say that she and Jim had broken up and that she was now the primary caregiver for their child. But when she went to him, she let him see her.

Meanwhile, she was attending Jim’s couples counseling when she discovered something surprising. Jim said he cheated on her during their relationship.

The woman revealed:

“It was with an ex-girlfriend who cheated on him and he got together with her to boost his ego.

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When the woman found out the truth about her husband, she was devastated. The final straw that broke the camel’s back was his confession of infidelity, which she found out about and used as an excuse to refuse to return to her husband and accept his apology. She would rather divorce after her child is a year old.

Another reader pointed out that Jim’s wife probably suffered “permanent psychological trauma” as a result of his initial reaction to his child, which she found difficult to overcome. This person believed that the Redditor could have been spared the experience if the husband’s great-grandmother had come clean about her affair earlier.

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Additionally, they advised the original poster (OP) to get therapy for herself. Another Redditor encouraged the wife to focus on the good things in her life, such as her supportive family and her child but believed she was justified in not accepting her husband’s behavior in making accusations without evidence.

While some Reddit users encouraged the OP to never forgive her husband, others advised her to refuse to accept him back. According to the reader, Jim was acting “volatile and angry” and urged her to get a restraining order.

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The person thought that because of how erratic and irrational the husband had become, he should not be allowed to be around his wife and child. Another reader added that since Jim and his wife were both white, it was understandable that they would doubt the child was theirs.

“You know what may not be forgiven? All his actions after that.”

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They believed that although Jim’s actions were excessive, he should be given the opportunity to bond with his child regardless of whether his wife agreed to forgive him or continue to live with him. The idea was that this would ensure a strong bond between father and child, rather than implying that the OP had forgotten or forgiven her husband’s actions.

The poster’s original message regarding her husband’s initial racist sentiments, when he believed his child was not his, was re-shared by someone else. In addition, the OP expressed her concern about what the man and his family would say or do the next time he got angry and said she didn’t want her child to be around such a person.

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The poster was encouraged to believe this by a Redditor when people revealed their “true colors.” This person believed that instead of destroying his wife’s things, Jim would have asked for a paternity test if he was a good man and loved her.

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They believed that the OP should not forgive Jim because the husband and his family had made it clear how they would react under similar circumstances. A reader wished the OP luck as they wrapped up their article.

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To read about another mother who believed her son’s wife had an extramarital affair, click this link. After the child was born, the woman took a hidden DNA test.

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After the harrowing ordeal shared by SweetBabyZ2020 on Reddit, the community rallied around her, offering support, advice, and empathy as she navigated the tumultuous aftermath of her husband’s shocking allegations and subsequent revelations. Despite the initial disbelief and pain caused by her husband’s accusation of infidelity, SweetBabyZ2020 found solace in the solidarity of fellow Redditors who validated her feelings and offered guidance on how to move forward.

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As the story unfolded, it became clear that SweetBabyZ2020’s decision to prioritize her own well-being and that of her child was brave and justified. Redditors unanimously supported her choice to seek a divorce from her husband, citing his erratic behavior, baseless accusations, and eventual admission of infidelity as clear indicators of a toxic and unsustainable relationship.

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The outpouring of support and encouragement from the Reddit community served as a powerful reminder of the importance of seeking help and validation in times of crisis. By sharing her story, SweetBabyZ2020 has not only found validation and support but also empowered others who may be facing similar challenges to prioritize their own mental and emotional well-being.

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Ultimately, SweetBabyZ2020’s journey serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of community and self-discovery. As she embarks on a new chapter in her life, she does so knowing that she is not alone and that her strength and courage will lead her to a brighter and more fulfilling future.

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