After I Began Dating, My Husband Declined the Idea of an Open Marriage

Before delving into the complexities of open marriage, it is essential to acknowledge the uniqueness of each relationship and the different perspectives individuals have on monogamy and partnership dynamics. While open relationships can offer freedom and exploration to some, they require a high level of trust, communication, and mutual consent to be successful. However, when one partner unilaterally changes the terms of the relationship or disregards the feelings and needs of the other, this can lead to considerable suffering and disillusionment. This reading experience underscores the importance of honesty, respect, and fair decision-making in any relationship, regardless of its structure.

A shared choice should always be made in an open marriage.
It seems that our reader’s relationship was not truly equal. Her husband has other relationships, but when she started dating too, he quickly changed the rules. Even worse, he never played fair.

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Get a divorce.

Your husband is clearly using the excuse of an “open marriage” to “officially” date other women.

If not, he would accept the fact that you have a partner. He even betrayed his commitments and showed no interest in your needs.

He clearly doesn’t want to be faithful to you, so consider if you really want to spend the rest of your life with him.

Pay attention to your values ​​and needs.

Take a moment to consider your own needs and priorities in a relationship. Think about whether your ideals really align with an open marriage and whether your spouse treats you with respect and value. It’s okay to prioritize your needs and well-being. Find a partner who shares your values ​​if your open marriage is no longer working for you or if trust has been broken.

Attend to your own needs.

You deserve some time off because you’ve worked so hard for the past year. Take care of yourself during this difficult time. Prioritize your personal interests, hobbies, and well-being outside of your relationship. Take a vacation and have fun with your friends if you can.

Never forget that you have a right, to be honest and respect others. Your husband should not treat you this way. While you’re taking a break, you might meet someone who appreciates you more.

Talk to your loved ones.

Try discussing your feelings with your close friends or family if you’re still not clear about them. Talk to them about your feelings, ideas, and concerns about the situation. They can listen without passing judgment or offer some advice or insights based on their own experiences. If your emotions are overly complex and you feel overwhelmed, you can consult a therapist or counselor.

If done wrong, an open marriage can be difficult and cause a lot of discord in the partnership. A reader of this post discovered that her husband had been unfaithful to her after their neighbor assumed they had an open marriage.

Readers’ experiences with an open marriage highlight the importance of clear communication, mutual respect, and trust in any relationship. While open relationships can work for some couples, they require a solid foundation of honesty and fairness from both partners.

In this case, the reader’s husband demonstrated a lack of respect for her feelings and needs by imposing unequal rules and betraying their agreements. This imbalance ultimately led to feelings of frustration and betrayal on the part of the reader.

As the reader goes through this difficult situation, it is imperative for the reader to prioritize her own well-being and values. Seeking support from trusted friends, family members, or professionals can provide valuable perspective and guidance as they evaluate their options moving forward.

Ultimately, every individual deserves honesty, respect, and reciprocity in their relationships. If the dynamic of an open marriage becomes detrimental to one’s emotional health and happiness, it may be necessary to reevaluate the relationship and consider alternative paths that align with one’s values ​​and needs.

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