“I Came Close to Death”: A Man Shares His Experience Trying to Rescue a Child

Although we find superheroes on TV fascinating, do superheroes really exist in real life? Despite many definitions, they are often characterized as brave, benevolent, strong, and selfless people who risk their own lives to save the lives of others. When faced with circumstances such as these, one’s ability to react quickly is called into question. This real-life superhero almost died trying to save a child at a train station.

“I felt at peace when I almost died trying to save a child. It’s a really big station, so I was there last week. So there’s always a lot going on. So no one seemed to notice at first when a small boy, maybe four years old, fell onto the track.

Of course, his mother noticed shortly after and so did I. His mother looked like she had a sack hanging from every part of her body. and what do you know? The train was supposed to arrive in about a minute.

Honestly, I thought about not sharing because I didn’t know what to do. It seems like it was written for an old superhero movie. A small child slips into the tracks; his mother screams but can’t run after him because the train is coming. Honestly, I’m not even sure how I responded so quickly; I suppose it was instinct. Since I was only carrying a tiny backpack, I hurriedly picked up the baby and the onlookers soon noticed the agitated mother quickly emptying the bags.

The child I picked up was quickly taken by another man and the train soon arrived. It took ten seconds or less for this to happen. A man took my hands and another man grabbed me who also wanted to help me. For a few moments, I felt relaxed as I stared at the train coming towards me, not slowing down much as we were at the start of the stop.

It happened so quickly, but for a moment I considered letting go of the men’s arms. However, as soon as they pulled me up, the train moved past me and slowed down. I might never die. But I felt too relaxed just thinking about it. I’m not sure how to feel about this.

While some had experienced something similar in their lifetime, others were just curious about the circumstances. “Gentlemen! You saved the kid for starters! Fantastic job! It’s remarkable how you describe the calm. One hears about it from people who have experienced near-death situations.

Would you say your fear of dying has decreased? “Actually, I’d like to. I have always believed that everyone should fear death because it is a horrible, unchanging thing. However, I feel completely different now. It would be more accurate to describe my level of fear as not being as afraid of dying as I am now. There is so much.

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