What are these objects and what activities are they engaged in?

Suppose you discover a coin. Plus, you’re not sure if it’s overkill or unnecessary. What should one do? Take a picture and share it on the What’s This? Forum. It does more than just hold currency.

This group can easily detect anything, including breast pumps, slugs, and bullets. With 894,000 members, this subreddit is constantly growing. You can vote for your favorite weird things below and expand your horizons.

I turned over a rock I found on the porch of my new home and found this. Is it a fossil? I found a rock on the porch of my new house, turned it around and had this. ¿Is it a fossil?

As an answer, sure. like the texture of a tree trunk. As an answer, sure. like the texture of a tree trunk.

That white thing in my basement – what is it? Mom got scared. ¿What is this white fluff in my basement? My mother got scared

The appearance of a fungus-infected spider is as follows.

What is this insect and how does it work?
¿What are these bugs and what do they do?

In response, they ride it and they are European red slugs.

Is there any explosive material on the server room floor?¿Is there a type of explosive on the floor of the server room?

It is the Russian Sagger MCLOS ATGM missile, that is the answer. I wish you the best of luck with that.

My sister found out by washing the fish. I had one in my stomach and one in my mouth.My sister found this by cleaning a fish. I had it in my mouth and there was a smaller one in my stomach

In response, Cymothoa exigua intestinal parasite. Eat the tongue of the fish and then change it. It’s scary.

Why is it needed?
¿What is this for?

You can use this to ensure that your mobile device only receives an electrical charge and does not exchange data when connected to a USB port. Also known as a USB condom.

I found him in the mall parking lot, under a ladder. Hair is like dirty glue, clothes are made of threads. ·What is it?
I found him under a ladder in the mall parking lot. the clothes are made of thread and the hair is like dirty glue. ¿What is it?

The doll is hardly removable, is the answer. At night you tuck her under the pillow and share your troubles with her. It is supposed to ease your anxiety while you sleep. I lost a similar one at the mall years ago!

This was given to my grandmother by a friend after her death and no one at her senior center knows about its contents.
My grandmother received this from a friend after her death, and no one knows what it is at her senior center.

In response, it is a pipe for smoking opium.

I’m not sure if it’s real money, but it was in the book.This was inside a book, I don't know if it's real money

In 1941, the answer was Philippine money during the Japanese occupation.

Does anyone know the purpose of these circular prints?¿Does anyone know what these round prints are and what they are for?

Answer: Previously, windows were made by rotating the glass from the center of rotation until it became flat. In order to create flat panels without these problems, the new windows are composed of glass floating in a cast iron container.

This sticker was inside a bible, but I don't know what it means

I’m not sure what this label that was found in the bible says. It is a label critical of Bush from the 1992 US election.

What does this belong to my great grandfather?It belonged to my great-grandfather, what is it?

If true, this is an old Gibson made between 1903 and 1933. It is worth more than you can imagine, so be extremely careful when handling it.

Are they seeds as my girlfriend discovered them at dinner? My girlfriend found this at her dinner, are they seeds?

In response, they are the eggs of insects.

I came across this thing while exploring in New Mexico.I was exploring in New Mexico and I found this ... object

The answer is that it appears to be titanium, as space debris often contains titanium spheres of a similar size.

What is it that I discovered in the lock of my front door?I found this embedded in the lock on my front door, what is it?

The tension key to the hook game is what it is.

In a house from the 18th century on a former plantation. ¿What’s with the roof?In a house on an old plantation, from the 18th century. ¿What's that about the roof?

In response to this, they are among the original types of ceiling fans. During dinner, he pulls on the top rope to stir the air and repel flies.

The zoo was full of happy animals, but there were no information boards. What are they if not hares or rabbits?These animals went happily through the zoo but had no information signs. They are not rabbits or hares, what are they?

In response, it is the Patagonian Mara.

What is that round thing on the roof of the car?¿What is that circular object on the roof of the car?

Bubble, it’s like Uber for kids or people who are really paranoid about who’s around the drivers.

Why do the bath arms move up and down?
Bath hangers move up and down, what for?

We refer to them as antiligations. You are in a room designated for someone who is at risk of suicide if the other items in the room – latch, hinges, dispensers – are also against tying.

What did I witness on the flight to California?

I saw it on my flight to Cali, what is it?

More precisely, it appears to be a complex of concentrated thermal solar energy.

It works by using mirrors to reflect light, which is barely visible here, into a central tower where it is converted into heat and ignites the engine.

What is this “cloud” that I observed at five in the morning when the sky was clear?

I saw this "cloud" at 5 in the morning, the sky was clear, what is it?

A: I live next door to the complex so I see it a lot. It’s from a rocket launch.  

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