Boy Secretly Visits Bank While Parents Are Away, Despite Living in Poverty and Lacking a Phone

When a young man known on Reddit as “Lost Inheritance” turned 18, he made a shocking discovery about his family’s financial situation that led to life-changing decisions. Despite living under the constant belief of his parents that they had financial problems, certain inconsistencies between their claims and their lavish spending habits raised his suspicions. This was compounded by the tight control they exercised over his and his sister’s finances, including seizing their debit cards under the pretense of tight finances.

Finding that his parent’s narrative didn’t match their luxurious lifestyle prompted the “loss of inheritance” to take matters into his own hands. The absence of his parents on the cruise provided him with the perfect opportunity to delve deeper. He decided to investigate the status of the bank accounts that were allegedly set up for him and his sister by their parents and to which they had never been given independent access.

The boy’s parents often said that they were becoming poor day by day because money was very scarce. He blindly trusted them and lived an impoverished life until he secretly went to the bank. Redditor inheritance loss was never allowed to have a phone. His parents also made sure he and his sister never had access to their bank accounts and even confiscated their debit cards, claiming “the money is too little”. But something about his parents’ sudden flamboyance made him suspicious.

During this time the boys turned 18, and since his parents were on a cruise, he had a plan in mind. He immediately went to the bank to investigate. The Original Poster’s (OP) parents convinced him and his sister to set up joint bank accounts with their mother’s name as the secondary account holder. The decision was made immediately when the will of OP’s grandparents was announced.

According to the will, OP’s parents were not to receive anything other than the land. Meanwhile, the OP and his sister were set up with annuities paying monthly interest to both. Since the siblings were too young to understand money handling, they had no idea their mom had access to their accounts.

As time went on, the OP suspected that there was something sketchy about his parents’ lavish lifestyle, given how poor they constantly claimed to be.

Something about their sudden wealth didn’t add to the OP.

While the parents lived in luxury, they ensured that their children received nothing more than $50 worth of Walmart gift cards each year. They have never allowed OP and his sister to leave the house since the accounts were set up.

When OP turned 18, he hit the bank and lied about the debit card heist. The cards were immediately deactivated.

The OP wasn’t surprised when their parents gave them the freedom to just pay taxes on the interest. But nothing more was allowed. This continued until parents seized their children’s debit cards, claiming they would have to “behave themselves” because money was too tight.

However, this was not the first time they had done something like this. Some time ago OP’s mother locked his checks and debit card in a safe in her room. She told him straight up that he couldn’t be trusted with money.

Day after day, OP couldn’t help but suspect that his parents were becoming overly protective of money that wasn’t theirs in the first place.

When OP turned 18, he hit the bank and lied about the debit card heist. The cards were immediately deactivated. Since his parents were on a cruise at the time, the OP transferred all of his money to a new account, leaving nothing but $2,000 in his account, leaving enough for them to get home.

He bought a phone because he was never allowed to use one before. He then took a taxi to the office handling his inheritance and set up a deposit in a new bank account.

The OP set up a new account for her sister as well, but she couldn’t access her funds without a guardian until she was 18. OP bought a car and rented a house with his newfound money.

Since his sister wanted to move in with him as well, the OP turned to random strangers on Reddit’s “Legal Advice” forum for advice. He asked if it would be “kidnapping” to take her sister under his wing since she was only 17 years old. “Also, is what they did illegal?” he asked about his parents using money from an inheritance they were legally cut off from.

Redditor legaleasetosser advised the OP to seek legal help on this matter in his top-voted comment. “If what they did was illegal? I don’t know, but a lawyer is. And you need one,” the person advised, adding:

“Also, a quick personal tip: GET A FINANCIAL ADVISOR!!!!!

You just came into a lot of money without much experience managing it. Get help so you can handle it wisely.”

“Add to that photos around the house so you have proof of all the things they bought with your money,” user flickering_truth claimed.

The OP was also investigating whether the parents would forbid the sister from moving in with him.

People on Reddit agreed with that option, telling him that he can’t stop his parents from wanting to have custody of her until she’s 18.

Regarding the inheritance, the OP was aware that his parents did not have access to the funds. Not sure how he sorted out his problem though, as the OP kept the reader in the dark. Meanwhile, whether he confronted his parents about accessing the money without his knowledge is still conjecture.

Several Reddit users advised the OP to hire a lawyer and a separate one for his sister since she was still a minor. Hopefully, with the evidence, she could file for emancipation on the grounds of financial child abuse.

One Reddit user outlined what the OP should do to gather evidence and act immediately, including getting copies of important documents for him and his sister and taking photos of his parents’ lavish lifestyle. Another person said:

“Call CPS about your sister and give them a statement before the parents come back. Get the dates the restrictions came in. Get photos of the safe and everything in the house like jewelry and other expensive items.”

Meanwhile, another person said: “Probably not worth fighting over the legality of stolen money in the past. Better to look ahead.”

Questions to ponder:

Do you think it is appropriate to convince your children to open a joint account with you and access your money without their consent?

The OP’s parents convinced him and his sister to have their mother’s name set up as a joint account holder on their bank accounts. However, the siblings didn’t realize that she could get to their money and withdraw it, keeping them in the dark. Would you do something similar to your children and how would you react if they confronted you after finding out?

Would you cut your parents out of your life after finding out they stole your inheritance?

When OP turned 18, he decided to cut his parents off after finding out that they had been stealing his inheritance for three years since his grandparents died.

If your parents did something similar, would you consider cutting them off too, or would you give them a chance to return the stolen wealth and forgive them?

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In a dramatic turn of events, OP’s courageous decision to investigate and regain control of her finances highlighted the importance of financial independence and legal knowledge. This story serves as a powerful reminder of the complexities that can arise within family dynamics when money is involved. OP’s proactive steps to secure his and his sister’s financial future, despite the emotional and ethical dilemmas he faced, underscored the importance of transparency and trust in family relationships.

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Community reaction on Reddit also showed the supportive role online forums can play in providing practical advice and emotional support during personal crises. Users rallied around the OP, offering legal advice and moral support, and emphasizing the value of collective wisdom in dealing with challenging situations.

Ultimately, this story is a powerful example of resilience and empowerment. It emphasizes the need for young adults to be informed and assertive about their financial rights, especially when dealing with family and inheritance matters. For OP, the journey was not only about regaining financial assets but also about establishing autonomy and setting boundaries in relationships that were marred by betrayal.

This story encourages us to think about our own family dynamics and the importance of clear communication about financial matters. It also encourages us to consider the legal protections necessary to protect assets and the emotional intelligence necessary to manage the delicate balance between family love and financial responsibility. As OP works through the aftermath of his revelations and rebuilds his life, his story serves as a cautionary tale for others who might find themselves in a similar situation.

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