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After a horrible Thanksgiving at her mother-in-law’s house, a woman posted a question on Reddit asking for advice. Upon arrival, she found all seats occupied and forced her to sit next to her mother-in-law’s friend, her husband’s ex-girlfriend. It can be challenging to get along with your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law, especially if it has been challenging.

But when her husband’s ex-girlfriend was present at Thanksgiving, the woman may have strained her bond with her mother-in-law.

Ex-girlfriend versus daughter-in-law A 28-year-old lady posted a question on Reddit regarding her Thanksgiving dilemma. They have been together for two years but have only been married to her husband Shaun 33 years for five months.

She does not get along with her mother-in-law, who can be judgmental and passive-aggressive, as many married women do not. The problem was compounded by the fact that Shaun’s mother and his ex-girlfriend Julissa got along well and were still invited to family gatherings. Even after Julissa and Shaun broke up, they remained cordial because Julissa had a strong bond with Shaun’s family.

Normally, the woman didn’t mind Julissa attending family gatherings, but that all changed during Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving meal “We went to my mother-in-law’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving. My husband Shaun went there before me. When I arrived, it was dinner time and all the chairs were taken,” said the woman. When she came, her husband and the others were seated and ready to eat. Unfortunately, there were no free chairs for her, nor room for another chair.

Shaun’s mother apologized and explained that her granddaughter had attended at the last minute when she asked why her mother-in-law had not booked a seat. The woman did not like Julissa sitting next to her husband and pointed at her as evidence of her disapproval.

She claimed she had more right to be at the table than Shaun’s ex because she was a daughter-in-law. Unfortunately, she learned too late that what she stated was inappropriate, and her mother-in-law claimed that Julissa was just as much a part of the family as the original poster (OP).

She said her daughter-in-law is rude if she thinks otherwise. Julissa looked at the woman and nodded during the conversation.

“I was so upset I thought about leaving,” the distraught woman revealed, “but instead I sat on my husband’s lap and tried to act normal.” I asked his consent.”

Those unpleasant situations

The woman and her husband began to eat and praise the food as she sat on Shaun’s lap. However, when she complimented her husband on his cozy and warm lap, it became awkward.

Her brother-in-law tried to strike up a conversation and ease the awkward situation, but it was inevitable. Julissa and her mother-in-law looked at each other and then at the woman as they barely ate.

After a while, the woman’s mother-in-law followed Julissa inside to use the restroom. Despite the unpleasant environment, the woman and her husband continued to eat.

After dinner, they went home. Then the woman received a message from her mother-in-law accusing her of ruining Thanksgiving with her inappropriate behavior.

According to her mother-in-law, the woman could have taken a chair from the kitchen rather than act like a little child and upset Julissa.

While a number of Reddit users expressed their support for the woman, others chastised her husband for doing nothing at all.

“He should have offered you his seat so he could take another. In fact, there should have been an empty seat waiting for you next to him.”

As for the husband, another Reddit member wrote, “Why doesn’t he reach out to his mom and stop her from trying to set up his ex? He has to take responsibility for it in the end and he’s been pretty passive throughout it all.”

A Thanksgiving gathering at her mother-in-law’s house turned into an ordeal for the 28-year-old, prompting her to turn to Reddit for advice. Upon arrival, she found herself in a difficult situation as all the seats were taken, forcing her to sit next to her husband’s ex-girlfriend Julissa at the dinner table. The meeting deepened existing tensions between the woman and her mother-in-law, who had a close relationship with Julissa despite her split from the woman’s husband, Shaun. Julissa’s presence, along with the lack of free seating, created a tense atmosphere that overshadowed the holiday cheer.

Despite feeling uncomfortable, the woman tried to remain calm and join in the meal, even though she was sitting on her husband Shaun’s lap due to lack of space. However, her efforts to navigate the awkward situation were met with further discomfort as Julissa and her mother-in-law exchanged glances and the atmosphere remained tense throughout the dinner. The woman’s attempts to save the evening were unsuccessful, and the awkward dynamic continued until the end of the meal.

After Thanksgiving dinner, the woman received a message from her mother-in-law accusing her of inappropriate behavior and disrupting the holiday gathering. The mother-in-law blamed the woman for not finding a solution to the seating problem and for making Julisse uncomfortable. While some Reddit users expressed sympathy and support for the woman’s plight, others criticized her husband, Shaun, for not stepping in and handling the awkward situation.

At the end of Thanksgiving dinner, she highlighted the complexities of family relationships and the challenges of navigating delicate dynamics, especially in the presence of past romantic partners. The woman’s experience underlines the importance of effective communication and conflict resolution in families to prevent such unpleasant situations from escalating further.

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