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The last thing Sofia expects when she criticizes her former classmate Chloe, who works as a sales assistant, is to find her rich husband walking into the same store with a lover. But Chloe finds a sinister plan when she gives Sofia money to make up for her mistake.

Sofia ran into her former classmate Chloe, who was employed at a store while looking at designer clothes. With a sly smile, she contrasted her outfits with her own high-end pieces. “Is that you, Chloe? I can’t believe you work in this hole, oh my god.” Her words burned, but her tone was pleasant in greeting.

Chloe smiled warmly despite the obvious mockery. “Hello, Sophia. Nice to see you! She asked, “How are you?” Sofia turned around with her smile intact. “Best of all, baby!” she said holding out her hands to show off her gems. “I drive a Porsche, wear diamonds, go to parties, and generally enjoy life as always.”

Then with a sigh, she shook her head at Chloe and expressed regret. “I informed you! You wouldn’t have to work either if you dressed nicely, did your hair, and had some cosmetic surgery,” Sofia continued.

Sofia immediately asked for coffee while Chloe tried to distract her by offering her tea. To get a drink, Chloe called Liam, another cashier.But Sofia needed to show off one more time. She quickly snapped her finger at the small child. “I’ll have a lactose-free skimmed milk latte. “Make sure it’s not too warm,” she ordered. Hello? Can you hear me?”

Liam went to get coffee after giving Chloe a knowing look while maintaining their civility. Focusing on Chloe, Sofia continued her criticism. “Chloe, trust me, I didn’t want to come to this hole, but Tom got an urgent call from work,” she said.

“Tom runs his own big business and sets his own hours, but—what am I talking about? You are unable to understand.” Chloe kept nodding and smiling as she tried to influence her ex-boyfriend to choose them. Liam brought her coffee and Sofia said, “Anyway, I just decided to have a little fun while he finished his business, so I ended up here.” “It is cold!”

Liam almost dropped his coffee cup when she shoved it into his shirt. Realizing that Sofia was about to go on another insulting tirade, Chloe introduced the new collection and its exclusivity. After Sofia stopped talking and pouted at Liam, Chloe showed her the pieces by taking her upstairs.

A public-loving couple unexpectedly walked into the store, making plans for the evening. The man’s gruff voice was punctuated by a gentle giggle as the woman chirped and thanked him for delivering the groceries.

Chloe watched them for a moment and offered Sofia another hat to try on, but quickly realized that Sofia was frozen and wouldn’t take off her current hat. Sofia slapped Chloe’s hand as she tried to get her to look at the new one. Chloe only had to move slightly to see tears forming in her old classmate’s eyes. “Sofia, what’s going on?” Chloe pouted, she asked, but an epiphany came to her. “That’s your husband, isn’t he?”

Sofia just stood there, holding back her sobs and breathing heavily. Her feelings were so different from the woman a few minutes ago. “Don’t you want to confront him?” Chloe asked. “I thought you were stronger than this.

“I can’t. Everything belongs to him. Even my cars are registered in his name and he has all the money,” mumbled Sofia.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it look like he already dumped you?” Pointing to Tom’s open adoration of the other woman, Chloe remarked. “Money is one thing, but he should at least respect your marriage.

Sotia straightened her shoulders and felt. She muttered to Chloe, “You’re right,” then turned back down.

“Tom!” Sophia shouted in a loud voice that filled the entire store. “You’re very brave! What’s going on?” “Who is this woman?”

Tom replied, “Um, listen, what are you doing here?” His eyes widened like a deer caught in headlights. I assumed you were in your house.”

The woman beside him began with a raised hand, “Oh, I’m Melissa; nice to meet you—”

“Keep your claws away from me!” Sofia interrupted him.

Tom turned to his wife and sighed, urging Melissa to continue browsing the store.

“Please, God! You’re causing a stir! He yelled at Sofia, “I don’t need a scandal.

“I don’t understand. What about our bond? Are you indifferent to my feelings?”

“Emotions? You’re crazy, come on?

That ring has no meaning,” sneered Tom. “You realize that! I married you as an investment and you married me primarily for my wealth.”

“No!” Sofia paid back. “I married you for love.

“Jesus. Hurry up! This relationship is only beneficial,” he said, pulling a gold card out of his wallet. “Here, buy something nice.

Sofia flew into a rage and threw the gold card back at his chest, yelling, “You can keep your stinking money! We’re done!” Then she and Chloe rushed out.

Chloe comforted Sofia outside and offered her a place to stay and work. You will get over it. “If it’s okay with you, I can help you,” she offered, patting Sofia on the back.

“Chloe, I’m sorry. Sophia could only say ‘I’m sorry,’ but she gladly accepted Chloe’s help.

Tom and Melissa’s date was ruined and they left the store a few minutes later. After bringing Melissa home, he invited his closest friend, Luke, to his home. They talked about how losing Sofia would affect his ambitions and have unintended consequences.

“I can’t prepare her to fall for the company’s financial, er… creative moves if she divorces me,” Tom said. “That’s why I spent so much money on her.

Luke reassured him, “A gold digger is always good as long as there’s gold.”

“He’ll be back. He hasn’t had a job in years. He’ll come to you once he realizes how awful it is.”

“Maybe, but maybe,” Tom said as he poured himself a hearty drink. “I could do something else.


Sofia was greeted by Chloe who told her to stay as long as she wanted. But she had a secret that no one else knew about. That evening, Sofia felt sick and had a terrible bout of vomiting on the toilet while Chloe was already asleep.

For some reason, she only had morning sickness at night. How can I raise my child alone? without money? Even though Sofia was sad, she made sure she would make it. One can succeed if others can.


When she returned to bed, she was surprised to see that Tom had texted her. It said:

“Sophie. I’m sorry. I’ll send you 100 million dollars to make it up to you. I’d like to meet with you tomorrow to discuss this. I won’t stop you if you still want to go. I respect you.”

The next morning she told Chloe, but the whole time she was shaking her head. “He’s lying. I wouldn’t believe him if I were you—I have no idea what he’s up to.”

Clinging to hope, Sophia said, “But the $100 million. What happens if it’s real?

Before she left the house for work, Chloe informed her rather sternly, “Again, I wouldn’t meet him if I were you.”

Sofia exhaled and remained motionless in thought.

*** Chloe was at work when Tom got there. She hoped Sophia wouldn’t arrive yet. A few minutes later Chloe walked up to Tom as he was reaching for his phone. She reached for her own phone and clicked on a specific app, though she wasn’t sure if it would be useful.

“Once she signs the papers, it’ll be her head on the block, not mine,” Tom remarked. It is time for her to make up for the large amount of money she has also spent. What does a short prison sentence mean?”

Although Chloe didn’t know who she was talking to, she discreetly gasped and listened.

“I can’t afford the legal consequences, even if I was the one who ran the scam. I’ll lose everything. A few million later will shut her up,” Tom sighed into the phone. “I have to go.

She is present.

Not at all! Chloe looked at Sophia as she entered the store and thought. She looked around for a moment, looking like a lost little child, but Tom came up to her and gave her a friendly greeting.

As they sat, his voice was as smooth as velvet, “I promise to make up for what I did, even though I realize it was terrible. Wait, I have a document for you to sign.”

That’s why I wrote you.”

“What?” Sofia thought about it.

Tom handed her some papers.

“The moment you sign these documents, I will send the money directly to your account,” the man said.

Sofia reached for the papers and started to scan them, but Chloe stopped her and almost skidded across the floor to get them. She screamed, “Don’t do it!” and turned to Tom. “I overheard your conversation and I refuse to let Sophia go to jail.

Sophia listened in disbelief as Chloe revealed Tom’s plans. “He’ll blame you for all his fake misdeeds if you sign the papers.

You will serve time in prison instead of him,” Chloe specified.

Tom looked like a fool. “What on earth are you? Now get back to your work!

Sophia is lying! Why would I want to treat you this way? He shouted “I love you” and pointed to his chest.

“I filmed him talking. He’s not able to get-” Chloe insisted, pulling out her phone to reveal that she had videotaped the exchange. However, Tom attacked her in an attempt to stop her from playing.

While one hand reached for her hair to distract, the other tried to grasp the device.

Although Sophia was taken aback by his behavior, she jumped at the chance to assist Chloe.

“Let her go! You foul piece of-“

Liam was among those who gathered and tried to talk Tom out of his relationship with Chloe. Chloe straightened when he did, but her eyes were full of determination. “The police have already been called and are on their way. You’re going to jail,” she stated proudly.

Tom tried to escape but it was too late. After being arrested and removing Chloe’s phone as evidence, they left. The moment they were out of sight, Sofia burst into tears.

Still breathing heavily, Chloe replied, “It’s okay, sweetie.” “You have nothing to fear anymore.

“Do I have anything to fear if the father of my child goes to prison for fraud?” she gasped.

“That’s ridiculous! How wise you are, Sophia. “You’re just underestimating yourself,” Chloe insisted, wrapping Sophia in her arms. “Besides, I’ll help you with anything you need.

Sofia touched her stomach and nodded. Chloe was right. She was capable of anything and was more than just Tom’s wife. She had to, for her child.

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Elsa decides to save a girl she sees in danger as she drives home. But can he do it before time runs out?

This is the whole story. 

As Sofia stood there with tears streaming down her face, she realized how much her life had changed in such a short time. From the wife of a rich man, sheltered in luxury but deprived of independence, she became on the precipice of a new beginning. The man she thought she loved turned out to be a cunning con man, but she wasn’t alone. Chloe, the friend she once mocked, turns out to be her greatest ally.

With Chloe’s arm around her, Sofia felt a sense of determination. She knew she had the strength to overcome this not only for herself but also for her unborn child. The money, the diamonds, the lavish lifestyle, all seemed insignificant now. What mattered was the new life she was carrying and the new beginning she was about to embark on.

As the police sirens faded in the distance, Chloe spoke quietly but firmly, “You have a future, Sofia, and it’s bright. You can rebuild and create a life that is truly yours.”

Sofia nodded and wiped away her tears. “Thank you, Chloe. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Chloe smiled, “We women have to stick together. We’re going to settle down now. A whole new world awaits you.”

Together they returned to the store where Liam and the other staff offered supportive smiles and kind words. For the first time in a long time, Sofia felt a sense of community and hope. She knew the road ahead wouldn’t be easy, but with friends like Chloe by her side, she felt ready to face any challenge.

Sofia looked around and took in the shop that had once seemed below her. Now it felt like a haven and a symbol of new beginnings. She took a deep breath, full of determination. Her future and her child’s future was now in her hands and she was ready to make it into something beautiful and true.

As they left the store together, the sun began to set, casting a warm glow on everything. It was the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Sofia looked at Chloe who nodded encouragingly. This was just the beginning of a new and better life.

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Elsa decides to save a girl she sees in danger as she drives home. But can he do it before time runs out? This is the whole story.

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